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Sunshine in the Snowstorm . . .

The next day or two in Ontario is guaranteed to be a cold & snowy mess. We are supposed to get hit with a blizzard of 20-30 cms of snow. I have lots of school work to keep me sufficiently occupied if the storm doesn't allow me to make it to my office tomorrow, but I need a little sunshine to brighten these wintery days . . . .

These wicker ottoman's in the living room over at The Brick House are such a find! They are so different and add so much texture to an already fantastic space. I love it when a neutral can add that much punch!

Finally a new issue of Elle Decor landed on my doorstep this evening! It has been far too long. The last issue was a December / January that arrived mid-November. I was beginning to worry that the magazine might be in trouble when February wasn't arriving. I'm glad that my fears were unsubstantiated!

The Style Roundups on Refinery 29 are always fantastic - it just takes a quick look through to get inspired. Looking through their picks of casual blazers for spring, I fell for this Rory Beca 'Sofia' Lace Blazer. Sooooo sweet, soft, feminine, and yet still casual.

Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick House

Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick House

Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick House

Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick House

Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick House
Morgan, over at The Brick House, recently posted about rearranging the furniture in her living room, switching up the coffee table etc. I love her space so much that I had to post the photos above. My favourite part of The Brick House has to be the dining room, which you can see here.

I got the itch to make a change in my living room when I got home after a few days away last week. I usually give myself overnight to decide whether or not I like the change. This time I took a chair from my office, put it in my living room, moved a table from my living room to my stair landing, and moved the chair at my stair landing to the office. It was much like a little merry-go-round!

How often do you switch things up in your home?
Sunshine in the Snowstorm . . .Ch-ch-ch-changes - The Brick HouseFire BurningThe Brick House

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