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Toggle Coats

I love toggle coats! My mind was sent racing when I saw this J. Crew coat above. It was the navy blue version that first caught my eye, but it is not yet available. This houndstooth version is available for pre-order here.

Topshop Lands in Toronto!

Topshop Lands in Toronto!

I was very interested to read this in Toronto Life magazine. Topshop has gained some serious notoriety internationally since Kate Moss began doing some serious high/low mixing with their pieces. Some of the stuff looks really cute but I often find it comes down to the touch with these stores. Often you get the garment in your hand and it just doesn't seem as lovely. Will you be checking out Topshop?

Topshop Lands in Toronto!

Click on the following link to read the Toronto Life article:
Just Opened: Topshop makes its Toronto debut at Jonathan and Olivia
Toggle CoatsTopshop Lands in Toronto!

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