" Towards the end of Journey "


" Towards the end of Journey "

" Towards the end of Journey "

Hi friends,

This is a good news or a bad news.

( Bad News ) Most probably, I won't be posting anymore tutorials on this blog.

( Good News ) Within a couple of months, all the tutorials in this blog + a few extra, will be available as online HTML or a PDF document in OpenCV official documentation site (

But this time, I am not alone. @Alexander Mordvintsev, a software engineer from Moscow, will be helping me in this journey.

Work is still in its initial stage. Those who want to get a copy of the tutorials, please visit the github repo :

Fork it, Clone it, Use it.

All details are there in README file. It is created with Sphinx and it looks more better. You will need sphinx to build it.

Since it is in progress, you may find errors and all other unexpected stuffs. Please inform me if you find anyone. You can comment in my blog, you can mail me at, or you can create an issue in git repo.

I will be posting news about development of the work, stay tuned...

Meanwhile, I would like to hear your opinions, comments, feedbacks,... everything :)


Abid Rahman K.

" Towards the end of Journey "

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