ParaCozyMysMo - Alice Kimberly / Cleo Coyle - Haunted Bookshop Mysteries / Coffeehouse Mysteries


ParaCozyMysMo - Alice Kimberly / Cleo Coyle - Haunted Bookshop Mysteries / Coffeehouse Mysteries

ParaCozyMysMo - Alice Kimberly / Cleo Coyle - Haunted Bookshop Mysteries / Coffeehouse Mysteries


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  • Rebe
    on July 18, 2012 | 10:47 Rebesaid :
    "I hate to admit this, but I don't like coffee. I must be the ONLY person in the world who doesn't, but it's true. The only way I can drink it is if it's full of sugar and over ice. Kinda sad!

  • Debby
    on July 18, 2012 | 10:55 Debbysaid :
    "I am not a coffee drinker and right now is too hot to drink anything.
    debby236 at gmail dot com"
  • April
    on July 18, 2012 | 11:24 Aprilsaid :
    "I like coffee but I despise paying so much for them, so I never go to coffee houses. I drink basic coffee with milk and sugar. No extras. Unless you want to toss some raw 70% cocoa in there...

    aprildot vrugtman at gmail"
  • Carin
    on July 18, 2012 | 11:25 Carinsaid :
    "I don't drink coffee myself. I like the smell of coffee :O)"
  • Stephanie
    on July 18, 2012 | 12:25 Stephaniesaid :
    "I like iced coffee."
  • Anne
    on July 18, 2012 | 13:26 Annesaid :
    "I love the Coffeehouse Mysteries, but I don't drink coffee in any way, shape or form. Yuck!"
  • orchid7
    on July 18, 2012 | 14:46 orchid7said :
    "I love my coffee freshly ground, nice and strong, with just cream. (The real stuff- half and half). Yum!

    debbie at burdeen dot com"
  • Carl Scott
    on July 18, 2012 | 16:43 Carl Scottsaid :
    "I brew a 2/3 decaf at home and drink it with a bit of Splenda. Three cups in the morning and I'm good for all day."
  • Carl Scott
    on July 18, 2012 | 16:45 Carl Scottsaid :
    "I brew a 2/3 decaf at home and drink it with a bit of Splenda. Three cups in the morning and I'm good for all day.
  • justpeachy36
    on July 18, 2012 | 17:44 justpeachy36said :
    "I love coffee and this series. I think my favorite way to have it is black with a little cream (decaf, of course)"
  • Natalia J
    on July 18, 2012 | 23:27 Natalia Jsaid :
    "I like my coffee with milk, with two teaspoons of sugar and I also like white chocolate mocha."
  • Mary Preston
    on July 19, 2012 | 08:15 Mary Prestonsaid :
    "I like a cappuccino.

  • Filia Oktarina
    on July 19, 2012 | 12:24 Filia Oktarinasaid :
    "I like my coffe with vanilla latte and ice."
  • Martha Lawson
    on July 19, 2012 | 23:14 Martha Lawsonsaid :
    "I like regular coffee with cream! Don't care for fancy coffees.
    The books look really great.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com"
  • Denise Z
    on July 20, 2012 | 16:10 Denise Zsaid :
    "I love a deep roast, not burnt but more rich. I grind the beans and brew them immediately and then add some cream and three pumps of B52 (my favorite sugarfree syrup). The first sip sends me over the moon and the rest of my cup (looks more like a stainless steel carafe LOL) gets me going. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I love the Coffee House mysteries they are always such a fun read. I have not yet read your Haunted Bookshop Mysteries and will definitely be looking them up as well.
  • bn100
    on July 21, 2012 | 15:25 bn100said :
    "I like iced coffee with caramel flavoring.

  • Vinci
    on July 29, 2012 | 17:51 Vincisaid :
    "My fav. coffee is a plain latte or cowboy coffee
    hot, dark and strong.
    thanks for the review and the knowledge of these
    new to me books. The Ghost and the Dead Deb
    A Hunted Bookshop Mystery 2 etc.and coffee house books, eh.
    dayleb at telus dot net"
  • LibraryJim
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:49 LibraryJimsaid :
    "My favorite way to drink coffee is black French Vanilla flavored coffee over ice. I can't stand hot drinks, even in the winter. The Village Blend Coffeehouse mysteries are my current favorite, and I always look forward to the next one. Finding other mysteries that are written as well as these are very hard to find -- and I have a bookcase full of mystery novels!"
  • kiki w
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:54 kiki wsaid :
    "My favorite way to have my coffee is with flavor creamer. Does't matter what type of flavor creamer it is. I like them all french vanilla, hazel nut etc. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee.


  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:54 Anonymoussaid :
    "I love my coffee with french vanilla creamer and 1 teaspoon of sugar."
  • Laura Gorman
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:54 Laura Gormansaid :
    "Good coffee- black! Not so good- non fat latte! I love small coffee shops and am lucky to live in a small town with several lovely ones. Great blog and thank you for the list of books in order!
  • cyn209
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:56 cyn209said :
    "WOW!! almost forgot to leave my comment!!!
    can't wait to read A Brew to a Kill.........
    thank you for the giveaway!!!"
  • R Alexander
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:58 R Alexandersaid :
    "I love a macchiato, a real carmel macchiato, but also love a cortado."
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 20:59 Anonymoussaid :
    "Im not picky I love.anything coffee. Would love to win jms79 (at) AOL . Com"
  • Harbinger
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:00 Harbingersaid :
    "I like my coffee with a bit of real, heavy cream. It makes it luscious. Oh, and a muffin along with is nice, too."
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:04 Anonymoussaid :

    My favorite way to enjoy coffee is in a large mug, but I drink it only on days that end in a 'y'."
  • Kim
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:05 Kimsaid :
    "I love a tall iced coffee with lots of cream, and just a little sugar. Winter or summer, iced rules! Thanks for this chance to win!"
  • jim515
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:10 jim515said :
    "I like my coffee dark, stong and with whole milk. I love the series of books! the Coffeehouse recipes are wonderful and justnreading them makes me hugry. I will pre-order the new book tonight!

  • Dottie Lou
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:20 Dottie Lousaid :
    "This time of year I love a great blended mocha, yum!!"
  • Jacqueline
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:45 Jacquelinesaid :
    "My all time favorite is a caramel macchiato, either hot or cold. (as long as the barista makes it correctly). I love these books being a former barista myself with the dream to own my own shop."
  • Marilyn S.
    on August 02, 2012 | 21:52 Marilyn S.said :
    "My favorite iced coffee drink is mocha coconut, but a nice hot breakfast blend in the morning is how I start my day."
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:11 Anonymoussaid :
    "Love this series.Always start my day with a hot cup of coffee and a book!!!"
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:12 Anonymoussaid :
    "Mine has to have flavor! Preferably vanilla. I also like the iced white chocolate mocha. Heaven!"
  • Heather A. Ulilang
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:16 Heather A. Ulilangsaid :
    "Hello! Well I would say my FAVORITE cup of coffee is just that......a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, no flavored creams or tastes. Just a dark, bold cup with lots of fresh bubbles just after being brewed. Add some half and half and then enjoy. You just can't be a cup of well brewed COFFFE! 8)"
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:27 Anonymoussaid :
    "I am a single mother of three children ages 11, 8 & 7. Therefore, my favorite cup of coffee is one that i drink very early in the morning ~ all alone, enjoying the delicious peace and quiet of my house! (I also like french vanilla creamer!) YUMMM ♥"
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:27 Anonymoussaid :
    "I love anything made with espresso... but I am also incredibly picky with the brands of espresso that I will buy because of how some of our local shops prepare it. I think my favorite style would be cinnamon or chocolate lattes best."
  • Adrienne
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:36 Adriennesaid :
    "It's not just the drinking of coffee that I love; it's when and where it brings me the most peace. We have a cabin by a big lake in Minnesota. My favorite way to have coffee is with a little bit of Splenda sweetener.....early on a chlly but sunny morning, sitting on the deck, looking at the water whether it's wavy or like glass, and wrapped in a blanket. Ahhhh....can't wait until tomorrow!"
  • Idell Mulhern
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:41 Idell Mulhernsaid :
    "My all time favorite is from Dutch Brothers -- a 9-1-1 ... 6 shots of expresso, irish cream In the winter I get it hot, in the summer a freeze.
    Espresso any time."
  • Anonymous
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:43 Anonymoussaid :
    "A cup of dark roast with abit of vanilla creamer in the morning or a latte and enjoy the last minutes of my time before heading to work. :)"
  • Brenda
    on August 02, 2012 | 22:48 Brendasaid :
    "The best way to enjoy and drink coffee is black, nothing added. Pour in a cup, close your eyes and take a deep breath of the beautiful black gold. Thin take a small sip and let every thing flood away before the morning stress begins."
  • Carys Starfire
    on August 02, 2012 | 23:00 Carys Starfiresaid :
    "I literally can't remember an age when I didn't drink cafe au lait (although as a toddler I'm sure it was mostly milk. That didn't change that I was "having coffee" with my mother and grandparents!).

    email: carys at starfire-studio dot com"
  • misskallie2000
    on August 02, 2012 | 23:10 misskallie2000said :
    "I like my coffee with a specialty creme (French Vanilla or Mocha). I am drinking more tea than coffee at this time but I love both.
    I love Cozy Mysteries and add a little paranormal makes it even better. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com"
  • Donna B. Russell
    on August 02, 2012 | 23:43 Donna B. Russellsaid :
    "My favorite way to have coffee in the summer is to have an iced mocha latte or mocha frappe; in the winter, a hot mocha or, when I can get it, a steaming cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain. I add a little half & half or cream, no sugar, settle in with a good book and my dog, and I'm in heaven! creativemuse1 at aol dot com"
  • Anonymous
    on August 03, 2012 | 00:41 Anonymoussaid :
    "A White Chocolate Iced Mocha is my all time favorite."
  • Ren
    on August 03, 2012 | 01:15 Rensaid :
    "I don't like drink coffee since I have stomach problem. But usually I drink it by mix coffee with milk. Its the safest way to drink coffee for me, lol!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com"
  • Birgit
    on August 03, 2012 | 01:50 Birgitsaid :
    "I don't drink coffee all that often, I confess. But I do love iced coffee - the kind where you get an espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, yummy!

    danaan at gmx dot at"
  • Sarah
    on August 03, 2012 | 01:57 Sarahsaid :
    "I love Caramel Macchiato, that's how I started to like coffee at all. In summer I like it Iced or as a Frappuccino. But most of the time I only drink plain Latte Macchiato/Cappuccino. My favourites are for the special occasions (a free day or when I go shopping :-))

    csarah.stahl AT"
  • Acemommy
    on August 03, 2012 | 05:38 Acemommysaid :
    "My favorite way to drink coffee is iced - with hazelnut flavor or hazelnut brew. I would love to win, sarah2323 at gmail dot com"
  • jane
    on August 03, 2012 | 06:50 janesaid :
  • Anonymous
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:02 Anonymoussaid :
    "LOVE a good rich cup of coffee ~ especially while reading the Coffee House Mysteries... can't believe it took me so long to discover them!
  • Brelynn
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:05 Brelynnsaid :
    "with cream and sugar!

    Love these books, can't wait for the new one!

    b dot dumortier at hotmail"
  • Tonya
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:07 Tonyasaid :
    "I drink my coffee with a little cream and sugar. Snuggle down with a Cleo (Alice) book, and I'm good to go."
  • Kuzlin
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:35 Kuzlinsaid :
    "I drink my coffee light, no sugar and only like flavored coffees cold, not hot. kuzlin(at)aol(dot)com"
  • Harvee,, BookBirdDog
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:46 Harvee,, BookBirdDogsaid :
    "I love cozies and I love paranormal mysteries.
    My favorite coffee is decaf latte with soy milk.

    harvee44 (at)"
  • Harvee,, BookBirdDog
    on August 03, 2012 | 08:50 Harvee,, BookBirdDogsaid :
    "I' m entering for the grand prize!"
  • Anonymous
    on August 03, 2012 | 10:19 Anonymoussaid :
    "My fave way to have coffee is a Hot Peppermint Mocha....mmmm esp at Christmas very festive. My email is"
  • Sue Farrell
    on August 03, 2012 | 10:42 Sue Farrellsaid :
    "I like my coffee with a shot of Bailey's."
  • Mary Frank
    on August 03, 2012 | 12:01 Mary Franksaid :
    "I like everything about coffee - food, aroma, and Coffeehouse Mysteries - but can only drink coffee in an iced mocha, half shot!"
  • Linda Juister
    on August 03, 2012 | 12:26 Linda Juistersaid :
    "My favorite way to have coffee is my own personal coffee drink.
    1 cup milk, 2 cups coffee, 1 cup crushed ice
    In blender some sugar, cinnamon, ginger, hazelnut, and caramel.
    I blend that all together nicely, then add the milk and blend. Then I add the ice and let that ice cream effect take place. Then I add the coffee, quickly blend and pour in my great big frosted cup.
    I make two or three a day and have it by me always."
  • Linda Juister
    on August 03, 2012 | 12:35 Linda Juistersaid :
    "Sorry, forgot the email address"
  • julie
    on August 03, 2012 | 13:16 juliesaid :
    "I love coffee made with fresh ground beans and a little cream and sugar. If I splurge while out, I really like a mocha latte with whip. (Hey, its a splurge!)
    email is"
  • rissatoo
    on August 03, 2012 | 18:51 rissatoosaid :
    "Hmmm... I have several favorites, it all depends on the time of day and the temperature outside! I tend to make strong drip coffee (dark roast, freshly ground if possible) and drink it with 1/2 & 1/2 each morning at home. If I'm treating myself on a cool day, or on the way to work, my standard Starbucks order is 'quad shot venti mocha, add pump, with whip, at 140 degrees' (drink-it-now temp). And on hot days? Venti iced coffee with milk & 3 pumps sweetener.
    But to be honest? I drink instant, if that's all there is!

    All that said, I'm looking forward to reading the Coffeehouse series. 12 books! Woohoo! :)"
  • Patricia
    on August 03, 2012 | 22:21 Patriciasaid :
    "My favorite coffee is a decaf latte tall, extra extra hot.
    I have read all of your bookstore and coffee shop mysteries and love them. My favorites are those set in the coffee shop because of the relationship between the owner and her ex-husband.
  • Anonymous
    on August 03, 2012 | 23:10 Anonymoussaid :
    "Black. Strong. If it looks like a spoon will stand up in it, it's good."
  • Darlene
    on August 04, 2012 | 15:44 Darlenesaid :
    "I like my coffee black, deep roast, and I'll take it iced. I love coffe shop coffee. I'm looking forward to reading "A Brew to a Kill". Now interested in the Haunted Bookstore series, too.
    6186pep (at) msn (dot) com."
  • Spav
    on August 04, 2012 | 21:25 Spavsaid :
    "Mmmm, I don't like coffee. *hides*

  • NoraA
    on August 04, 2012 | 21:34 NoraAsaid :
    "My favorite way to have coffee is in my 28oz. go cup. I start my day with iced French Vanilla coffee with 3 Splenda's and 2% milk."
  • Lindy Gervin
    on August 04, 2012 | 21:53 Lindy Gervinsaid :
    "My favorite coffee drink is a frappaccino, something that is a little bit coffee blended with a lot of chocolate. I don't care for straight coffee although I love the smell, not to mention the great descriptions that Cleo Coyle always includes in the Coffee House Mysteries. Somehow the books always have me wanting to go to Starbucks to enjoy a nice drink while I read :)

  • Cleo Coyle
    on August 04, 2012 | 22:59 Cleo Coylesaid :
    "Just jumping in to say THANK YOU to everyone for your java comments, and thanks very much to THE QWILLERY for kindly including me in her paranormal cozy mystery month!

    My "spirited" good wishes to all and to all...good luck on the drawing at midnight...

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse
    “Where coffee and crime are always brewing…”
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter"
  • Catherine Lane
    on August 07, 2012 | 03:26 Catherine Lanesaid :
    "I couldn't drink coffee until I read some of Cleo's Coffee House Mysteries and discovered Kona. My favorite way to have it is freshly ground, at home, and preparaed as a French vanilla Latte."
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