The View From Monday - February 27, 2017


The View From Monday - February 27, 2017

The View From Monday - February 27, 2017

Happy last Monday in February!

There is one debut this week:

Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis.

The View From Monday - February 27, 2017
Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.

From formerly featured DAC Authors.

Fields of Fire (Frontlines 5) by Marko Kloos;

The Wheel of Osheim (The Red Queen's War 3) by Mark Lawrence is out in Mass Market Paperback;

Bane and Shadow (The Empire of Storms 2) by Jon Skovron;


Thunderbird (Miriam Black 4) by Chuck Wendig.

The View From Monday - February 27, 2017The View From Monday - February 27, 2017
The View From Monday - February 27, 2017The View From Monday - February 27, 2017
Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.

The View From Monday - February 27, 2017

Debut novels are highlighted in green. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in blue.

February 28, 2017
Broken Glass V.C. Andrews PsyTh - The Mirror Sisters Series 2
Planet of the Apes Omnibus 1 Michael Avallone
Jerry Pournelle
SF - Planet of the Apes
Infernal Parade Clive Barker
Bob Eggleton
The Voices of Martyrs Maurice Broaddus SF - Collection
Penric and the Shaman Lois McMaster Bujold F - Penric & Desdemona 2
An Almond for a Parrot Wray Delaney Hist/MR
Avenging Angel Cynthia Eden PNR - Fallen 4
Ring of Fire IV (h2mm) Eric Flint (Ed) AH - The Ring of Fire
Into the Fire Jeaniene Frost PNR - Night Prince 4
Beloved Beast Karyn Gerrard PNR - Ravenswood Chronicles 2
War Without End (tp2mm) Laurie Goulding SF - The Horus Heresy 33
Firestorm: Volume 3: A Dragon Romance (e) Donna Grant PNR - Dark Kings
There Is No Darkness (e) Joe Haldeman
Jack C. Haldeman
The Long Mirage David R. George III SF - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Wrong Dead Guy Richard Kadrey F - Another Coop Heist 2
A Ghostly Mortality Tonya Kappes PM - Ghostly Southern Mysteries 6
Agents of Dreamland Caitlín R. Kiernan DF/H/SF
Dreamcatcher (ri) Stephen King SF
Fields of Fire Marko Kloos SF - Frontlines 5
The Wheel of Osheim (h2mm) Mark Lawrence F - The Red Queen's War 3
Game of Shadows (D) Erika Lewis F/FairyT/FolkT/LM
Worldshaker J.F. Lewis F - The Grudgebearer Trilogy 3
The Queen Is Dead (h2mm) Kate Locke SP - The Immortal Empire 2
The Road Dance John MacKay AH
Wild Cards VI: Ace in the Hole George R. R. Martin (Ed)
Wild Cards Trust
SF - Wild Cards 6
Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal Mike Mignola
Thomas E. Sniegoski
Live Echoes (e) Henry V. O'Neil SF - The Sim War 5
Revenger Alastair Reynolds SF/SO
Quantum Night (h2mm) Robert J. Sawyer SF/GenEng/TechTh
Bane and Shadow Jon Skovron F - The Empire of Storms 2
Hunter of Sherwood: Hood Toby Venables HistF - Hunter of Sherwood 3
Thunderbird Chuck Wendig SupTh - Miriam Black 4

March 1, 2017
Free Fall (e) Laura Anne Gilman UF - Retrievers 5
The Unforgettable Wolf (e) Jane Godman PNR
Very Important Corpses Simon R. Green UF/M - An Ishmael Jones Mystery 3
Extracted RR Haywood SF/TT - Extracted Trilogy 1
Rescued by the Wolf (e) Kristal Hollis PNR
We Are Always Watching (Ke) Hunter Shea H
Makeup Man: From Rocky to Star Trek The Amazing Creations of Hollywood's Michael Westmore Michael Westmore
Jake Page

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade to Mass Market Paperback
Tr - Translator

AH - Alternate History
AP - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
Cr - Crime
CW - Contemporary Women
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FairyT - Fairy Tales
FL - Family Life
FolkT - Folk Tales
FR - Fantasy Romance
GB - Genre Bender
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghosts
GN - Graphic Novel
Gothic - Gothic
H - Horror
HC - History and Criticism
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HU - Humor
LC - Literary Criticism
LF - Literary Fiction
LM - Legends and Mythology
M - Mystery
MR - Magical Realism
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PM - Paranormal Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
Psy - Psychological
PsyTh - Psychological Thriller
R - Romance
SF - Science Fiction
SFR - Science Fiction Romance
SH - Superheroes
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
Sup - Supernatural
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
TechTh - Technological Thriller
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy
VisMeta - Visionary and Metaphysical
Z - Zombies

Note: Not all genres and formats are found in the books, etc. listed above.

The View From Monday - February 27, 2017

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