As you know, Blogger polls apparently do not work. They don't record all votes, they delete counted votes, etc. In an attempt to find find something more reliable, I turned to both a Rafflecopter poll and a poll I created using Google Drive.  I find both okay and both inadequate. Neither poll shows real time voting results. On top of that you have to log in to the Rafflecopter to vote.  As far as I know presently it is not possible for polls with Rafflecopter or Google Drive to show real time voting results. I have to explore Google Drive more and see if it's possible to include real time voting results. In the meantime I will continue to search for a better poll. I've considered PollDaddy but it only allows 200 votes per poll. These Debut Author Challenge Polls sometimes go well over that number. PollCode may be a good alternative.

Now to the winner of the Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars for April 2013:  The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu and cover art by Argh! Oxford.

Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - April 2013 Winner (Finally)

The Results:

From the Rafflecopter Poll: 

The Lives of Tao                   11 votes
Promise of Blood                    3 votes
The Golem and the Jinni         1 vote
Assassin's Gambit                  1 vote

Google Drive Form results:
Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - April 2013 Winner (Finally)
Bite Me, Your Grace
The Lives of Tao
Promise of Blood
Assassin's Gambit
The River of No Return
The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope
A Stranger in Olondria
The House at the End of Hope Street
The Golem and the Jinni

April 2013 Debut Covers

Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - April 2013 Winner (Finally)

Thank you to everyone you voted and was so patient!