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Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

I finally picked up my comics this morning. It's a lot calmer on Thursday than on new release day. I did not get a lot of comics this week. Here are my favorites:

IDW Publshing:

Mario Acevedo's Killing the Cobra, #4
Chinatown Trollop, Part 4
Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

The action gets hyper-kinetic and bloody when detective-vampire Felix Gomez and his lover Qian Ning escape the carnage unleashed by the gangster Jiang Chow and his goons. Felix retaliates and his victory turns hollow after Qian is taken hostage. She's bait and Felix has no choice but to enter Jiang's trap.

If you are a fan of Mario's Felix Gomez novels, you must get this comic!

MGM Drive-In Theater: It The Terror From Beyond Space, #3
Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

This retro-1950s saga follows the harrowing tale of the spaceship Challenge 142 as it carries the only survivor of an earlier failed expedition who is suspected of killing his crew for their lifesaving rations. Traveling Earthbound… they discover a hungry man-eating creature that is killing the crew one member at a time…


Sense & Sensibility, #5 of 5
Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

After their trip to London proves a positive disaster, the defeated Dashwood daughters forge their way home to Barton. And when a broken heart pushes fragile Marianne over the edge, it's beyond even her sister Elinor's means to help her. But can the shocking revelations of a surprise gentleman caller prove Marianne's salvation? Find out in the fantastic final chapter of Jane Austen's beloved masterpiece!


Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, #1
Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

Five Mercy Thompson novels have topped the NY Times best-seller list, and her premiere graphic novel did the same. Now Patricia Briggs' heroic shape-shifter returns to comics.

Mercy Thompson inhabits two worlds without truly belonging to either.

To the human inhabitants of the Tri-Cities she's an oddity, a female mechanic operating her own garage.

To the town's darker residents, werewolves, vampires, and fae, she's a walker, a last-of-her-kind magical being with the power to become a coyote.

Mercy warily straddles the fine line dividing our everyday world from that darker dimension.

Till a boy, mauled by vicious werewolves and forever changed by the attack and on the run from those who committed the crime, appears at her door.

Now her two worlds are about to collide. Outnumbered and out-muscled, can Mercy possibly save the boy? Or even herself?

Mercy Thompson: Moon Called volume 1 #1 begins Dynamite's eight-part adaptation of Patricia Briggs first Mercy novel. Personally supervised by Ms. Briggs, the series is sure to thrill fans both old and new!

Brett Booth is the cover artist. He was the main artist for the Anita Blake comics.

Boom! Studios:

Dracula: The Company of Monsters #2
Wednesday Comics on Thursday - September 23, 2010

From the mind of Kurt Busiek, the all-new ongoing horror series continues! When a powerful, predatory corporation acquires the valuable asset that is Dracula, they are not prepared for what they have awakened. Despite being trapped by the corporation, Dracula will let no one stop him from rebuilding his kingdom. Even if it takes a hundred more years. And many more bodies. It's bloodsuckers vs. bloodsucker, as Busiek brings an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos.

Thursday Flicks - August 19, 2010 - with Mario Acevedo

Comfort Food for the Eyes

We all have our favorite comfort food--pizza, M&Ms, ice cream, tamales, Twizzlers--choice snacks we’ve bonded with because they’re so satisfying. We never get tired of them either as they trip that special little lever in our psyche. Some movies can be like that. There are films we’ve seen so many times we have every scene and line of dialog memorized, yet something about those movies always resonates within us.

My favorite comfort movies:

The Big Lebowski

I’m ashamed to admit this, but the first time saw I this (on VHS) I fell asleep. A friend recommended that I give it another try, and Pow! I’m forever hooked. The movie’s goofy plot and quotable dialog have made it a cult favorite. It probably has more expletives per minute than any other film and even ridicules itself on that point, as when Sam Elliot as The Stranger asks Jeffery Lebowski why he has to use so many cuss words. And to that the Dude replies, “What the fuck you talking about?”

The Spaniards appreciated the movie’s blue language and did it justice in this translated sample clip.

Last of the Mohicans

The other adaptations and even the book by James Fenimore Cooper don’t hold a tomahawk when compared to the 1992 version starring Daniel Day Lewis in his heart-stopping, hunky glory.

It’s a delicious, bloody saga of betrayal, honor, and love that makes me tear up every time I see it. There are so many details director Michael Mann got right. Like when sisters Cora and Alice embrace when they follow Hawkeye in their journey to friendly lines. The film score. The costumes. How Major Heyword sacrifices himself to be burned alive to save Cora, even as she escapes with his romantic rival, Hawkeye. And Wes Studi as Mugua is the ultimate twisted villain.


Is Alien thirty-one years old? Yet it holds up so well. Because the movie appeared in prehistoric pre-internet days, director Ridley Scott was able to withhold photos of the alien creature, baiting the public with rumors that it would be like no other monster in film. After decades of bogeymen in cheesy rubber suits, we finally got a creature that made you wet your astronaut diapers. The goo dripping from the telescoping jaws was a stroke of genius.

Seven years later we got Aliens, which I first saw in 70mm Dolby. Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley proved herself the supreme B.A.D.-ass hero, entering American pop culture on a stature equal to Batman or James Bond.

Pulp Fiction

I’d be surprised if this movie isn’t in everyone’s stack. Who doesn’t have a favorite line? What’s not to relish about the breezy conversation when Vincent Vega buys heroin?

“I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with that Amsterdam shit any ol’ day of the week.”

“That’s a bold statement.”

“Mind if I shoot up?”

“Mi casa es su casa.”

“Muchas gracias.”

The DVD’s French translation is worth checking out with its pitch-perfect slang and voices.

Here’s a clip of Jules Winnfield about to give his famous Ezekiel sermon in Italian, English, Spanish, Turkish, and German (which of course, sounds the most menacing).

The Thin Man

Another movie that I slept though when I first watched it. Bad Mario. Since then, I’ve memorized every alcohol-induced snarkism.

“What hit me?”

“The last Martini.”

People back then, even the lushes and liars, dressed better and seemed much more classier than folks today.


Another flick about booze so that makes this a keeper. Memorable for a plot that cruises along on Miles’ (Paul Giamatti) snobby theatrics and then yanks us by the groin with jolts of human behavior at its most earthy. Most-in-your-face scene: Miles catches Thomas Hayen Church and Sandra Oh doing nasty monkey love.

Titus Andronicus

I’m not brainy or literary enough to be an ardent fan of Shakespeare but who can resist Julie Taymor’s amazing spectacle: a mishmash of Ancient Rome, Fascist Italy, and Fifties America (with a Thunderbird convertible) in an aesthetic I call Steampunk Centurion (dibs).

Antony Hopkins, Jessica Lang (remember her from the 1976 King Kong?), and Alan Cumming star in this gruesome tale about the toxic effects of revenge set against a backdrop of incest, orgies, mutilations, rape, betrayals, murder, and cannibalism. Yumm, pass the popcorn.

Harry Lennix holds his own as the chilling uber-villainous Aaron.

Also in my stack of Comfort Movies: Strictly Ballroom, Flying Down to Rio, Casablanca, Conan the Barbarian, High Fidelity, and Scent of a Woman.

Thanks for the guest appearance.

Happy fanging!

Mario Acevedo is the author of the Felix Gomez vampire detective series. His most recent novel is WEREWOLF SMACKDOWN. The undead mayhem continues in the comic series KILLING THE COBRA.

Mario Acevedo - Winners

The winner of the caption contest was chosen by Mario Acevedo! And the winner of the caption contest is potatoe911! Here is the photo with potatoe911's caption:

Mario Acevedo - Winners
The Wolfman's kisses were wet and hot -- too hot for Clara Belle to handle. Her body trembled with illicit pleasure as she gave in to her darkest desires and allowed her hirsute lover to have his way with her.

Potatoe911 will receive all 5 Felix Gomez novels. The first 4 are MMPB and Werewolf Smackdown is a Trade paperback. In addition the Potatoe911 will receive a large Red Devil Duckie and Silver Bullet Mints.

The winner of The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, a little Red Devil Duckie, and Silver Bullet Mints is Lisa R.

Please contact The Qwillery at TheQwillery at with your snail mail addresses so that your goodies can be sent to you!!


Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests

We're having a caption contest to celebrate the release of the 5th book in the Felix Gomez series by Mario Acevedo, Werewolf Smackdown.  Here's what you do: Caption the photo. Post your caption in the comments. We'll pick what we in all our subjectivity think is the best caption.   If you don't want to caption there are also some goodies that you can win by commenting.

For captioners only:  The author of the caption that is picked will receive all 5 (that's right all 5) Felix Gomez novels. The first 4 will be MMPB and Werewolf Smackdown will be a Trade paperback. In addition the winner will receive a large Red Devil Duckie and Silver Bullet Mints.

But wait, there's more! If you don't want to participate in the caption contest, you can comment and have the chance to win a MMPB of The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, a little Red Devil Duckie, and Silver Bullet Mints. And for just those folks commenting without captioning, you can get extra entries for Tweeting, Facebooking and mentioning it on your blog for a possible total of 4 entries to win the The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, little duckie, and the mints.

Caption this photo, which is from the 1941 movie The Wolf Man:

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests

The particulars:

The caption contest is open to all humans on the planet earth who have a mailing address. You may post more than one caption.

The comments only contest is open to all humans on the planet earth who have a mailing address. For those just commenting you will have your name placed in the receptacle for your comment. If you retweet or mention the contest on your blog or Facebook, you get addtional entries for a possible total of 4 entries (comment, Tweet, FB, and blog). Please leave a link in your comments so that we can see that you Tweeted, FBed or blogged.

These giveaways end on March 29, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time so get your captions and comments in by then.

The Goodies:

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats (Felix Gomez 1)

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - ContestsBack home in the States, the reluctantly undead former infantryman pays penance for his war-time sins—making a living as a private detective able to unravel mysteries that baffle his mortal counterparts. Now an old friend has asked him to investigate a bizarre outbreak of nymphomania at the secret government facilities in Rocky Flats, Colorado. Normally, Felix's unorthodox—and downright supernatural—methods of extracting information are foolproof. But this time his efforts inadvertently stoke the lustful fires smoldering within the bodacious babes he's interrogating . . . while eliciting cryptic mentions of Roswell and a top-secret Project Redlight.

P.I. Felix Gomez has finally landed a case he can really sink his teeth into. But when shadowy government agents and determined Eastern European vampire hunters get stirred in, this deadly goulash of tight lips and rampant libidos boils over . . .

X-Rated Bloodsuckers (Felix Gomez 2)

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests
When Felix Gomez returned from the War in Iraq with a disdain for daylight and a raging thirst for blood, he knew he couldn't settle for an ordinary 9-to-5 job. So after his discharge, the newly undead ex-infantryman chose the career that he felt best suited his vampiric tendencies: private detective.

Now he's been approached by sexy porn star Katz Meow, who wants Felix to investigate the murder of her once-equally agile friend and fellow toiler in the video sex-biz, Roxy Bronze. But his investigation into L.A.'s hardcore jungle is turning into a triple x-rated nightmare populated by hot babes, sleazy producers, sleazier politicians, sham evangelicals, and fanatical secret societies. And here on the seamy underside of Tinseltown, “immortal” doesn't necessarily mean “unkillable.”

The Undead Kama-Sutra (Felix Gomez 3)

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests
Ex-infantryman Felix Gomez came back from Iraq decidedly undead. Back home in Denver, he embarked upon a new career where nighttime work is the norm: private investigator. Since then, he's managed to survive lustful extraterrestrials, manic nymphomaniacs, and x-rated bloodsuckers, while satisfying his own unorthodox hungers with blood-laced Mexican food.

But some thirsts aren't as easily assuaged, and that's where "The Undead Kama Sutra" comes in—a hands-on manual that illustrates how sex can help a lonely vampire increase his psychic energies. Felix's search for missing parts of the coveted manuscript is, of course, purely professional. And now the dying words of an alien interloper ("Find Goodman and save Earth's women!") are thrusting the immortal (if he's lucky) P.I. and a bodacious undead sexpert, Carmen Arellano, into a seamy mess of otherworldly abductions, shady military irregularities, and unexplained murder.

Jailbait Zombie (Felix Gomez 4)

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests
Vampires versus Zombies, round one . . .
Vampire detective Felix Gomez has seen a lot of weird things since becoming one of the undead—nymphomaniacs, aliens, and X-rated bloodsuckers, just to name a few—but now he comes face-to-face with the worst sort of undead.

To stop a ravenous army of zombies, Gomez must team up with a precocious teen with clairvoyant powers whose cooperation comes at a price: she won't help unless Felix makes her a vampire . . . if the zombies don't get her first.

Werewolf Smackdown (Felix Gomez 5)

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - ContestsFelix Gomez, Latino vampire detective extraordinaire, tackles a dangerous werewolf cabal in the fifth installment in Mario Acevedo's satirical supernatural series

A sure-to-be-bloody civil war is brewing between rival werewolf factions, and P.I . Felix Gomez will do anything he can to make sure it doesn't explode into a vicious battle that engulfs all creatures, living and dead.

Between that, the sudden reappearance of an ex-girlfriend, and a gang of other vampires trying to take off his head, this is one rumble even a fanged detective extraordinaire may not be able to handle.

 The large Red Devil Duckie and Silver Bullet Mints (cause you never know when you need protection from werewolves):

Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests
Celebrate the release of Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo - Contests

Please note that the little Red Devil Duckie looks like the large Red Devil Duckie, it's just littler.

Other Mario Contests and Sightings

Mario is also featured in Authors Who Game at The interview is here.

Werewolf! Free stuff!!!! What more could you want??? Check it out, peeps! It's a special edition of The Hollow Fang: 

To TBR or To Not TBR

I have over 500 books in my To be Read pile. Technically it's not a pile. It's really a bunch of boxes and bags filled with books. I keep track of my TBR using Readerware. It comes with a barcode scanner, which makes it incredibly easy to add books. Each box has a number on it. The numbers correspond to a set of books on the TBR list. That worked for a while. The problem is that I keep buying books. The new books are in bags. They are waiting for me to put them in the appropriate box. It's an endless loop. I buy more books, I reprint the list, I rearrange the boxes, etc. Once read the books move to another set of boxes. Those books are waiting for me to set up my new office. After that the books will be sorted and somehow fit onto bookshelves. My new office already holds nearly 1,000 cookbooks. I may need more bookcases or consider putting bookcases somewhere else in the house. I don't like getting rid of books. When I moved overseas in the mid-90s, I had to get rid of 1/2 of my books. I don't think I've ever gotten over that. I pine for my English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries.

So I have a dilemma of sorts. Do I stop buying books until I catch up with my reading sometime in the next 30 years? Do I continue to buy books to support the authors that I like to read especially during this time of economic uncertainty? And do I keep everything?

I decided that yes, I will continue to buy books and support authors because I want them to be able to keep writing more books for me to read. Does one book sale make a difference? I don't know the answer to that, but I'd like to think that every book sold helps. I know that there are at least 3 new releases that I will buy this week: Mario Acevedo's Jailbait Zombie, Mark Henry's Road Trip of the Living Dead, and Anton Strout's Deader Still. These three books will be released on February 24, 2009. I need to look at my To Be Bought list for the rest of the month.

I've also decided to keep everything for the time being. My 13 year old daughter has recently become hooked on paranormal YA. In a few years she'll be old enough to read the grown-up books. Then she can worry about where to store them.

Qwill's Qwestions: Have your book buying habits changed over the last few months? Do you keep everything? What books are you buying in February 2009?

You can join the Mark Henry's Glamazombies Yahoo Group here:

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