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2012 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - November 2012

It's time for the 2012 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars for November 2012!

As part of this year's Debut Author Challenge I thought it would be fun for you to choose a favorite cover from each month's debut novels. At the end of the year the 12 monthly winners will be pitted against each other to choose the 2012 Debut Novel Cover of the Year. Please note that a debut novel cover is eligible in the month in which the novel is released in the US.

You have 3 novels to choose from for November.

2012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts

2012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts

There are 3 debuts for November Please note that I use the publisher's publication date in the United States, not copyright dates or non-US publication dates.

The November debut authors and their novels are listed in alphabetical order by author (not book title or publication date). Pick one or more and let us know in the comments which one(s) you'll be reading. If I've missed any, let me know in the comments.

Take a good look at the covers. Voting for your favorite November cover for the 2012 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars will take place later this month.

The Colony
Author:  A.J. Colucci 
Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books, November 13, 2012
Format:  Hardcover and eBook, 304 pages
Price:  $24.99 (print)
Genre:  Fictionalized Science
ISBN:  9781250001290 (print)

2012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts
A series of gruesome attacks have been sweeping New York City. A teacher in Harlem and two sanitation workers on Wall Street are found dead, their swollen bodies nearly dissolved from the inside out. The predator is a deadly supercolony of ants--an army of one trillion soldiers with razor-sharp claws that pierce skin like paper and stinging venom that liquefies its prey.

The desperate mayor turns to the greatest ant expert in the world, Paul O’Keefe, a Pulitzer Prize–winning scientist in an Armani suit. But Paul is baffled by the ants. They are twice the size of any normal ant and have no recognizable DNA. They’re vicious in the field yet docile in the hand. Paul calls on the one person he knows can help destroy the colony, his ex-wife Kendra Hart, a spirited entomologist studying fire ants in the New Mexico desert. Kendra is taken to a secret underground bunker in New York City, where she finds herself working side by side with her brilliant but arrogant ex-husband and a high-ranking military officer hell-bent on stopping the insects with a nuclear bomb.

When the ants launch an all-out attack, Paul and Kendra hit the dangerous, panic-stricken streets of New York, searching for a coveted queen. It’s a race to unlock the secrets of an indestructible new species, before the president nukes Manhattan.

A.J. Colucci's debut novel is a terrifying mix of classic Michael Crichton and Stephen King. A thriller with the highest stakes and the most fascinating science, The Colony does for ants what Jaws did for sharks.

Author:  Nancy Northcott
Series:  Protector
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing , November 6, 2012 (eBook)
December 18, 2012 (Trade Paperback)
Price:  $2.99 (eBook), $17.99 (print)
Format:  Trade Paperback and eBook, 384 pages
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
ISBN:  9781455598878 (print)

2012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts

As the Collegium council's top sheriff of the southeastern United States, Valeria Banning doesn't just take her job seriously, she takes it personally. So when a notorious traitor wanted by the authorities suddenly risks his life to save hers, she has to wonder why.


As a mage, Griffin is sworn to protect innocents from dark magic, which is how he finds himself fighting side by side with the beautiful Valeria Banning. But when the council finds out the two have been working together, they're both left running for their lives-from the law, the threat of a ghoul takeover, and a possible Collegium mole.

Author:  Dave Swavely
Series:  Peacer
Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books, November 13, 2012
Format:  Hardcover and eBook, 272 pages
Price:  $24.99 (print)
Genre:  Science Fiction/Thriller
ISBN:  9781250001498 (print)
(Fiction Debut)

2012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts
Minority Report meets Blade Runner as a man must solve his daughter's murder only to find that the trail leads right back to himself in Dave Swavely's Silhouette, the first of The Peacer Series

A post-quake San Francisco is ruled by a private corporation called the Bay Area Security Service. Its founder, Saul Rabin, is revered by many as the savior of the city, but by others he is feared and loathed as a fascist tyrant. And because of the cutting-edge antigravity technology being developed by his company, this controversial figure is about to become the most powerful man in the world.

To his protégé, Michael Ares, the old man is a mysterious benefactor whom he respects and admires. But when Michael's daughter and best friend are brutally murdered, he follows a trail of evidence that leads dangerously close to home. Closer than he could ever imagine.

A future world of aerocars, net glasses, and neural cyberware provides the backdrop for this timeless tale of good and evil, revenge and love, infamy and destiny. Fans of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell will love this page-turner filled with thought-provoking images of dark shapes which, despite their pain and power, could never blot out the light that surrounds them.

November 2012 Releases

Here is The Qwillery's list of books, etc. being published in November 2012. If there is something that I've missed, please leave a comment below. Any genre mistakes are mine. Leave a comment below if you feel that the genre is wrong. Also note that this list is always under revision. Publication dates change. I try to keep this as accurate as possible. The most accurate lists can be found for each week in The View From Monday posts.

November 1, 2012
Epic John Joseph Adams F - Anthology
What I Found at Hoole Jeffrey E. Barlough F/M - Western Lights 7
Claiming the Wolf Michele Hauf PNR
The Darkling's Desire Lauren Hawkeye PNR
Silent Night: A Lady Julia Christmas Novella (e) Deanna Raybourn M/PE - A Lady Julia Mystery
Reflections & Refractions Robert Silverberg SF - Literary Criticism
Starflower Anne Elisabeth Stengl FR - Tales of Goldstone Wood 4
Provoked (e) Rebecca Zanetti PNR - Dark Protectors 5

November 2, 2012
Tamarack River Ghost: A Novel Jerry Apps GS

November 5, 2012
Darth Bane: Star Wars 3-Book Bundle: Path of Destruction, Rule of Two, Dynasty of Evil (e) Drew Karpyshyn SF - Star Wars

November 6, 2012
Spellfire Jessica Andersen PNR - Nightkeepers 8
Skies of Steel Zoe Archer SPR - The Ether Chronicles 3
Darkness Hunts Keri Arthur UF - Dark Angels 4
Bronze Summer Stephen Baxter SF/AH - Northland 2
Stone Spring (h2mm) Stephen Baxter SF/AH - Northland 1
Archon (h2tp) Sabrina Benulis F - Books of Raziel 1
Amongst the Dead David Bernstein H
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance Lois McMaster Bujold SF - Miles Vorkosigan 14
Her Sky Cowboy Beth Ciotta SPR - The Glorious Victorious Darcys
The Creative Fire Brenda Cooper SF - Ruby's Song 1
The Woodcutter Kate Danley F
Wolfishly Yours Lydia Dare PNR - Westfield Wolves 6
A Cosmic Christmas Hank Davis (ed) SF - Anthology
Shifter's Lady Alyssa Day PNR - Warriors of Poseidon Novella
Doctor Who: Official Annual 2013
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Visual Companion Jude Fisher F - Art
Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance, Revised and Updated Robin Furth F - Reference
Stardust: The Gift Edition - Deluxe Signed Limited Neil Gaiman F
StarCraft II: Flashpoint Christie Golden SF
The Dragon Men Steven Harper SP - Clockwork Empire
Dead Reckoning (mm2tp) Charlaine Harris UF - Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire 11
Lord's Fall Thea Harrison PNR - Elder Races 5
The Silvered Tanya Huff SP/F/PNR
The Wild Ways (h2mm) Tanya Huff F - Enchantment Emporium 2
Untamed Sara Humphreys PNR - Amoveo Legend 3
Rapture Kameron Hurley F - Bel Dame Apocrypha 3
Sacrifice Russell James H
Spider and Stone (e) Jaleigh Johnson F - Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms
The Talisman (ri) Stephen King F
The Wind Through the Keyhole (ri) Stephen King F - Dark Tower
Swords of Waar Nathan Long SF - Jane Carver of Waar 2
Before and Ever Since Sharla Lovelace R/F
Flame of Sevenwaters Juliet Marillier F - Sevenwaters 6
The Fangover Erin McCarthy
Kathy Love
The Cassandra Project Jack McDevitt
Mike Resnick
Magic for a Price Devon Monk UF - Allie Beckstrom 9
Enslaved Elisabeth Naughton PNR - Eternal Guardians 5
Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane Jonathan Oliver (ed) F - Anthology
Renegade Nancy Northcott PNR - Protector 1
The Harvest (e) Vicki Pettersson UF - Zodiac Novella
Polterheist Laura Resnick UF - Esther Diamond 5
The Oracle Glass (ri) Judith Merkle Riley HistF
Star Trek: Klingon Bird-of-Prey Haynes Manual Ben Robinson SF - Star Trek Manual
Nights of Steel (e) Nico Rosso SPR - The Ether Chronicles 2
Malevolent David Searls H
Still Life with Shape-shifter Sharon Shinn F - Shifting Circle 2
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide Brian Sibley F - Movie Guide
The Eighth Witch Maynard Sims H
Revenant Eve Sherwood Smith TT/F - Dobrenica 3
Phoenix Rising Ryk E. Spoor F
Frail (h2tp) Joan Frances Turner H/SF - Dust 2
The Broken Bell Frank Tuttle SuN - Markhat Files 6
Dire Wants Stephanie Tyler PNR - Eternal Wolf Clan 1
Lover Eternal (ri) J.R. Ward PNR - Black Dagger Brotherhood 2
Knife Sworn Mazarkis Williams F - Tower and Knife 2
Shadowheart (ri) Tad Williams F - Shadowmarch 4
Dark Masques J. N. Williamson (ed) H - Anthology

November 8, 2012
Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History Robert Greenberger SF
Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version Philip Pullman FT
Building Imaginary Worlds: The Theory and History of Subcreating Mark J.P. Wolf History and Cristicism

November 9, 2012
Downside Girls Jaine Fenn SF - Short Stories

November 12, 2012
Stellarnet Prince (e) J.L. Hilton SFR - Stellarnet 2
Lord of Darkness Robert Silverberg F

November 13, 2012
Red Country Joe Abercrombie F
Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who Steve Berry SF - Memoir
The Annotated Sword of Shannara: 35th Anniversary Edition Terry Brooks F - Sword of Shannara
Fury of Seduction Coreene Callahan PNR - Dragonfury 3
Mythic Imagination: Collected Short Fiction Joseph Campbell F - The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell
The Colony (D) A. J. Colucci SF
Hellsbane (ri) Paige Cuccaro PNR - Hellsbane 1
Kodiak Chained Doranna Durgin PNR - Sentinels 5
Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who Deborah Stanish (ed)
L.M. Myles (ed)
SF - Anthology
Lord of the Trees (ri) Philip Jose Farmer F - Secrets of the Nine #2 - Wold Newton Parallel Universe
Night's Darkest Embrace (e) Jeaniene Frost PNR
Unholy Night (h2tp) Seth Grahame-Smith H
Time's Arrow Jonathan Green SP -Pax Britannia / Time's Arrow 1
Errantry: Strange Stories Elizabeth Hand F - Novellas
The New Moon's Arms (h2tp) Nalo Hopkinson F
River Road Suzanne Johnson UF - Sentinels of New Orleans 2
Annihilation Drew Karpyshyn SF - Star Wars: The Old Republic
Holiday with a Vampire 4: Halfway to Dawn\The Gift\Bright Star Susan Krinard
Theresa Meyers
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
PNR - Collection
Crown of Vengeance Mercedes Lackey
James Mallory
F - Dragon Prophecy 1
The Curious Steambox Affair (e) Melissa Macgregor SPM - Merry Gentlemen 1
LoveStar Andri Snaer Magnason SF/Dys
The Godspeaker Trilogy Karen Miller F - Godspeaker Omnibus
Body Asa Nonami H - Collection
AHistory: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe Lance Parkin 3rd Edition
The Inexplicables Cherie Priest SP - Clockwork Century 5
All Men of Genius (h2tp) Lev AC Rosen SP
Daughter of the Spellcaster Maggie Shayne PNR - Portal 2
Globalization, Utopia and Postcolonial Science Fiction: New Maps of Hope Eric D. Smith 16th!!! move it
The Mongoliad: Book One Collector's Edition [includes the prequel Sinner] Neal Stephenson F - Foreworld Saga 1
The Mongoliad: Book Two Collector's Edition [includes the prequel Dreamer] Neal Stephenson F - Foreworld Saga 2
Silhouette (fiction D) Dave Swavely SF/TH - Peacer 1
Knife Sworn Mazarkis Williams F - Tower and Knife 2

November 15, 2012
3 Strange Tales Ryunosuke Akutagawa H
The Book of Thomas: Heaven Robert Boyczuk SF
Caller Unknown Jennifer Brozek H - Karen Wilson Chronicles 1
Hair Side, Flesh Side Helen Marshall F/H - Collection
Under The Shadow: The Atomic Bomb and Cold War Narratives David Seed Literary Criticism

November 16, 2012
Dead Men Talking: The Beginning of the Black Light Nikki Mackay H

November 17, 2012
Steampunk: An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions Brian J. Robb Crafts and Hobbies

November 19, 2012
40 Souls to Keep Libby Drew PNR/RS
How Beauty Met the Beast Jax Garren SFR

November 20, 2012
Spirit's End Rachel Aaron F - Legend of Eli Monpress 5
The Ascendant Stars Michael Cobley SF - Humanity's Fire 3
The Devil's Diadem (h2tp) Sara Douglass PHR
Awaken the Curse (e) Alexa Egan PNR - Imnada Brotherhood
American Psycho
(numbered & signed)
Bret Easton Ellis Horror
The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume One: Where on Earth Ursula K. Le Guin SF/F - Collection
The Unreal and the Real: Selected Stories Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands Ursula K. Le Guin SF/F - Collection
Songs of Love Lost and Found (e)
Jo Beverley
Robin Hobb
Jacqueline Carey
Tanith Lee
Cecelia Holland
Rogue Rider Larissa Ione PNR - Lords of Deliverance 4
Cloud Atlas (ri) David Mitchell F
Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights (h2tp) Ryu Mitsuse SF
Nemisis S.D. Perry SF - Resident Evil 5
Wormhole Richard Phillips SF - The Rho Agenda 3
Brimstone (ri) Douglas Preston
Lee Child
Th/H - Pendergast 5
The People of the Ruins (ri) Edward Shanks SF - Radium Age Science Fiction 5

November 26, 2012
Dark Dealings Kim Knox PER

November 27, 2012
The Price of War Daniel Abraham F - Long Price Quartet
Darker After Midnight Lara Adrian PNR - Midnight Breed 11
Midnight Moon August Alexander F
Moonshifted Cassie Alexander UF - Edie Spence 3
Steel's Edge Ilona Andrews UF - Edge 4
Tales of the Otherworld (ri) Kelley Armstrong UF - Women of the Otherworld
There and Back Again: JRR Tolkien and the Origins of the Hobbit Mark Atherton Literary Cristicism
Undead to the World DD Barant UF - Bloodhound Files 6
Bard's Oath Joanne Bertin F - Dragonlord 3
Power Play (h2mm) Ben Bova S/Th
Cold Days Jim Butcher UF - Dresden Files 14
Heaven to Wudang Kylie Chan F - Journey to Wudang 3
Shadow's Claim Kresley Cole PNR - The Dacians 1
A Fighting Chance William C. Dietz SF - Legion of the Damned 9
The Scar (h2mm) Sergey Dyachenko
Angel In Chains Cynthia Eden PNR - The Fallen  3
Red, White, and Blood (h2mm) Christopher Farnsworth H/Th - Nathaniel Cade 3
After the Music (e) Christine Feehan PNR
Grantville Gazette VI (h2mm) Eric Flint (ed) AH - Ring of Fire Anthology
In the Lion's Mouth (h2mm) Michael Flynn SF
City of Dark Magic Magnus Flyte FR
The Sum of Her Parts Alan Dean Foster SF - Tipping Point Trilogy 3
The Rise of Ransom City Felix Gilman F - Half-Made World 2
Dead Man Vol 4 Lee Goldberg
William Rabkin
H - Short Stories
Ascension: Star Wars Christie Golden SF - Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi 8
Midnight's Warrior Donna Grant PNR - Dark Warriors 4
The Shattered Gates Ginn Hale F/Dys - The Rifter 1
Trapped Kevin Hearne UF - The Iron Druid Chronicles 5
Kiss of Surrender Sandra Hill PNR - Deadly Angels 2
Honor's Paradox (tp2mm) P.C. Hodgell F - Kencyrath 6
Black House (ri) Stephen King
Peter Straub
Blood of Aenarion (h2mm) William King F - Warhammer: Tyrion & Teclis: Aenarion 1
Sword of Caledor William King F - Warhammer: Tyrion & Teclis: Aenarion 2
Tome of Fire Nick Kyme F - Warhammer 40,000: Salamander Anthology
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cold Equations David Mack SF - Silent Weapons 2
Kept Shawntelle Madison UF - Coveted 2
Crossed Blades Kelly McCullough F - Fallen Blade 3
Defiant Peaks Juliet E. McKenna F - The Hadrumal Crisis 3
Tears in Rain Rosa Montero SF/M
King of the Dead Joseph Nassise UF - Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle 2
Moonsinger's Quest Andre Norton F - Moonsinger Omnibus
The Fractal Prince Hannu Rajaniemi SF - The Quantum Thief Trilogy 2
The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook Matt Ralphs
Graham McNeill
Dead on Delivery (tp2mm) Eileen Rendahl UF - Messenger 2
The Thirteen Hallows (h2mm) Michael Scott
Colette Freedman
The Purple Cloud (ri) M. P. Shiel SF
Lust for Life Jeri Smith-Ready UF - WVMP Radio 4
Wild About You Kerrelyn Sparks PNR - Love at Stake 13
King of the Damned Juliana Stone PNR - League of Guardians 2
Edge of Infinity Jonathan Strahan (ed) SF - Anthology
The Shield-Maiden Mark Teppo F - Foreworld SideQuest
Drive Me Wild Christine Warren UF - Others
Siege of Castellax CL Werner F - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Battles 11
Cold City F. Paul WIlson F - Repairman Jack Prequel 1

November 28, 2012
When The Blue Shift Comes Robert Silverberg SF

November 29, 2012
A Pale Horse Wendy Alec F - Chronicles of Brothers 4
The Monkey's Other Paw: Revived Classic Stories of Dread and the Dead Luis Ortiz (ed) H - Anthology

November 30, 2012
The Blood Delirium: The Vampire in 19th Century European Literature Candice Black (ed) H - Anthology
Freaks in a Box: The Myths of Media Paul Di Filippo (ed) F/SF/H - Anthology
A Fantasy Medley 2 Yanni Kuznia (ed)
Tanya Huff
Seanan McGuire
F - Quarters #4.5
F - October Daye .5
Stranger Things Happen Kelly Link F/SF - Short Stories

D - Debut
e - eBook
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp -  Hardcover to Trade Paperback
mm2tp - Mass Market Paperback to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm -  Trade Paperback to Mass Market Paperback

AH - Alternate History
Dys - Dystopia
F - Fantasy
FT - Fairy Tales
FR - Fantasy Romance
GS - Ghost Story
H - Horror
HistF - Historical Fantasy
M - Mystery
PE - Paranormal Elements
PER - Paranormal Erotic Romance
PNR - Paranormal Romance
R - Romance
RS - Romantic Suspense
S - Science
SF - Science Fiction
SP - Steampunk
SuN - Supernatural Noir
SPR - Steampunk Romance
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy
2012 Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - November 20122012 Debut Author Challenge - November 2012 Debuts

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