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Mash Ups and More - Update September 8, 2010

The ongoing Mash Ups and More page has been updated:

De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica by Lucius Artorius Castus has been added to Twisted Histories:

Mash Ups and More - Update September 8, 2010
A recovered Latin text tells the story of a struggle between Roman legionaries and the undead in 185 AD.

Lucius Artorius Castus leads an expedition to Gaul to defeat a rebellion against the rule of the Emperor Commodus - and gets more than he bargained for when his enemies rise from the dead to fight again. The power of the zombie horde is amplified by the Babel of Ancient Rome's religions and superstitions, and the terror the undead bring in their wake foreshadows the incipient medieval darkness already creeping into the world at the end of Rome's Antonine age. Richly annotated, this mashup of survival horror and alternate history takes the reader on a bracing journey into one of ancient Rome's dark corners.

De Bello Lemures is structured as a work of nonfiction, with a foreword describing the history of the Latin document and its solecistic title, a "translation" of the text itself, and extensive footnotes. It is a loving homage to the paperback nonfiction products of university presses - a classics text reimagined as a postmodern horror tale. (edited by author)  [from]

I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Chirstmas by Adam Roberts has been added to Continuations and Alternates.

Mash Ups and More - Update September 8, 2010
Marley was dead. Again.

The legendary Ebenezeer Scrooge sits in his house counting money. The boards that he has nailed up over the doors and the windows shudder and shake under the blows from the endless zombie hordes that crowd the streets hungering for his flesh and his miserly braaaaiiiiiinns!

Just how did the happiest day of the year slip into a welter of blood, innards and shambling, ravenous undead on the snowy streets of old London town?

Will the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future be able to stop the world from drowning under a top-hatted and crinolined zombie horde?

Was Tiny Tim's illness something infinitely more sinister than mere rickets and consumption? Can Scrooge be persuaded to go back to his evil ways, travel back to Christmas past and destroy the brain stem of the tiny, irritatingly cheery Patient Zero?

It's the Dickensian Zombie Apocalypse - God Bless us, one and all!

A Christmas Carol with added festive zombie gore.

Mash Ups and More - Update September 4, 2010

The ongoing Mash Ups and More page has been updated:

Quirk Classics will publish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After on March 22, 2011. The author is Steve Hockensmith.

Valley of the Dead: The Truth Behind Dante's Inferno by Kim Paffenroth and Jane and the Damned by Janet Mullany have been added to Twisted Histories.

Mash Ups and More - Update September 4, 2010

Mash Ups and More - Update September 4, 2010

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead by Mark Twain and Don Borchert has been added to Mash Ups and Mimicries.

Mash Ups and More - Update September 4, 2010

Norilana Books under its Curiosities imprint will be publishing Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons and Pride and Platypus: Mr. Darcy's Dreadful Secret both by Jane Austen and Vera Nazarian.
If you know of any Mash Ups, etc. that I've misssed please let me know in the comments.

More on Mash-Ups et al. - Giveaway

In honor of, or at least because of, the long post yesterday, I've decided to give away one of the available books listed in the post  Mash-ups and Mimicries, Twisted Histories, and Continuations and Alternates.

To have a chance to win leave a comment with the title of a mash-up you would like to see. For example, War and Peace and Werewolves:

More on Mash-Ups et al. - Giveaway

(You don't have to make a fake cover. I just did that for fun!)

You can list more than 1 title but each person will only get one entry! The contest is open to all humans on the planet earth with a mailing address. Contest ends at 11:59pm US Eastern Time on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.

The winner will be picked randomly. Some of the books are harder to find than others so the winner will have to give me 3 choices so I can be assured of getting one of them (hopefully). Books not readily available in the US are excluded.
Mash Ups and More - Update September 8, 2010Mash Ups and More - Update September 4, 2010More on Mash-Ups et al. - Giveaway

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