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Poll: Which Book Links Are Useful?

We usually include a variety of buy links for the books featured on The Qwillery. But we're curious if there are additional buy links that would be useful. Please take a minute to take part in the poll to let us know which links you find useful. You can check more than one. If there is one not on the list please check Other and leave a comment below with the link you'd like to see. Please note that the links on The Qwillery are not monetized and are there just for convenience.

Poll: Which Book Links Are Useful?

Which book links are useful? free polls

If you check Other please leave a comment letting us know what Other is!

A Little Research on Sex in PNR and UF - Poll

I'm conducting some completely unscientific research into sex in Paranormal Romance (PNR) and Urban Fantasy (UF).  I started reading romance back in the 70s. I've seen the number of sex scenes increase from zero to more than zero over the years. Sex might have been implied, but it was never set out in the books I read back then. Things have changed. I don't recall sex in fantasy either. Or maybe I just read fantasies that had no sex in them.

I'd really like to know what you think. All answers are anonymous of course and you can pick more than one answer. I've tried to keep the questions as neutral as possible.

The poll is open for 2 weeks, after which I will share the results and open a discussion.
Poll: Which Book Links Are Useful?Some Questions About The Qwillery - A Poll - March 6, 2011

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