Periodically, I will go on an Epic Hunt, Fashionable Reader. These are shopping quests where I just keep searching, sometimes for years, for the perfect item. I can imagine Lord Akeldama might do something like. Accept no substitutes! Generally, this occurs when I already have something (or several somethings) that is/are working out but I really want the ultimate perfect item. What can I say? I'm a consumer.

In recent memory . . .

Gail Carriger Demands More from a Tote

The perfect motorcycle jacket. I wanted a bi-color (red and black) retro motocross style, that fit the Rack. After two years hunting I found mine, which looks very like the one above, in Exeter at the Real MaCoy's for 15 quid. I didn't get the red and black, and the zipper's missing its tag, but I still have and love this jacket. The white stripes continue down the back, giving it a skunk effect, but also improving visibility on the road.

Gail Carriger Demands More from a Tote

The perfect red retro bag. Needed to be the right red for all my other accessories, big enough to hold a paperback, shiny, and cute. Took me only a month to find, but I did get it online, and I paid mint for it. I was desperate, which must be my excuse.

Gail Carriger Demands More from a Tote

Men's style hunter boots (sometimes called dressage boots in the US) but in a woman's size and cut. Inspired by pretty much every hero of every BBC costume drama, I have wanted a pair of these boots for nearly fifteen years now. I still haven't found them. What I ended up with instead are these steampunk-ish Sam Edelmen's which I love. So I'm happy to keep looking idly for the hunters.

Gail Carriger Demands More from a ToteGail Carriger Demands More from a Tote

Well, Fashionable Reader, the Epic Hunt is back on!

And I didn't even realize it until I was int he middle of it (that happens sometimes).

This time it is for a tote. And like the bra of yesterday's entry, I may be looking for the impossible. Although this is far less frustrating, as I do have a substitute tote I've been traveling with for the past ten years. (It's starting to fall apart, though.)

Tote must be . . .
  • Black
  • Look enough like a purse to pass as a purse for the plane
  • Leather (or something equally cool & strong)
  • Zipper top (for security overseas)
  • Smaller front secure pocket (to hold passport and ticket)
  • Back zipper-bottom pocket, or handle hook (to slide over handle of luggage)
  • Wide enough bottom not to tip over when put down
Things I'd really like, but seem unlikely . . .
  • Retro touches
  • Large front slide pocket (to hold a magazine)
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Single strap or strap hooks (doubles always fall off my shoulder) 
  • No flaps (flaps get in the way)
That's not too much to ask, is it?

Well I found one almost-perfect at Ross the other day . . . but in dark brown. And I found this one on Amazon, has almost everything I want, but it's not all that pretty. I'm keeping it in reserve if all other avenues fail.

Gail Carriger Demands More from a ToteGail Carriger Demands More from a ToteGail Carriger Demands More from a ToteGail Carriger Demands More from a Tote

I suppose I'm mostly having one of those moments when I notice fashion designers have gotten into a rut.
  • Luggage has to look luggagey. 
  • Totes have to have two straps. 
  • Pretty purses can't have all the extra functional bells and whistles. 
  • Heaven forefend we attempt to combine style and practicality.
Oh, I see, I'm having an Alexia moment!