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Retro Rack

Vintage Style In A Modern World
Gail Carriger in Paisley Print 1950s Day Dress in DC & Chicago for the Waistcoats & Weaponry TourGail Carriger in Green Rose Print 1960s Evening Dress in DC  for the Waistcoats & Weaponry TourGail Carriegr Orders New Dresses from eShaktiGil Carriger on More eShakti & A WarningThen & Now ~ Mint & Turquoise Gail Carriger In Blue & Green at the Crudrat Wrap Party in Hayward 2014Gail Carriger San Diego in Kelly Green at ConDor 2014Gail Carriger bids Happy Retirement, My PrettiesGail Carriger Sage Suit in San Antonio, WorldCon 2013 Outfit Report: Day 4Gail Carriger Bids Goodbye My Pretties ~ 7 Closet Losses

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