Because of my recent big investment in a custom corset (designed for 1950s style) at Dark Garden I haven't been doing much shopping recently. What I did do (in an effort to put together that Edwardian outfit) was upend my costume collection.

I found these shoes:

Gail Carriger: Shopping My Closet ~ Discoveries

I forgot how useful they are, being both white and cream.

Gail Carriger: Shopping My Closet ~ Discoveries

I discovered to my delight that my Regency Evening Dress, which hasn't fit me in YEARS, actually fits me again since the Rack Reduction. Although I need help buttoning it up the back. It's designed to go with the accessories from my 1850s Picnic Dress, although with a proper bonnet, of course. Royal blue and cream is a favorite combination of mine.

All I'm saying is... bring on the Austen Ball people!

Gail Carriger: Shopping My Closet ~ Discoveries

I found this cute little top hat which was a gift, but is hard to travel with so I haven't worn it much. I think I might putter about concocting something to go with it, possibly using my grey corset. 

I also discovered that several of my dresses and skirts need some serious repairs. And when am I going to have time for that, I ask you?

I have Gaslight Gathering in San Diego coming up and I can pack anything I feel like for that event because 1. I'm flying Southwest, 2. It's not far away, and 3. It's mostly indoors and clean and not too hot. I'll be debuting the updated and modified to be more steampunk (and less bust) corsets there. I have an old Mini Murry cosplay I might dig up, and yes I happen to own custom fangs. What you doubted me?

Expect to see some really fun pictures from that event next month.
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