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Vintage Style In A Modern World

A Manifesto: Being the Photo Diary of a Curvy Girl

My dear Gentle Readers!

This blog is intended as an ode to my love affair with vintage fashion, thrifting, and modification of clothing. This is an affair of long standing that began some time in the early 1990s when it became evident that mine was a shape better suited to the 1950s, or even, the 1850s than anything the modern world might provide.

A Manifesto: Being the Photo Diary of a Curvy Girl

This affair has persisted to the current day, partly because I adore the styles themselves, and partly because my figure has only continued a ~ shall we call it? ~ exaggeration of form.

Hence the title of the blog, Retro Rack.

My intent is to provide photos from various of my public events as an Author Beast, but also to show some of what retro was, as well as some for what retro can be with a modern twist. (This post is probably the wordiest I shall ever be on this blog.)

I do hope you enjoy.

You can also follow my Yelp Account for reviews of vintage shops (be warned I also review eateries and hotels.) If you are interested in a blog with sewing focus for ladies of a more statuesque proportion than myself, you can do no better than New Vintage Lady.

A Small Note On The Subject Of Racks

I love style. I follow many fashion blogs, but sadly very few of them are run by women who are ~ shall we say? ~ blessed. Mine is a rack that has been the bane of my existence since university. Every button down shirt in my closest has the mid buttons sewn together. I rate my blouses by the magic notion of "minimization." A new bra is a quest of nigh epic proportions. I am not ashamed of my size, but I have struggled with it.

A Manifesto: Being the Photo Diary of a Curvy Girl

I am hoping this blog provides inspiration and perhaps hope, to those of you frustrated by a contemporary world and a visual environment that forgets those of us with ~ what my less endowed friends once described as ~ aggressive boobage.

This is not a place for leering or lewd commentary or snide remarks, so please refrain. I am trying to take the stigma out of being large chested in a safe fashionable environment, without trivializing the matter.

To that end, here are my measurements:
  • 38 ~ 28 ~ 38
  • height ~ 5'6"
  • bra size ~ 32G ~ 30H (yes, H)
  • hat size ~ small
  • modern dress size 6 ~ 8
  • vintage dress size 12 ~ 16
  • modern top size 6 ~ 10, med ~ large
  • modern bottom size 4 ~ 6, small ~ med
  • shoe size 7.5 ~ 8
  • age ~ over 30 (you can't expect me to admit to everything, now can you?)
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