Advent Day 21 - When Christmas Takes A Snow Day


Advent Day 21 - When Christmas Takes A Snow Day

Advent Day 21 - When Christmas Takes A Snow Day


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  • Dora Benet
    on December 21, 2019 | 05:38 Dora Benetsaid :
    "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator."
  • kaybee
    on December 21, 2019 | 07:55 kaybeesaid :
    "Carrie, what a memory. The kind of thing we look back on and laugh. Maybe. Kudos to your parents for sticking it out and not giving in to fear. And love your connection to the Greatest Story Ever Told.
    Much to do but wanted to check in,
  • Lucy Reynolds
    on December 21, 2019 | 08:15 Lucy Reynolds said :
    "CARRIE thank you for sharing your insight. I loved reading this. May you have a blessed and Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 "
  • Ruth Logan Herne
    on December 21, 2019 | 08:44 Ruth Logan Hernesaid :
    "Happy Christmas to you, Carrie and to all who've stopped by-- or will stop by!!!-- this snowy WNY Saturday!

    I love this story. This is book-worthy. So beautifully done and yes, of course they'd be scared and disappointed and oh, so many things. But what a beautiful analogy.

    I am so blessed to know you, brat!!!!"
  • AllofakindMom
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:26 AllofakindMomsaid :
    "Carrie, I loved reading your memory...and how you drew so many great life lessons from it, and then compared it to that first Christmas!! Have a wonderful Christmas!
    I’d be delighted to win the giveaway!"
  • Glynis
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:37 Glynissaid :
    "Wow! What a story! It made me try and remember where were living that year, because around that time we were had just moved out of Illinois and were in Mississippi, which is probably why I don't remember that storm. Thank you for sharing not just the story, but the reminder that Christmas is all about rescue. Beautiful."
  • Missy Tippens
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:45 Missy Tippenssaid :
    "Oh, Carrie, what a beautiful post! I'm feel sure I remember that year, because I remember once when the snow piled halfway up over the doors and windows of our house in Kentucky! It was crazy.

    I love how you did the Christmas story reenactment over and over. hahaha Yes, your poor parents. How scary! And bless your dad for making that trek to get food for all of you."
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:49 MeezCarriesaid :
    "thanks for stopping by, dear kaybee! I hope you have a very merry Christmas :)"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:49 MeezCarriesaid :
    "thank you, Lucy! I hope you have the same :)"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:50 MeezCarriesaid :
    "I'm so jealous of your snow, Ruthy! And I'm the blessed one to know YOU & be called a brat by you hahaha! Love ya!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 09:58 MeezCarriesaid :
    "oh thank you, Rosalyn! I hadn't intended all of that when I started writing but it all just came together as I thought about it <3"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 10:01 MeezCarriesaid :
    "You just escaped it with the move south! lol And yes, I love that song so much - This is rescue! Amen & amen!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 10:02 MeezCarriesaid :
    "It really was crazy & it especially would have been that far south in Kentucky!! No wonder you remember it! And my parents are pretty much the best :)"
  • Anonymous
    on December 21, 2019 | 10:11 Anonymoussaid :
    "What an incredible story! You will never forget that. My most memorable Christmas was not a trip but in our own home, My grandfather had just had brain surgery for cancer a week or so before Christmas and had chosen to have surgery a specialty hospital that was much closer to our home than theirs. He got to come home for a couple of days with us and it was special for two reasons: we were home for Christmas (we always went to their house) and my grandfather was still with us. I couldn’t tell you what gifts I had that year, but I had my Papaw at my house.
    perrianne (DOT) askew (AT) me (DOT) com
    Perrianne Askew"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 10:14 MeezCarriesaid :
    "having Papaw at your house is greater than any other gifts you could have received that year :) Thank you for sharing that, Perrianne! What a precious memory!"
  • Jan Drexler
    on December 21, 2019 | 11:59 Jan Drexlersaid :
    "I remember that storm so well, Carrie! We were living in Kalamazoo then, and we were expecting our first baby. My parents had driven from Kansas - where they were living then - to my brother and sister-in-law's house in north-central Indiana, and had planned to be at our place for Christmas. But, you guessed it, hubby and I spent Christmas alone in our apartment while the rest of the family stayed in Indiana. For days! But since we were hosting the get-together, we had plenty of food. I'm not sure what the Indiana folks did.

    A long-standing tradition came out of that experience, though. Every New Year's Eve since then (yes, we moved it a week) we recreate that special Christmas Eve, snowed in for a week or more and enjoying our solitude. :-)

    Thanks for the special memories!

    (By the way, my best friend's baby was born during that storm - the volunteer fire department took her to the hospital on a snowmobile!)"
  • Mary Connealy
    on December 21, 2019 | 12:06 Mary Connealysaid :
    "Carrie this was in TENNESSEE??? Oh wow.
    I remember the winter of 1983-84. I had a baby who was four days old on Thanksgiving. That makes me your PARENTS AGE!!!

    Humble reminder of my OLDNESS.

    But that winter. Not just a storm but the entire winter was brutal in Nebraska. We missed Thanksgiving altogether. It was a decent but bitterly cold day and my family was having Thanksgiving at my sister's house about 90 minute drive away. And My Cowboy absolutely refused to go based on the weather. He could NOT get snowed away from his cows and the forecast looked awful and it was COLD, not a decent day for a long drive with three small children, including a FOUR DAY OLD.
    But I wanted to go so BAD.
    I wanted to show off my baby. Usually I am fine with just hibernating with a baby, but I was almost desperate to show off my baby. And my sister had a one month old and I hadn't met her yet...she lived in Rochester Minnesota at the time and she was bringing her baby home for the first time.

    Well, we did NOT go and the snow started falling and my whole family was trapped for about three days in that house. And it was a good thing we didn't go. What was I even thinking to take a four day old baby out?

    That year we missed Thanksgiving.
    We missed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both snowed out.
    We rescheduled for New Years Day and missed that. All due to weather.

    I at one point almost ran out of food. And I don't mean in a dramatic WE'RE ALL GONNA STARVE! Way. We had meat in the freezer and canned vegetables. But I did NOT go to the grocery store. Instead of figuring out a meal and going shopping, I'd open the cupboards and just decide what could be made with what I had.
    My cupboards were almost bare!

    I had THREE children under five years old, including an infant. And a middle child, 2.5 years old with chronic ear infections...she got tubes in February.

    And I used to think...if I got stuck or my car broke children would die. It was so bitter cold there'd be no walking with three little ones.
    Literally die.
    I just stayed home.

    My cupboards have never been so clean and spacious since.
    And my 4 day old baby is now about 35 and has two little ones of her own, so we all made it through."
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 13:07 MeezCarriesaid :
    "oh wow, Jan!!!!! Baby by snowmobile - incredible!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 21, 2019 | 13:10 MeezCarriesaid :
    "oh my goodness, Mary!! Yep, just treacherously cold. So many people died along the interstate that Christmas because they hadn't stopped, got stuck, and either froze to death in the car or trying to go get help. Isn't that horrible?? I can't imagine... (And we were stuck in Indiana - trying to get to Tennessee but we ended up just going back home to Illinois once the roads opened back up again)"
  • Laurie Wood
    on December 21, 2019 | 13:54 Laurie Woodsaid :
    "This comment has been removed by the author."
  • arletta
    on December 21, 2019 | 14:12 arlettasaid :
    "For some reason, I don't remember the Christmas of 83. Dec 8, 1995 my oldest brother died in a snowmobile accident during a snow storm. My husband and I lived in PA at the time so we flew home on the 9th to be with my family. The funeral was on Dec 13 and Dec 15 we flew back to PA. Our first baby arrived Dec 18. So glad she wasn't born on the plane or in an airport along the way. "
  • Sherida Stewart
    on December 21, 2019 | 14:42 Sherida Stewartsaid :
    "Carrie, what a Christmas memory! I’m sure your parents were worried, but treasured your re-enactment of the First Christmas.

    Our Christmas of 1996 was memorable. So our sons could experience long distance train travel, we booked a ride on Amtrak between Wyoming and Seattle to visit their grandparents. On the trip out, we were delayed by snow storms and the dining car was inoperable. (The train did stopped to pick up meals along the way.) We did arrive in time to spend Christmas Eve with family. Then on the return trip, we were caught between two avalanches in the Columbia River Gorge.....the railroad eventually had us fly home. More excitement than we’d plan, but definitely unforgettable!

    Merry Christmas, Seekerville!"
  • Missy Tippens
    on December 21, 2019 | 18:53 Missy Tippenssaid :
    "Arletta, I'm so sorry for that tragic Christmas. But very glad the baby waited until you got home."
  • Missy Tippens
    on December 21, 2019 | 18:54 Missy Tippenssaid :
    "Sherida that's absolutely crazy! I bet y'all couldn't believe that all happened! haha"
  • Connie Porter Saunders
    on December 21, 2019 | 20:54 Connie Porter Saunderssaid :
    "Hi Carrie, I vividly remember Christmas 1983. We were dairy farmers in Kentucky and those days were extremely hard. My husband put out extra hay in the free stalls to offer them some protection but the wind chill temps left some our cows with frozen udders. Trying to keep our milkers working was another issue and keeping ourselves warm was another. One day the wind chill was -60! Sadly, I don't recall much about our Christmas celebration.
    Merry Christmas Carrie!
  • MJSH
    on December 21, 2019 | 20:57 MJSHsaid :
    "A favorite memory in 2012 when our youngest had just turned one.... the wonder of the Christmas tree and presents under the tree will stay with me for a long time. "
  • Lee-Ann B
    on December 21, 2019 | 22:23 Lee-Ann Bsaid :
    "What a crazy story!
    I have a storm story too, but just not as adventurous. LOL
    I've never been caught in a snowstorm over Christmas, but I do remember the ice storm of 2013 just before Christmas. My husband had been an avid camper before we got married so we had all kinds of camping equipment available to us with plenty of fuel to cook outside (and a generator to run the heat if we needed it). Our twins were toddlers and I dressed them in several layers to stay warm in the house until power was restored. I remember the morning of the 23rd standing on our front porch making coffee over the camping burner and waving to our neighbour across the road cooking bacon and eggs on her BBQ. Fortunately for us, power was restored before the big Christmas festivities began (but many families spent the holiday in warming centres close to our city).
    Merry Christmas Carrie!"
  • Winnie
    on December 22, 2019 | 01:22 Winniesaid :
    "What a memorable Christmas story, Carrie! It makes me thankful for our more predictable weather methods now. Even though our children all live within a couple of hundred miles of us, they all check their phones and computers for the weather outlook to find those pockets of good weather. We have a canyon they usually come through to get to our house, so if it's bad weather, they know to go around the slightly longer way that's a bit safer.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!"
  • LaP
    on December 22, 2019 | 07:36 LaPsaid :
    "Every year my family travels 10 hours to visit the other members of my family. Several years ago we got about 2 hours from their home when we ran into snow and ice. We had to slow to a crawl down the highway. We only went a few more miles when we were stopped and told the highway had been closed. My kids were crying, saying "we're not going to get to Meme's house!" We had to find a hotel, that still had a vacancy, spend the night and try to go the rest of the way the next day. We woke up the next morning with 6 fresh inches of beautiful, white snow. That did help with traction but what should have taken 1 1/4 hours took us 7 more hours. But after taking several detours and helping someone get out of a ditch, we were happy to see family.
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:42 MeezCarriesaid :
    "aww Arletta, I'm sure that was a very tough season! Grieving the loss of your brother gone too young, welcoming your first baby, Christmas... lots of mixed emotions I'm sure."
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:42 MeezCarriesaid :
    "wow!! that's insane, Sherida!!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:42 MeezCarriesaid :
    "you were probably just trying to stay alive & keep your cows alive! wow!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:43 MeezCarriesaid :
    "awww i bet! what a sweet memory!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:43 MeezCarriesaid :
    "hahaha oh no!"
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:44 MeezCarriesaid :
    "yes! being able to check the weather while you're on the road - to get the most up-to-date info is so nice."
  • MeezCarrie
    on December 22, 2019 | 15:44 MeezCarriesaid :
    "oh wow!!! "
  • Debby Giusti
    on December 22, 2019 | 17:04 Debby Giustisaid :
    "Carrie, such a beautiful Christmas reflection. I'm sure your parents were frightened. I would have been. Thank goodness you survived the blizzard! So true about Mary and Joseph and their anxiety about finding lodging with a baby on the way.

    My favorite little prayer: Jesus, I trust in you! Sometimes easier said than done!

    Merry Christmas!"
Advent Day 21 - When Christmas Takes A Snow Day

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