So this Friday we're flippin' the switch.

We want to hear from you.


Are you a writer? Reader? Both?

If you're a reader, what are your faves? 

If you're a writer, what are your questions? Where are you in your writing journey? How can we encourage you?

This is not an easy business.

It's a rare person who makes a livable wage writing. I am blessed to be one of those people, and we have a host of authors here whose experience, wisdom and professionalism show decades of work in the industry.

We've ridden the waves of change... some drowned. Some treaded water. Some left the mainland of writing completely and that's okay.

This job/business/career isn't for everyone.

You need motivation. You need self-discipline. You need time. You need something to pay the bills until writing pays off. Those things can be daunting, right?

But mostly you need the determination to stick it out, to work, edit, work some more, then edit some more. 

But in the end, to quote my buddy Lenora Worth, on the very worst day I have the very best job possible.  And I love it. I love creating stories and story worlds.

So what about you, writers and readers?


Let us know what you like, where you're at, what your dreams and aspirations are... and let's have fun together! We have another package of those awesome cookies for you! 

Leave a comment below and we're putting you into the drawing!