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Seekerville: The Journey Continues

Blue Moon Monday: Add A Scene!


Blue Moon Monday: Add A Scene!

Okay, dear ones, this is a fun writing exercise that gets out brains fired in multiple directions! 

Your task is to read this and then post the next part of the scene!

Have fun! Go anyway you'd like, and give it your best shot.


And happy Monday to all of us!

He lives!!!!

Ninety degrees and humidity at total saturation levels.
The combination didn't just annoy Jayce Montgomery.
It infuriated her.
Not because it turned her nearly black hair into a bush resembling a squirrel's nest, or the fact that science hadn't invented a women's deodorant that actually worked under these conditions.
Jayce could deal with that.
It was the oppressiveness of the combo.
Jayce hated oppression.
Like 'in-your-face' hated it. Nothing mild or tempered in her reaction.
A therapist might have a lot to say about that.
Forget them.
Forget anything that took a deep-dive into hidden meanings behind everything, she decided as she approached the Jackson house. 
She didn't feel for her gun.
That would be amateur hour. It was where she put it, where she always put it, ready to be withdrawn.
She might not need it.
But if she did, she was ready.
Jayce Montgomery was always one-hundred percent ready.
Ready right up until the Jackson house exploded, a fireball rising up as it blossomed out.
Suddenly her hair wasn't humid.
It was singed.
And singed might be even worse than humid.

All right... Go get 'em, friends! We're here for two days so there's no rush. None at all... Just you, us and the keyboard.

Let's do this!

Blue Moon Monday: Add A Scene!

Multi-published and bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne has over seventy published novels and novellas to her credit... She loves God, her family, her country, coffee, chocolate, dogs, some cats, mini donkeys and co-managing the rapidly growing pumpkin farm she runs with Farmer Dave and a wonderful crew of family, friends and volunteers. Fine her on Facebook, pop over to her website and email Ruthy at She'd love to hear from you!

Autumn Musings: What Will Spill Onto Your Page?

Hi, everyone!

We call today a "Blue Moon Monday" - the fifth Monday, when none of the Seekers are scheduled to post! Ruthy often hosts on these "Blue Moon" days, but she's been super busy with her other job.

You DO know Ruthy's family has a pumpkin farm, right? She's been super busy with that for the past couple months!

So today I'm sharing a post I wrote a year ago...and it's just as appropriate this year as it was last year.


What Will Spill Onto Your Page?


Autumn Musings: What Will Spill Onto Your Page?

Hey, y'all. Jan here with a thinking-type post.

(Yes, I can talk Southern. My years in West Texas and in Kentucky taught me how!)

I've been convicted of something lately, and I'd like to share my thoughts with you.

Let's start here - 

Autumn Musings: What Will Spill Onto Your Page?

I'm teaching school-age children at Bible Study Fellowship this year, and we're studying Matthew. The immersion into this study (not only my own study, but in preparing to teach) reminds me that what we put into our hearts is what is going to come out.

In this section of Matthew, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees. You know, those religious leaders who were all about religion...but not so much about God. Like many of us, they thought they knew God. They thought they were obeying God with all their laws to "help" people follow God's Law.

But Jesus had a special name for them: brood of vipers. He uses that term more than once! Like I told the students in my BSF class, that means that He considered them to be a nest of venomous snakes.

I don't know about you, but I don't want the Lord of the Universe to consider me to be no better than a venomous snake.

I don't want my heart to spew out poison - untruths, slander, and even "mistakes" when I'm trying communicate to my readers about Jesus and His world...which covers 100% of what I write about.

But as writers, we are constantly filling our heads and hearts with knowledge - research for our latest novel. Sales statistics. The best price points. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts about writing and marketing.

As we watch the news or read the newspapers, we fill our minds and hearts with the noise of the World.

As we go about our non-writerly lives, we deal with family issues, church issues, and what in the world to fix for dinner.

When our heads and hearts become filled with the things of this world, what will overflow into our writing? 

"For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

What's the answer?

We must balance all of that - over-balance all of that - with God's Word.

Not just reading scripture, but delving deep into it.

Not just reading someone else's teaching on scripture, but studying it for ourselves.

Even if my daily word count suffers...

The time spent in God's Word - just me, my Bible, and the Holy Spirit - is never wasted. That's treasure to fill our hearts.

Autumn Musings: What Will Spill Onto Your Page?

My prayer for all of us is that our heads and our hearts will overflow with Jesus, and that is who our readers will encounter in our books.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


 Darlings!  We do free quick critiques on months that have FIVE MONDAYS, so that's our "Blue Moon Monday"! 

If you're gutsy enough to post a snippet of your work in the comments, we'll be snarky enough to review it and give you advice! 

Okay, we WON'T BE SNARKY.... except maybe me, if there's no chocolate around.... that's yet to be decided.

But we'd love to give you an author's perspective on the writing, timing, draw, etc... does it grab attention? Do you need work on mechanics? (grammar, sentence structure, balance, etc.) General stuff to keep you, the writer/aspiring author moving in the right direction.

Let's do this!

Post up to four paragraphs or so in the comments.... And if you need an "intro" to set the paragraphs, make it minimal.... we should get the feeling for the work from the actual paragraphs, not the explanation.

Be brave! Be bold! You've got this!

I brought coffee, tea and virtual donuts because it's always more fun to work together with food. And maybe some PUMPKIN SPICE stuff to welcome a new month and a whole new season!

We'll pop in as we can... and we hope you dive in! God bless you all!







Hey, if you know the drill, then you're prepared to have some fun today...

If you don't, here's the skinny:

Once in a while we have an Open Critique Day. It's a day for you to share a blurb of your story with us and we will descend en masse and tear it to shreds.

It's what we do.


But we'll do it NICELY, so you have to look beyond the "nice" and get to the nitty gritty of the advice, then pick what you want to use... and scrap the rest.

At least temporarily scrap it, you may find yourself coming right back to that bit of advice in a month or six months on 2021...

And a light bulb clicks on and you say OH MY STARS!!!! (or an equivalent thereof) and all of a sudden you remember that criticism and/or advice and you realize this...


Is what that author meant about organic roots or root canals or dangling modifiers or gerunds (listen, I don't know what half this stuff is, either, it's why I don't read craft books... I just write. And I read. And I copy smart people. Then I write some more.)

But that light bulb moment is huge.

So leave your opening or smidge or tagline below, whatever you'd like us to look at. Keep it to about a page... no whole chapters, please, darlings.

And let's chat how we polish, preen and persevere!


NOTE: The Seekers formed a group fifteen years ago, a group of fifteen authors who devoted themselves to writing and praying each other into publication and the current Seekers want to do the same for you... Publishing can be a rough business, but with love and support we can build one another into the writers we want to be!
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