I remember everything about this series.

I remember when Natasha called me to say two publishers wanted it and did I want to choose.... or did I want it to go to auction if both were willing?

I chose.

I chose Amazon Waterfall Publishing and that's when I got an email from my wonderful editor there, saying my story "Welcome to Wishing Bridge" made her miss the 4th of July fireworks on the Hudson River in Manhattan because she couldn't put it down.

And that's when I knew I'd chosen well.

Amazon was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the editors, to the free-lancers, cover-designers, and then the final read-throughs and thoughts... they were accurate, cheerful, honest, helpful and encouraging.

We got through the first two books before they decided to close that publishing arm. 



That's when an author either sets a series aside and moves on or moves on with the series and goes indie.

That didn't used to be a choice!!!! Now it is, and I was thrilled to present

Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge two years ago... 


I am so excited to bring Rachel's story to you. And we'll follow it with Heather's story in 2022 because I've been playing catch-up... and I'm in full-on Wishing Bridge mode.


Because readers have embraced this town, these stories, the people, the places, the hope and the blessings of friends and neighbors during hard times and how salt-of-the-earth folks are still alive and well in small towns and big cities across this great land!

With almost 800 reviews, book one is rated 4.7 stars... Book two is 4.6 with over 500 reviews and book three is 4.7 stars with nearly 400 reviews.

Wishing Bridge calls to people. It touches their hearts and maybe their souls and I'm delighted to be releasing Rachel's story, a young woman who has suffered at the hands of her family and her harsh church. With the help of friends, Rachel is leaving the North Country to right a heinous wrong. Her twin daughters were given away at birth, without her permission and they just might be living among the Amish of Wishing Bridge.


But Rachel doesn't want the world to know why she's there. Suffice it to say that she's escaping a harsh church.

Understandable, right?

But when she develops feelings for Hale Jackson's friend Eric, another wonderful deputy sheriff, Rachel knows it can go nowhere. He's the law... and she's willing to break the law to get her babies back.

In twelve days the story releases for Kindle.

And the following week for paperback.

It's a story that takes the sadness of oppression and heals wounds with the balm of grace, love, hope and friendship. 

It's a story that shows how one person's kindness can become another person's earthly salvation... and maybe ease a path toward heaven's salvation, too.

It's a story that was inspired by one of those moments where you experience something and you see a book unfold.... I was in the North Country fifteen years ago and we stopped at an Amish stand. The mother wouldn't let her children come to the stand and take care of us. They were shushed and sent back, away from the English customers. And the grim look on the mother's face imprinted itself on my soul.

I knew there were stories there. And so I wrote one. Rachel's. A story of loss and sorrow and hope and dreams and success. A beautiful story that puts blame where it belongs. Not on God... or religion... but the evil of men.

Sex, lust, greed, avarice, power....  Temptations lead us astray.

Twelve days.

I am blessed. So blessed. Blessed to have inherited my mother's talent for writing and the time to make the most of it.


I'm not saying you have to buy this book.

It's okay if you don't.

And it's even okay if you win the $15 Amazon card and spend it on something else.

I'm just glad you stopped by today. Glad to share this excitement and happy news with you and so many others. And glad to be an author in a time where we have so many beautiful and wonderful options open to us.

Could you ever have imagined a time such as this? 

Grab some coffee, bring some tea, or take a Coke from the fridge...

Homemade fudge from our farm is on the counter.

Let's talk the beauty of Wishing Bridge, NY and why this series of books is so loved and widely read.... and I promise, we won't be leaving the good Lord Himself out of the picture! 

Huge thanks to Beth Jamison of Jamison Editing for the editing on this story and the beautiful cover. You rocked it, Beth, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Of course, you probably get that from your sweet Mama. :)



So while we're celebrating this new book release, let's talk about book appeal... what is it about a setting or series that draws you in? What is it that keeps you coming back for more?

Join the conversation and have your name tucked in for a $15 Amazon Gift Card!


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