WE LOVE FALL DECORATIONS.... We focus on harvest, but we've added in some fun Halloween-style things to our hand-crafted decor..... This antique box was from a Clematis Nursery 45 minutes away and when Mandy and I went to sort through these boxes, there was rodent poop... and some kitty smell.... but we found 80 boxes that will work for fun projects. We saved 80 from a landfill and look what Mandy did with them! A power washer is a wonderful thing! :)

Halloween In Christian Fiction

In the interest of full disclosure, my kids went trick-or-treating every single year and we had a ball... so there's that!


Why wouldn't we chase down the rainy, dark country road and laugh with neighbors, gather treats, and come home to sort the bounty. Very pirate-friendly and no one walked a plank. 

I've never taken the history of Halloween into consideration. To me it's a fun night of pretend, dressing up, finding old capes and sheets and make-up and letting the kids have fun.

And I never tricked anyone, LOL! Ever.... I was in it for the treats. Totally.

But you don't see Halloween in Christian fiction. You see it in inspirational movies, but not books, and that's an interesting divide possibly driven by shelf-space, reader reaction. If Christian readers don't like or participate in Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, neighborhood stuff, etc. why would a publisher risk offending them? For a while, authors were rarely allowed to let people dance in their stories... so if you couldn't dance, dressing up as a ghost was clearly verboten!  Cate Nolan shared some "Fall in Brooklyn" images she featured on a blog a few years ago, so I'm sprinkling them in here.

Halloween In Christian Fiction

One of these days I'm going to write a book with some fantasy attached just because it's fun. Not because I don't love God. I do. But I do like a vivid imagination, too. So there's the rub.... 

Halloween In Christian Fiction

So what about you? 

How do you feel about this as a reader or writer? And as an author, we do need to follow our publishers' rules... they pay us to follow their rules and I'm okay with that so my fall books focus on harvest, on gleaning, on gathering, on thankfulness. And that's an easy segue to gratitude. That's how we run our amazingly growing-by-leaps-and-bounds pumpkin farm, too. We start September 1st with a celebration of harvest, of color, of wonder... but we have fairies and gnomes and make-believe ideas ALL OVER THE PLACE because I love a vivid imagination! 

Halloween In Christian Fiction

I haven't personally had a hard time glossing over Halloween in my work... because to me the beauty of harvest (especially here in Northeast Woodlands, so many colors) is the glory of fall color!

So tell us what you think!

I brought hot cider and cold cider and fresh cider fried cakes.

And apple fritters!


Halloween In Christian Fiction

Multi-published, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne loves running her own businesses and bossing people around. (Put on your shocked face!!!) and while her pumpkin farm keeps her spinning plates 5 months of the year, her first love (after Jesus and family) is writing stories!  And this new one is on sale nationwide right now, at Walmarts and select grocery stores... and I'm going to give one copy away today to some wonderful commenter!  Or grab it from the AMAZON LINK HERE! 

Halloween In Christian Fiction