Oh, those words.

They resonate.

They call out!

They command, they direct, they compel us to move forward, to think, to pray, to ready ourselves for what is to come, and why was John the Baptizer moving out in front of his beloved cousin Jesus... risking death and scorn and humiliation... by heralding Christ's coming?

Because he believed.

He knew.

He understood that what was coming after him... Who was coming after him... was a gift so great, so big and bold and beautiful that despite the normalcy of Christ's looks (remember he was of no special bearing...) He held redemption in His holy hands.

He held Scripture in his mind and His Father's love in his heart.

He risked it all to be the Christ. The Anointed One. The Alpha and the Omega.

Prepare Ye the Way!

We are guilty of taking so much for granted today and I think that shows in the outpouring of love for The Chosen because it's not embellished in ways to make things look better or worse than what they were. We see the humanity and frailty and weariness of the people... and we feel their joy when Jesus teaches, when He comes among them. His very presence heals and helps! Hooray for that!

So this week, this Holy Week, the Seekers wish you all the beauty and love and hope of a week fraught with emotion, filled with anguish and ending in tears of joy... because He is Risen!

He is risen, indeed! 

So we enter Holy Week knowing our King is at hand... and remembering what He did to achieve our grace and ascend to His kingdom.

Thank you, sweet Jesus! 

Prepare Ye the Way!