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Seekerville: The Journey Continues

Love is In the Air - Seekerville Style

Love is In the Air - Seekerville Style

Yes, Valentine's Day is almost here, so we Seekers thought we'd take a day to talk about love and romance. I mean, we're all either romance readers and/or writers, so it only makes sense, right?

Love and romance have been around since the beginning of time. Adam and Eve were the first hero and heroine on the scene. Song of Solomon could give one the vapors. And while the perception of love has been distorted over time, we want to celebrate it in its purest form, the way God created it. The sweetness, the silliness, the kind of love that endures through the tough times.

Here are some of the Seekers favorite romantic moments:

Erica Vetsch - My husband took me out to celebrate me signing my first book contract, and he said, "I knew it was a matter of when, not if, you would succeed." That blew me away that he would have that much confidence in me, especially when self-confidence isn't one of my strengths! I love that man!

Mindy Obenhaus - On our childrens' birthdays, my husband always brings me a dozen roses. He says it's because I did all the work and without me, they wouldn't be here. Makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Ruth Logan Herne - Jimmy had developed Alzheimer's in his late sixties. By his late seventies he no longer remembered his wife or his kids or where he was. Every day was a surprise of introductions.  "Good morning, Jimmy." Gina was always in the kitchen first. Lights on. Coffee made. "You ready for toast and coffee?"

"Don't mind if I do," he'd say and sit himself down at the table. "Who are you again?"


"Gina." He nodded as if that was the first time he'd heard the name. "Well thanks for coming by to help an old fella. You got a boyfriend, Gina?"

She'd smile, even though she'd answered this question many times before. "A husband. I married that boyfriend of mine a long time back."

He'd drink some coffee. Have some toast. And then he'd look her way. "If I were twenty years younger and you weren't married, I'd be askin' you out myself. I used to be married, too, you know."

She'd take a breath and swallow hard. 

"Folks say she was nice. And pretty. And she loved me a lot."

"I'm sure she did. Do you remember her at all?"

He'd shake his head. "I don't, no. But if she was anything like you, I must have been a very happy man."

Gina used to tell him who she was, try to jar his memory, but she'd stopped doing that a long time ago. Now she'd just smile and pat his shoulder. "I expect you were, Jimmy. I expect you were."

Jimmy died less than two years later, and he never stopped appreciating that kind woman who made his coffee and toast every morning and his supper at night. 

The woman he'd married fifty-one years before.

Jan Drexler The most romantic date I've ever heard of was one of the first dates of a young couple I know. They live in the Black Hills, and both enjoy hiking. For this date they decided to hike one of the most scenic trails that ended at an overlook. When they reached the overlook, the young suitor looked around and said, "This looks like a great place for a picnic." The young lady said, "Yeah, we should plan to do that sometime."

Then he opened his backpack and spread-out lunch for them both - all planned as a surprise for her.

That's when she knew that he was the one. They were married less than a year later. :-) 

Cate Nolan - I have two contrasting ones. One sweet and one funny.

Many years ago, when I had two babies under two, my husband came home with a huge bouquet of roses to celebrate me finishing my book and submitting it to the Golden Heart contest. He also drove me to the huge post office in midtown Manhattan that was open until midnight (with babies in their carseats) so that I could get all the copies mailed in by the deadline. That book was a GH finalist. :)

Funny - For Mother's Day he bought me purple statice (you know? the weeds!)  He knew I liked lilacs, but he couldn't remember what flower - just that they were purple. So, he came home with the statice. We never let him live that down and I always got lilacs after that. My daughter bought them for me after he passed away.

Now we'd like to hear some of your favorite romantic moments, real or fictional, for a chance to win a $22 Amazon gift card. And be sure to keep it clean. 

Remembering Vince Mooney... with love

Remembering Vince Mooney... with love

BACKSTORY: Sixteen years ago a group of fifteen contest-winning unpublished Christian/Inspirational authors formed a group with one sole goal: To pray one another into publication by a royalty-paying publisher.

Their dreams came true when Pam Hillman was offered her Tyndale contracts. YAY! WE DID IT!

Back in 2007 that original group of 15 started a writers' blog and called it "Seekerville". The goal was to encourage and help aspiring authors, meet readers and build a platform for book launches. The blog-- this blog!-- was successful on all three. Blessed by the work of many and the faith of all, Seekerville was born and achieved the coveted "Top 101 Writing Blogs" multiple years in a row. 

A lot has changed! 

Many of the original Seekers have retired or gone their own way. Life happens.

New bloggers were welcomed on-board and we forge on, loving books, writing, readers and the chance to connect with both through this blog. Vince was right there, encouraging us to keep on keepin' on as seen in this "Changing of the Guard" post nearly five years ago:

From the beginning, or nearly the beginning, Vince Mooney Jr. has been a constant. He's encouraged, laughed, lamented, learned and taught with his wisdom, a wisdom gained through life, love and liberty. A well-read man of faith, a veteran, a sage, philosopher and successful businessman, Vince's comments were often a blog in themselves and he's never been afraid to argue or back up his points.

We've loved him for years. He and his wife Linda have welcomed Seekers with open arms when we've visited Oklahoma. His Amazon reviews are amazing, but then he is amazing so that's no surprise. 

Vince's "Philosophy of Romance" blog offered advice, wisdom and kudos to various authors. I was blessed to be one of those authors. I was blessed to know Vince, to win his love and support, to spar with him, laugh with him, and if we lived closer, I'd have had coffee with him on a regular basis. Yeah. He's that smart. :)

Vince has entered what he predicts to be a short-term hospice. Today's post is to thank him for his love, his words, his wisdom, his constancy, his support and that beautiful faith that has sustained him. Vince, my friend... from me personally... I don't have the right words to tell you how much your love, support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my work has meant to me. I am so glad to have known you for so long... what a blessing to me! And I have never forgotten your reaction to my debut novel... and my gratitude for your belief in me.

Go with God, my friend. I'll miss you. We all will. But that's the way of life, isn't it?

Until we meet again...


Remembering Vince Mooney... with love

 Dear Vince,


Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years. One of my biggest thrills was having THE OFFICER’S SECRET selected as the Philosophy of Romance Inspirational Suspense Book of the Year! You've always been so willing to affirm my writing, and your positive comments have meant so much to me. I still remember your praise for my novella, YULE DIE. Your kind words continue to buoy me, especially when I'm struggling to create a new story and feeling at low ebb. You’re a great cheerleader, Vince, which is what every writer needs.


Thanks, too, for being a loyal Seekervillager. Your posts always provided food for thought and lots of sound advice. You’re a Renaissance Man, dear Vince, and certainly one of a kind. You’ve enhanced my life in so many special ways.


May God bless you. I know the Lord’s holding you in the palm of His hand, and in His perfect time, will call you home to Eternal Glory. Prayers for the journey, dear friend, and God speed!


With love, prayers and gratitude,

Debby Giusti

Remembering Vince Mooney... with love

Dear Vince,

I want you to know that you always have been, and always will be, one of my favorite people, not only in Seekerville, but in the world. So much so that, as you know, I named a character after you in one of my books and then dedicated another to you as well – A Wing and a Prayer – because YOU were the creative force behind this story, my friend. As I said in that dedication, you never cease to amaze (and bless) me with your incredibly brilliant and fertile mind, and I will be forever grateful for both your creative input and your precious friendship. God bless and keep you always. 



From Myra Johnson:

Vince, I will always remember my delight in meeting you in person when you came to one of my very first book signings. Remember Steve’s Sundry in Tulsa? What a special day! You have been such a staunch encourager and advocate for authors of romantic Christian fiction. I treasure your insightful reviews, and I’m honored to know you, truly a man of integrity and deep faith. Praying God’s comfort and strength upon you and your dear wife, now and always.

From Janet Dean...

I treasure knowing Vince Mooney, both as a reviewer of my books and as a vital, faithful member of the community of Seekerville. Vince is a man of faith, well-read, intelligent, and generous with this time and yes, with his opinions. His views might sometimes differ from mine but his points always made me think. His reviews brought depth and meaning to romance books that rightly elevated our genre and encouraged us writers. When I was struggling with getting words on the page, I’d sometimes reread a couple of his reviews and receive a boost to keep on keeping on. When I was active in Seekerville, I appreciated his male point of view and could count on him to show up each day with fresh perspectives and occasionally controversy that made our exchanges interesting. I think of Vince as a true Renaissance man.


God bless you, Vince, on your journey home. My love goes with you.

Janet Dean 

From Mary Connealy:

I had the pleasure of meeting Vince once, and his wife Linda. 

I did a book signing in Tulsa Oklahoma with Ruth Logan Herne and Tina Radcliff, inspired by Tina having lived in Tulsa at one time and setting her book there. 

Vince came to our signing and made us feel welcome in everyway. We visited the Will Rogers Museum with him and shared a meal. I learned so much about Will Rogers from the museum and also from our trusty tour guide Vince. 

Now when I think of Will Rogers, which I do frequently because he’s such a great humorist and cowboy, and his trick roping is fascinating, I think of Vince and what a fan he was of Rogers and how he compared me and my romantic comedy with cowboys to Will Rogers. I consider that a great honor. Vince Yates, the hero of Stuck Together, book #3 of the Trouble in Texas series, is named for Vince.

Vince had been a faithful follower of Seekerville for years and with his marketing background, has always been full of advice that’s different that what we usually get from people more centered on writing. He’s a friend and an encourager and a man of faith. Thank you, Vince. 

Remembering Vince Mooney... with love

From Sandra Leesmith:

Dear Vince, 

What a blessing you have been to all of us in Seekerville.  And you have always been a blessing to me as a writer.  You have an uncanny/godly gift of always saying the right thing at the right time. Your words to me were always right on time.  I always thank God for that my dear friend.  You probably have no idea how much your words touched my heart just when I needed them the most.  I always felt so honored that you enjoyed my books.  And I treasured your reviews.  Thank you dear friend.  Know you will always have a special place in my heart. Love and hugs, 


And so it is that as we pass through life we touch people's lives in so many ways. Their hopes, their dreams, their thoughts, their beginnings and sometimes their ends.

Vince, I hope you see this. I hope you know how much you are loved and respected by so many. And we all hope that when we reconnect in God's heavenly kingdom, we can raise a cup to your health, hope and happiness. All things you shared with us.

"May the Lord bless and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you peace."


Love is In the Air - Seekerville StyleRemembering Vince Mooney... with love

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