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Seekerville: The Journey Continues

Special Guest Renee Ryan


Special Guest Renee Ryan
Thank you, Winnie, for inviting me to join you and your fellow authors at Seekerville. I always enjoy spending time with readers and the incredibly talented women who inspire me daily.

 I’m especially excited to talk about for upcoming release, a Love Inspired short contemporary romance coming out next month. I wrote The Sheriff’s Promise during the first six weeks of COVID quarantine. It was a wild ride. A story that began as a huge stressor due to its extremely tight deadline turned into a wonderful distraction during some very dark days. To be honest, there is no way I wrote this one on my own. God’s Hand was on this book from the first word I typed to the final sentence.

When I started writing the story, I tried to think of all the things I loved most. I adore animals. They have a way of softening hearts and teaching us unconditional love. I’ve learned a lot about God’s unmatchable grace from my pets. For that reason, and many others, I never grow tired of adding four-legged, furry characters to my books, often in the form of dogs and puppies.

Special Guest Renee Ryan

It wasn’t until a sassy alpaca sashayed onto the page (and past my hero’s office window) that I found myself writing entire scenes with an animal actually stealing the show. As creative as Prissy was at finding ways out of her pen, she was even better at wrestling the spotlight from the other characters. I truly fell in love with her. She is one of my favorite secondary characters. I mean, look at that sweet perma-grin.

I’m also a fan of home renovation shows. There’s something about watching an ordinary room transform into a spectacular space that makes me feel both happy and creatively inspired. How easy it would have been to give my heroine the same passion. But, wait. Just like her alpaca, Remy proved difficult. The veterinarian had little interest in remodeling her home, discussing backsplashes or looking at paint swatches. My hero’s nephew, Samson, came through for me. The little boy couldn’t stop redesigning his dream daycare. Well, when he wasn’t playing with puppies or riding his bike. Kid after my own heart.


Want to know more about The Sheriff’s Promise? Here’s the blurb: 

Special Guest Renee Ryan

He’s looking for help. And she has the perfect arrangement… 

Overworked and overwhelmed, all Sheriff Wyatt Holcomb wants is to be the best guardian to his seven-year-old nephew—and dealing with a runaway alpaca and the animal’s frustrating owner isn’t helping. 

Then veterinarian Remy Evans offers a solution for them both. She’ll watch his rambunctious nephew, Samson, this summer if he’ll fast-track her permit application for a petting zoo. But this temporary solution might just be their chance at forever…


I also love giving away free books. Let’s talk favorite things. I love puppies, alpacas and renovation shows. What’s guaranteed to make you smile? Leave a comment with your answer and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a print copy of The Sheriff’s Promise. 

While you’re online, feel free to stop by my website You can also contact me by email at or visit me on my Renee Ryan Facebook page.

Special Guest Renee Ryan

Two-time winner of the published Daphne Award for her WWII romantic thrillers, Renee Ryan grew up in a Florida beach town. She received an undergraduate degree in Economics and continued her education on the graduate level at Florida State University, focusing on Religious Studies. She went on to teach high school AP Economics, Political Science, and Latin. 

Renee left teaching to pursue her dream of writing romance fiction. She sold her first book to Dorchester Publishing by winning the inaugural New Historical Voice Contest. She’s since written for several publishers in several sub-genres, including historical fiction, historical romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and a fat cat many have mistaken for a small bear.

A Lesson Learned by Renee Ryan

A Lesson Learned by Renee Ryan

Thank you, Winnie, for inviting me to blog with you today. I always love visiting Seekerville. What a joy to hang out with so many friends, old and new. 

Throughout my career, I’ve written books for the Christian market for several publishers. I adore weaving my faith into my stories. Surprise Christmas Family marks my twentieth book with Harlequin Love Inspired. I had as much fun writing this one as I did my first book. Both stories are set in Colorado. They also carry the similar themes of non-traditional families finding happiness together, and precious little girls wanting a daddy of their very own. 

My father will turn 98 next month. The older he gets the more he wants to talk about the past. I love listening to his stories. Many of his favorite memories are also mine. One in particular happened when I was the same age as the twins in Surprise Christmas Family. Unlike Harper and Kennedy, I grew up in Florida and so, even in December, I was a proud member of the local swim team. At five, my twin sister and I competed in the 6-and-under category. She was the real swimmer. I had yet to finish a race or make it through a single practice. And yet, I was convinced I was a good swimmer, certainly equal to my sister in skill and endurance. 

I was, of course, wrong. My sister, showing off her considerable talent at a family Christmas party, swam from one end of the pool to the other (a distance just shy of 25-yards). Not to be outdone, I wanted a try as well. My father was not as enthusiastic as I was. He actually attempted to talk me out of this terrible idea. I was having none of it. If my sister could do it, so could I. When he wouldn’t relent, I resorted to little-girl tears, foot stomps and bottom-lip pouts.

He let me give it a try. As I slid into the water, the other wall suddenly looked very far away. Worried I might not make the crossing, I chose the dogpaddle in hopes of conserving my energy. Halfway to my destination, panic set in. “I can’t do it, Daddy,” I wailed. “I can’t do it!!!” 

I was going under, fast.

A heartbeat later…SPLASH. My father’s strong arms scooped me out of the water and set me on the pool deck. When he climbed out after me, I realized he’d jumped in fully clothed; fancy business suit, leather shoes, expensive watch, and all. Ashamed, I started to cry. He simply pulled me into his arms and told me he was proud of me for trying. 

Ever since that fateful day, I’ve always known my daddy would jump in the water to save me. I was fortunate to have an earthly father who demonstrated this kind of unconditional love. His example taught me how to trust in my Heavenly Father and to know that the Lord will always be there to save me. Is it any wonder I gave Harper and Kennedy not just one father figure, but an entire clan of uncles, and that all five men would jump in the water, fully clothed, to save them?


What about you? Any great memories about your father? Or husband? Brother or uncle or special teacher? Maybe a coach? Did any of these relationships teach you about your Heavenly Father? 

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of five copies of Surprise Christmas Family.

A Lesson Learned by Renee Ryan


A Lesson Learned by Renee Ryan

Can a very merry mistake lead to a perfect holiday?

He isn’t the man she’s searching for…
  but he could be the one she needs.

Hope Jeffries is determined to gain full custody of her twin nieces from their absentee dad. But when she finally confronts Dr. Walker Evans, Hope discovers she has the wrong man—this handsome Colorado widower is the girls’ uncle! 

While Hope and Walker try to locate his brother, can they also give their nieces a perfect family Christmas?

Special Guest Renee RyanA Lesson Learned by Renee Ryan

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