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Seekerville: The Journey Continues

Slipping Into Christmas Mode

 Good morning, all! Ruthy here, and it's been a crazy couple of months around the farm, around life, around everything but in the middle of all that have been one book completed, one book half done, a new kitchen, a really cute teenager on hand to help with this, that and the other thing, a blood donation, two puppies (now at their new homes) and a lovely winter of track-and-field events, basketball games and grandkids.

So once I finished my mystery, I dove right back into a Christmas story coming out late September. This story, "Rekindling Christmas in Wishing Bridge" is a beautiful tale of a returning hero... he thinks he's a prodigal.

He's anything but.

Slipping Into Christmas Mode

He's a man anyone would be proud to call son, brother, husband, father, etc. but it doesn't matter that others see Luke that way.

He doesn't see himself that way and that makes all the difference.

I'm delighted to be back in this book, I love working on it, but I must admit that working and keeping my head on straight between puppies, A Certain Farmer and the massive kitchen remodel (all of which meant folks kept interrupting me... for good reason... but still... interrupting me.) tested me! EEK!

But I've emerged unscathed (pretty much) and ready to tackle a heartfelt Christmas story with spring birds finally singing outside my window. Yay, Spring!!!

Slipping Into Christmas Mode

So to get my head into Christmas mode I play some sweet Christmas hymns... I look at pictures of the Journey to Bethlehem that Mandy, Beth and I took in Walnut Creek, Ohio, an amazing experience that inspired me doing a similar thing in this Wishing Bridge book... and I think of that baby, that child, born to the poor.

It's a beautiful thing and it's just enough to get me in the mindset I need to have to do this story justice.

Part of being able to write a story that grabs the heart and soothes the soul is being able to make it seem organic to the setting, the time, the people, places, things, moods, emotions... and that's just how I'm feeling with this story.

Of course, if we're doing the job right, we should be feeling that way with every story, right???

Oh mylanta... and I'm behind in my mailing, so my goal is to get prizes in the mail this week and keep working on this story so that I can sail into farm season with both feet firmly planted on the ground, ready to tend pumpkins and mums... and kiss cute little faces! 

Slipping Into Christmas Mode

No book covers I can share yet, but I have a BEEYOOOTIFUL story coming out from Guideposts in three months, then Wishing Bridge, then Guideposts again, so I'm hoping we'll have some fun reading times together very soon. 

As for today?

I'm playing "Breath of Heaven" and loving it! 

Slipping Into Christmas Mode

Inspirational bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne has over seventy published novels and novellas and is so grateful to God for this amazing opportunity to let her talents shine and her words soothe. She's got a whole lot of kids and grandkids, some dogs, cats, miniature donkeys and lots of bugs on her popular pumpkin farm in Western New York. You can friend Ruthy on Facebook, email her at or visit her website She'd love to hear from you! 

Winter's Quiet is Author's Gift

 The title says it all.

Winter's Quiet is Author's Gift

I own/manage a farm with my husband, kids, friends, and assorted animals.

It is wonderful, it is growing by leaps and bounds, people come here and for nine weeks, they have So Much Fun!!!!  And that fun-filled, squash-filled, pumpkin-bedazzled nine weeks takes five months to produce.... so for seven months of the year I write in the wee smalls and do farm related activities all day.

With a whole lot of other folks around, because otherwise it wouldn't all get done.

But when winter comes along, even gray, dismal, wet, rainy winters like this one has been so far (with the exception of a KILLER STORM that swept through Christmas week, what a monster!!!) I get more time to write.

That's a total blessing. Those five months from December through April are my breathe-easy months because even with holidays and holy days, and sports for kids, and unexpected adventures, I get more writing time. This year the goal is to finish my current mystery (1/3 done, expected to finish by Valentine's Day) and Kindling Christmas in Wishing Bridge (expected to finish by April 30th).... 

And then I move on to next mystery and an indie mystery series that I'm working on (first book nearly complete).

I write daily but I plan in two-year increments. I do this because it keeps my head in the game. I do it because I can see actual progress day-to-day and that's important to me. My goal has always been to put family and faith first, and I do that by making sure there's no guilt... my writing is done in my time, my days are open-ended enough to keep family and friends and farm in reach. 

So my two-year goal right now is to finish at least four books in 2023, then four more in 2024. I have two nearly done... so that's very reachable. And if I end up with more time, there's a project waiting for me to have an opening, but it will have to wait because the first four/year take priority.

Four books/year keeps me earning a living I can live on.

Those four books keep wheels turning in multiple directions, but all moving forward.

And if the world stopped paying me to write books today... if it all dried up... If the entire industry collapsed, I'd still write because I waited nearly fifty years to be able to live my dream and it's not something I'd give up easily. Especially when aging can have deleterious effects on health, mobility, cognitive awareness. 

I love writing stories! 

But while some may look at my life and see chaos (or the generous ones call it organized chaos) I see Carpe Diem at work: Seize the day! Make it yours and God's and share what you can.

Folks ask me if I sleep in on weekends.

No. Never. Because the body is a habitual thing, and sleeping in could make it feel like it's deprived the other five days... besides, there are SO MANY PEOPLE in my life that if I sleep in, I'm unprepared for the onslaught. Or (maybe...) it's that I'm a morning person just like some o' youse are night owls... and we learn to budget our personal biological clocks to fit our jobs, our work, our ethics.

I am having the time of my life.

I am living two dreams, the writing and the farm and am so blessed by all the people around me. 

And as I write this, we are nearly complete with demolishing three rooms to make them into one big, open, friendly farm kitchen.... the old kitchen, the powder room and the pantry are all merging into a new big room after thirty-four years of not being able to fit our family around the kitchen table.... we will finally have a big table in the kitchen, LOL! The irony is that our family has more than tripled in size, so we still won't be able to fit around the table, but we can fit more of us, and that's awesome! 

Winter's Quiet is Author's Gift

Hey, throw your hat in the ring for a free copy of my newest mystery "Love's a Mystery in Cut and Shoot Texas", a wonderful story about the best Christmas blessing of all: A baby! 

Winter's Quiet is Author's Gift

Inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne has sold millions of copies of books, has had millions of pages read on Kindle Unlimited (that's a whole new category of success, isn't it???) and loves her opportunities, truly gifts from God! She's in love with her crazy family, her faith, and is living the dreams she wanted for decades, and is super-convinced that when you slow down, you die... so she never slows down. :) Write her at, visit her website or friend her on Facebook. She'd love to hear from you! And if you're a writer: Keep writing! And if you're a reader: Thank you so much! You're the reason we're here... you bless us, every day! 

Advent in Seekerville!

 O come, o come Emmanuel!

During this wonderful, marvelous season of waiting and anticipation of Christ's birthday, the Seekers are sharing some of our favorite recipes, thoughts, hymns and songs and traditions as we move through the beauty of a waitful Advent.... and a glorious morning to rejoice in Christ's birth. Emmanuel! God with us! 

I have so many favorite Christmas hymns and songs. 

This compilation/mix is a huge Ruthy favorite: 

And when it comes to recipes for holiday get togethers, there are so many! I'm going to give you this one today, Clams Casino Dip, a recipe that we used at parties about forty years ago and I pulled out of the old recipe box to revive it for this holiday season. It was time to change things up a bit, you know?

And there is a NEW RUTHY BOOK that had hit the shelves, a Christmas mystery from Guideposts! 

                                   "Love's a Mystery in Cut and Shoot, Texas"! 

In true Ruthy-style, this wonderful story kind of grabs your heart from the get-go and doesn't let go.

She can't get over the guilt of a tragic accident and he can't get over the fact that he can't fix it, and if you know anything about cowboys, they like to fix things.... But when a tiny baby gets delivered by a suspicious old man, that sure as shootin' gives him something to fix. Starting with non-stop diapers and a hungry baby girl....

Who was the old man?

And why is baby Libby here, at the ranch?

There's one thing he does know... 

He can't do this alone and who better to call on for help than his beloved, estranged wife?

You'll laugh, you'll sigh, you might shed a tear or two, but in the end... you're going to love, love, love this story. 

Bestselling, award-winning author Ruth Logan Herne is so excited to be doing exactly what she always dreamed of doing: Writing great books with unforgettable characters that make you smile, sigh and sometimes even cry... because that's kind of life, right? Sending blessings to all of you and I'm so happy to hear from folks! Send me an email at, visit my website or hang out with me on Facebook. 

Sinking into Wishing Bridge

 My buddy Vince Mooney labeled my writing as "Romance Realism" and I loved him for it.

He was right. Besides being a good friend and ardent reader, Vince had a way of sensing what an author was all about, where we were going and he often told me that he kept a box of tissues at hand when he read one of my books for the first time. Not because he always cried...

But he knew there would be opportunity to weep and he wanted to be ready.

He was a good man and a good friend.

He would love "Reclaiming Hope in Wishing Bridge"

Sinking into Wishing Bridge

He would love it for the same reasons he loved my first contracted book "Winter's End".  Because it's real... and because between me and God we waited just the right length of time for me to tell the story.

Ideas come and go in this biz. 

I keep them in my head. Sometimes for years. I keep them in my head until I know that the time has come and then the story spills out from multiple thoughts/sources/perspectives. The first grain for this set-up was a very thinly done book I read years ago about a dreadful storm.

I wasn't impressed because the human cost of the storm was minimized.

Human cost should always be handled with grace but it should never be minimized. 

So that was the first nudge. Nudge #2 came with the growing chronic problems in American schools.

A few are good.

Most are below par. They shade it so you don't see it unless you delve into national statistics, but it's there. It's simply not discussed.

Some are dreadful.

So in my head I wondered why? Why are people putting up with that? Why do we suddenly think that okay is good enough????

And the third thing was that I'm surrounded by young families and their friends and friends of friends.

Divorce... death... remarriage. Step-parents. Some good. Some awful.

So as I was putting together Heather's profile in my head, I knew she was displaced as a child. Put aside, a beautiful little girl, because her daddy remarried a woman whose neurosis blossomed when her own child was born.

One blonde.

One dark.

One petite.

One bigger. Stronger. More robust.

One fragile as a baby.

The other was never fragile. She was big, strong and smart with big brown eyes and gloriously thick brown hair.

And because she wasn't "her" child, because she was bigger, stronger, more robust, she was set aside in favor of the woman's own child. Her flesh. Her blood. Her single opus of achievement while Heather grew up in a shadow of loss and self-reliance.

Sinking into Wishing Bridge

It's hard when a parent chooses love or sex or marriage over a child's needs. It's a heinous blow to the child's self-esteem, but I didn't want Heather to ever be a victim... she was an overcomer and that became her strength and also her weakness.

And that's what makes this story "romance realism" because we're all a blend of the pros and cons that help shape us but we're also an amazing compilation of genetics that give us strength and talent and focus... so using those combinations, I was able to draw Heather Johnstone the way I wanted to.

Strong. Resilient. Focused. And tough but with such a love for children, for her students that you know she took those early rejections and turned them into something wonderful. 

Some stories come to me overnight.

Some stories are years in the making.

Both are wonderful ways of doing this thing I love... this thing called writing. Storytelling. 

Authors are blessed to live in a "best of both worlds" environment right now. We have traditional publishing and indie publishing and there is a lot to be said for both sides of the aisle but for this story I was glad to be on the independent side of the fence because human tragedy does happen.

It's how the survivors, those remaining handle it that helps shape the future.

And that's a story worth telling.

Leave a comment below to open the conversation... about school, about books, about romance, about writing... Ruthy has a copy of this newest 5 Star book to be given away to one lucky commenter... and she's so glad to be here with you today! 

Sinking into Wishing Bridge

USA TODAY Bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne has over 70 novels and novellas to her credit including over thirty Love Inspired books, dozens of independent works and a body of work with Harper Collins, Penguin Random House (Multnomah), Guideposts and several others. She is living her dream as she manages a very busy and crazy fun pumpkin farm in Western New York with her husband Dave and a slew of family and friends to keep things going. You can friend her on Facebook, check out her website and email her at where she does, in fact, personally answer emails. 

Feeling So Blessed!


Feeling So Blessed!

Yes, I'm late getting my post up.

Yes... I knew it was my Wednesday!!!

And with all the good intentions of a strong Christian woman, I intended to have this all done last Friday.

And then life happened and the post didn't happen and it's pumpkin season here on the farm and I might be stretched in a few directions.


Oh my stars, there could be worse things!

Feeling So Blessed!

DRAGON LAIRS!!!!! Dragons were invited to live at the farm to help protect the fairies (because they're quite small, you know) and there are seven new dragon lairs tucked here and there.... because dragons, while misunderstood, are a cool thing to have on a pumpkin farm!

Feeling So Blessed!

Feeling So Blessed!

Worse things than having two lovely careers, writer and farmer. 

Worse things than being surrounded by grandkids and customers and joy.

Worse things than dusty shelves and dustier floors.

In Ruthy world, busy is vital.

In Ruthy world, if you've got time to rest you've got time to write, get ice cream, walk, make something, bake something... notice that cleaning didn't make that list, LOL!

I love being busy. (I also love the peace of winter, of being able to write several times/day, of being a little quieter because I know the season of busy looms again... happily.)

I've finished two Guideposts novella romantic mysteries, one full-length Guideposts mystery and a new 80,000 word Wishing Bridge book this year, and plan to finish a mystery before year's end.

So that's exciting! 

And we have more gorgeous pumpkins and mums than ever....

Also exciting.

So forgive me for being late! Forgive me for waxing on.... And I still have to mail books from August. That's my bad... but I am so blessed to be healthy, busy, focused (again, cleaning doesn't seem to rank high on the focus-meter)... :)

So while this post isn't filled with great writing substance, it is filled with love... for you, for life, for God, for all the blessings that are showered on us every day, even in these trying times of mega-inflation and division...  The blessings of another day, a new day. Of faith, family and friends. Of food on the table and a faucet that brings us clean, fresh water, 24/7/365.... The blessings of plumbing and electricity, of Internet and Abbott's Frozen Custard. :)

Sending you hugs and blessings on this mid-September day! God bless you!

Feeling So Blessed!

Multi-published, bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is busily arranging orange, yellow, white, green, striped, beige, caramel-toned, speckled, red, ivory, cream, blue, silver, gray, pink, coral, dappled and yes... even other pumpkins!!! She is co-owner of a pumpkin farm in Western New York and the author of over 70 novels and novellas. Ruthy loves God (cool dude alert!), her family, her country and kind of bleeds red, white and blue while loving on dogs and miniature donkeys. She loves to hear from folks... you can email Ruthy at or stop by Facebook (if she's not in Facebook jail) and chat it up with her or visit her website




Ruthy here!

I am so excited to see this wonderful series hit the shelves of!

"Love's a Mystery" is a great new concept for Guideposts, a wonderful coupling of TWO novellas in one book... a historical romantic mystery and a contemporary romantic mystery, written by two separate authors.


Gabrielle Meyer did the historical on this one... I did the contemporary, and it was wonderful to spend a couple of days in Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown, renamed after a huge manufacturing shutdown by General Motors left the town reeling and virtually unemployed).

But the town hit the Reset button, changed its name to reflect Washington Irving's amazingly successful story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and now the town is a tourist mecca of history, great sites, wonderful foods, bakeries, kitchens, great churches, and black-and-orange street signs. :) 

And now the book is out... A wonderful romance that sizzles in the midst of an autumn mystery and no one in Sleepy Hollow has time to mess around in October! :) 

From Guideposts, Inc.: 

When a strange man claiming to be the brother of Ichabod Crane accuses Brom Van Brundt of murdering Ichabod, his daughter Hannie begins a desperate search for the truth. Was the local folklore true? Was Brom the headless horsemen who scared Ichabod out of Sleepy Hollow? Or did something more sinister happen? The handsome new schoolmaster, Gideon, offers to help Hannie, but how long can they hide their growing feelings for one another?

Then turn the page and travel 200 years to the present where Tess has returned to Sleepy Hollow to help run her Gran’s soup shop. But all is not well. Gran has been scammed out of thousands of dollars by a bogus animal charity. She hires Riley O’Toole, Tess’s high school crush, to help. As Riley and Tess investigate, sparks soon fly. Is Gran secretly playing matchmaker?




THEN...  in two months I am blessed to have a second novella in this series:

"Love's a Mystery in Cut and Shoot, Texas", a pair of Christmas stories set in an iconic Texas town named... you guessed it... Cut and Shoot!

Throughout all the crazies and over-reactions of the past two years, the Guideposts team has stayed at the top of their game with all of their work on inspirational writings, devotionals, self-help books and a deep-dive into more fiction and rebranded fiction. This new series goes along with the republishing of the Summerside Press books that hit the charts years ago, an original Love Finds You series including my "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas", an award winning novella "Red Kettle Christmas" which will be loved, loved, loved by fans of "Call the Midwife".


So they're republishing my historical "Red Kettle Christmas" in "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas", a wonderful step back into 1947 Manhattan and these two new novellas.

Yes, it's been a busy year!

Yes, I'm so blessed to be part of this.

And yes, I'm looking forward to more mysteries with Guideposts! 

So celebrate with me today... Leave a comment and one person will win a copy of "Love's a Mystery in Sleepy Hollow, NY"! 


Award-winning, bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of writing great stories, running a farm, being a nice person most of the time and taking care of really cute grandkids as needed! Author of over 70 novels and novellas, Ruthy loves giving voice to ordinary people with extraordinary results as they become the unforgettable characters readers love. Visit Ruthy's website email Ruthy at and friend her on Facebook where she shares love, life and her amazing faith in God. 

 Ruthy here, giving you a delightful post first done in 2017.... and still relevant today! 

In Ruthy's world, "nobody puts Baby in a corner".... and writing diverse genres and stories suits her... and might be just the thing for you!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Loving Women's Fiction! Most of the Time!

I love writing romance. Check out this video my daughter Beth made for me... Twenty Love Inspired books so far. #21 comes out in February and #22 in August... and then a Christmas novella duo with my buddy Linda Goodnight... and then #23 in January of 2019.

I am blessed.

I love writing mysteries!!! Who knew? This was my first mystery for Guideposts, and I've just finished mystery #2 and I'll be plotting #3 in a couple of weeks!!!

I love writing big books and smaller books, too. 
Link to bestselling "Back in the Saddle" on Amazon...

And I've always loved writing women's fiction... with women empowerment plugged into the story because I believe women should all feel empowered. They should feel ready to handle whatever life sends their way, and when I wonder why women might not feel that way, I look around the world where oppression and lack of women's rights... and the fact that we only gained equal rights in the grand old U.S. of A. a hundred years ago. Historically, that's like YESTERDAY...

But while I love a splash of romance in Women's Fiction, I don't want the heroine rescued. There ain't no Disney princess on my watch, although their newer varieties are more my cup of tea.

Note to everyone reading this: PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND RESCUE ME. Rescue not needed, not appreciated and clearly unnecessary. And that's the spirit I like to see in my heroines... even the ones that might benefit by a little help and a ragingly cute, cool guy. 

BUT... I don't want her saved by a knight in shining armor.

I don't want her to be relegated to a life of raising kids in a worn kitchen while the hero earns a living.

Not because that's bad... It's not.

But if we don't learn to take care of ourselves and stand up for ourselves, neediness can become a major step backwards in the story plot... and I don't want to see women stepping back when God calls us forward. But if your heroine is strong, what makes the conflict relatable in your story? Why does she need a story at all?

Here's where Mandisa hits the nail on the head with "Overcomer" on Youtube. I love this song... and what it represents. 

Plotting the Wishing Bridge series came from multiple inspirations, but today we're sticking to heroines and Thanksgiving. I brought pumpkin pie and cranberry orange relish!!!! YUM!

Back to plotting.... In a women's fiction story, your women need to be the crux of the stories/series. The stories and plots should revolve around the woman's story. She's the ice cream in the sundae. The fruit in the pie. The cake... not the frosting. Because the solid base of the woman and her issues is what your story grows from.

In Wishing Bridge, all three women are from abusive pasts. All had troubled teen experiences. All were in group foster care at Hannah's Hope, a home for troubled girls near Philadelphia. And they'd made two promises at age 18: To never repeat the mistakes of their mothers... (mothers take a lot of heat in this series!!!!) AND...

If one ever runs into trouble, all she has to do is send the others an SOS and they will come running.

And of course, that's the beginning of the series.

Book One: Cinderella-looking Kelsey has always longed for the All American dream. To be a teacher, to be beloved, to fall in love with a wonderful man and raise a family.

OOPS. How about a con-man disguised as Prince Charming, an unexpected pregnancy and an $8000.00 line of credit taken out in your name... only it wasn't you who signed the application.

Book Two: Jane Eyre-styled Thea is the big city loner. Sold into human trafficking by her crack/cocaine addicted mother, she was eventually released from captivity by a kind man... Now a family practice nurse practitioner, Thea's determined to work in the big city and help the teens and tweens that remind her of herself... and here she is in a tucked-in-the-hills snow-belt town that rolls up the sidewalks at seven o'clock, every night. Yawn.... 

Book Three: And then there's long-legged, drop-dead gorgeous bi-racial Jazz, a supermodel living the high life, a runway favorite, destined for continued greatness... If she survives the eating disorder threatening her life.

And that's where it begins, with strong, flawed characters who might need help, who may seek redemption but who are inherently overcomers... the kind of women who don't blame others because they're too busy carving a life for themselves.

I try not to belabor my own slovenly upbringing when talking about stories... not because I don't like talking about it. I don't lean on it, I don't use it as a crutch. It's the past. Over. Done. Finis. I don't dwell in the past. Ever. But I'm not afraid to use my past, my experiences, or those of others to deepen a story.

I don't wallow, and I don't want my heroines to wallow, either. Wallowing is for piggies, down on the farm. Not for successful women, even if they still question their own strength.

We know they've got what it takes, and as authors build their stories, we can construct a path that helps readers reach for success. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it ain't real.

Keep it real.
Keep it upbeat.
Keep it moving.
Stay on the upside of the crises, never miring down in the seamy side of life for too long. We know it exists... we don't have to drown ourselves in it.

Show your heroine emerging from her cocoon like a butterfly escapes the chrysalis... To spread her wings and take flight. And if that flight includes a wonderful man, well that's not a bad thing. But it shouldn't depend on the wonderful man outcome. That should be the frosting on the cake... the whipped cream on that sundae... And a drizzle of hot fudge is never in bad taste!

I am so excited about this release. I love the story, I love the series, and I've had a great time working with Amazon's Waterfall Press to launch this book.  

RUTHY UPDATE 7/22: Wishing Bridge didn't just fly off the shelves... it still is flying off the shelves! This initial story "Welcome to Wishing Bridge" has over 800 reviews and a 4.6 star rating.... and it was joined by "At Home in Wishing Bridge", "Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge", "Embracing the Light in Wishing Bridge" and this October you'll see "Reclaiming Hope in Wishing Bridge", all with hundreds of reviews and 4.7 star ratings... I am so delighted that folks have fallen in love not just the people, but the town of Wishing Bridge, NY!

FIVE MORE DAYS!!!! COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!! But you can pre-order "Welcome to Wishing Bridge" here.

What kind of women's fiction do you love? What speaks to you?

Come on inside and let me know and I'll put your name in the wishing basket for a chance to win a Kindle version of your choice of the Wishing Bridge stories!

They picked a great actress to do the voices... and she nailed it! 

Thank you, Erin!

Multi-published, award-winning inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is currently holed up on her Western New York farm with family, friends, 3 miniature donkeys, two dogs, three cats and a partridge in a pear tree! Friend her on facebook... follow her on twitter... and she'd LOVE IT if you followed her on Amazon and Book Bub




No one said that getting rights reverted, files scanned and cleaned and manuscripts updated would be easy, but you know what? 

Hard doesn't scare me! :) I kind of love it, I love a challenge which makes the release of this beautiful story even more exciting.

I hate to see stories sit idle... and that's what happens to older stories that aren't being re-released or reprinted by publishers. They sit, puffing dust, waiting for a chance to be held, read, nay... devoured again! So I was thrilled when the good folks at Love Inspired returned the rights to several of my early novels. 

It is so much fun to see them come to life again! To hear from new readers! To chat it up with folks about the Southern Tier or Wishing Bridge or the North Country and soon to come: Kirkwood Lake! 

I am so blessed! 

So next week.... "A Family to Cherish" releases!

Then a few weeks later we'll be announcing the release of "Love's a Mystery in Sleepy Hollow, NY", part of a new and wonderful contemporary romantic mystery series for Guideposts. I had the distinct pleasure of working with the wonderful Gabe Meyer on that novella pairing!

Then the next story will release in September. That one is  "The Lawman's Second Chance", a bestselling and award-winning story that's won hearts across the land. 

And then "Reclaiming Hope in Wishing Bridge" hits the shelves in late October, about the time that pumpkin love and mania quiets down here in Western New York... writing takes over those extra hours. :)

And that wonderful book should be followed by the contemporary story in "Love's a Mystery in Cut and Shoot, Texas", a wonderful Christmas story coupled with Janice Thompson's historical novella!

I am so excited to share this news with you. To share this book with you! And I have two copies to give away (these are Kindle copies, the paperback will be available in two weeks) and I'd love to hear what you think... 

Today we celebrate! Today we toast the release of a book from captivity, LOL! And I'm thrilled to bring the updated edition of this story to you for Kindle at $2.99 and then paperback at $7.99.



So let's celebrate new books! I've brought sweet tea, trays of bars, ice-cold lemonade and a fresh pot o' joe... no matter what part of the country you call home, we've got something wonderful and amazing... and timeless.... here for you!


Bestselling and award-winning inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is currently living, breathing and talking pumpkins, squash and 3000 chrysanthemums on her popular pumpkin farm in Western New York. She is no stranger to dirty fingernails, chemicals, equipment breakdowns and dealing with occasionally grumpy farm folk, so you probably can't rattle her! She loves hearing from Ruthy (and yes, she actually is the person who answers her email) at, visit her website and friend her on Facebook although she admits to social media disenchantment as the possible scourge to mankind as we know it... but that's a blog for another day! :)

Oh, How Blessed!


Oh, How Blessed!

I have never needed to make a big splash with my work.

It didn't matter if I was waiting tables, selling bridal gowns, running a Tupperware business or changing diapers and teaching ABCs to preschoolers, it was never about the splash.

It was always about content.

I take that same mindset into writing. 

I'm not jealous of bestsellers.

I've read some that suck....

And I've read some great ones.

It taught me that some things are subjective. 

And that I can only control so much.

I'm not envious of big buck contracts.

I'm not broke. I can pay my bills. I even started an IRA. To me.... that's rich. As rich as I care to be.

I don't lust after fancy cars.

I drive a 2017 Chevy Traverse, a big SUV that drinks a lot of gas. Remember what Obama said in his book? "Americans like big cars and cheap gas..."

In my book, that just makes us smart. But then I'm a conservative.

I drive that 2017 Traverse for our farm.... I drive it for grandkids. I drive it on research trips now that the world has come to its senses and reopened. I drive it because I spent over a decade driving tiny cars (Neons and a Chevy Cruze) and saving my money to drive an SUV.

I always wanted an SUV... I couldn't afford it. So I waited. Because it wasn't worth being broke for, right? It's a car.... But it's a big car and I can fit over a hundred pumpkins in the back of that bad boy.

I call her "The Tank".

And I love driving it. 

But that's not the same as envying others' successes.

I love seeing people succeed. It's a good thing! Most of the time, that is.

Sometimes they fall down. Sometimes they mess up. Mess up contracts, don't write the books, don't get it done for whatever reason.

There's something to be said for waiting your turn at the watering hole. For waiting in line at the playground. For studying the textbook before the exam. Preparation. Preparation is key. It's clutch. It matters.

Oh, How Blessed!

Ruthy's latest Love Inspired Book, her third "Kendrick Creek" story! 


If you skin your knee a few times, you hang on tighter to the bike. Or you take the curve slower. 

If you get bit up by skeeters ten ways to Sunday, you start putting "OFF" on earlier in the day.

If you've been passed over for contracts a few times you realize how important, special and amazing they are. 

I trust in God.

I trust in His timing.

But nowhere in the Good Book does it say that we should rest while waiting for good things to happen. And that whole Mary and Martha deal?

I'm a Martha and proud of it. Not because Martha was better than Mary or vice versa, but because they should both be celebrated.

So I work hard.

I laugh. I cry. I help others. I bake lots of good stuff, I write great stories and I grow a lot of pumpkins with a lot of help from others.

Yes... I am blessed. So blessed! And smart enough, old enough and wise enough to know it.

So bring on the contracts.... bring on the indies... bring on whatever opportunities God has in store for me because as long as I'm breathing, living, laughing.... I'll be writing.

Because there's nothing like having to wait to have your dreams come true to make those dreams even more special than you ever in your life thought they could be.

Oh.... How blessed! 

Oh, How Blessed!
Multi-published, bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is blessed... we know that because she just told us so! With around 70 books and novellas published, Ruthy splits her time between their family pumpkin farm and writing sweet books while balancing a whole slew of kids, grandkids, friends and family.... Counting those blessings! Stop by her website or friend her on Facebook.... or email Ruthy at She loves to hear from readers! 

Remembering Vince Mooney (June 14, 1944 - April 29, 2022) ... With Love.

 Vince Mooney, a good and dear friend to Seekerville and the Seekers went home to heaven two weeks ago. When we heard that Vince had entered hospice last fall, we wrote this tribute to him. We repeat it now, knowing that a good, kind, funny, cryptic, smart man has made heaven a more philosophical place than it was on April 28, 2022.

We love you Vince and Linda Mooney... you've stood tall for faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.


Remembering Vince Mooney (June 14, 1944 - April 29, 2022) ... With Love.

BACKSTORY: Sixteen years ago a group of fifteen contest-winning unpublished Christian/Inspirational authors formed a group with one sole goal: To pray one another into publication by a royalty-paying publisher.

Their dreams came true when Pam Hillman was offered her Tyndale contracts. YAY! WE DID IT!

Back in 2007 that original group of 15 started a writers' blog and called it "Seekerville". The goal was to encourage and help aspiring authors, meet readers and build a platform for book launches. The blog-- this blog!-- was successful on all three. Blessed by the work of many and the faith of all, Seekerville was born and achieved the coveted "Top 101 Writing Blogs" multiple years in a row. 

A lot has changed! 

Many of the original Seekers have retired or gone their own way. Life happens.

New bloggers were welcomed on-board and we forge on, loving books, writing, readers and the chance to connect with both through this blog. Vince was right there, encouraging us to keep on keepin' on as seen in this "Changing of the Guard" post nearly five years ago:

From the beginning, or nearly the beginning, Vince Mooney Jr. has been a constant. He's encouraged, laughed, lamented, learned and taught with his wisdom, a wisdom gained through life, love and liberty. A well-read man of faith, a veteran, a sage, philosopher and successful businessman, Vince's comments were often a blog in themselves and he's never been afraid to argue or back up his points.

We've loved him for years. He and his wife Linda have welcomed Seekers with open arms when we've visited Oklahoma. His Amazon reviews are amazing, but then he is amazing so that's no surprise. 

Vince's "Philosophy of Romance" blog offered advice, wisdom and kudos to various authors. I was blessed to be one of those authors. I was blessed to know Vince, to win his love and support, to spar with him, laugh with him, and if we lived closer, I'd have had coffee with him on a regular basis. Yeah. He's that smart. :)

Vince has entered what he predicts to be a short-term hospice. Today's post is to thank him for his love, his words, his wisdom, his constancy, his support and that beautiful faith that has sustained him. Vince, my friend... from me personally... I don't have the right words to tell you how much your love, support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my work has meant to me. I am so glad to have known you for so long... what a blessing to me! And I have never forgotten your reaction to my debut novel... and my gratitude for your belief in me.

Go with God, my friend. I'll miss you. We all will. But that's the way of life, isn't it?

Until we meet again...


Remembering Vince Mooney (June 14, 1944 - April 29, 2022) ... With Love.

 Dear Vince,


Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years. One of my biggest thrills was having THE OFFICER’S SECRET selected as the Philosophy of Romance Inspirational Suspense Book of the Year! You've always been so willing to affirm my writing, and your positive comments have meant so much to me. I still remember your praise for my novella, YULE DIE. Your kind words continue to buoy me, especially when I'm struggling to create a new story and feeling at low ebb. You’re a great cheerleader, Vince, which is what every writer needs.


Thanks, too, for being a loyal Seekervillager. Your posts always provided food for thought and lots of sound advice. You’re a Renaissance Man, dear Vince, and certainly one of a kind. You’ve enhanced my life in so many special ways.


May God bless you. I know the Lord’s holding you in the palm of His hand, and in His perfect time, will call you home to Eternal Glory. Prayers for the journey, dear friend, and God speed!


With love, prayers and gratitude,

Debby Giusti

Remembering Vince Mooney (June 14, 1944 - April 29, 2022) ... With Love.

Dear Vince,

I want you to know that you always have been, and always will be, one of my favorite people, not only in Seekerville, but in the world. So much so that, as you know, I named a character after you in one of my books and then dedicated another to you as well – A Wing and a Prayer – because YOU were the creative force behind this story, my friend. As I said in that dedication, you never cease to amaze (and bless) me with your incredibly brilliant and fertile mind, and I will be forever grateful for both your creative input and your precious friendship. God bless and keep you always. 



From Myra Johnson:

Vince, I will always remember my delight in meeting you in person when you came to one of my very first book signings. Remember Steve’s Sundry in Tulsa? What a special day! You have been such a staunch encourager and advocate for authors of romantic Christian fiction. I treasure your insightful reviews, and I’m honored to know you, truly a man of integrity and deep faith. Praying God’s comfort and strength upon you and your dear wife, now and always.

From Janet Dean...

I treasure knowing Vince Mooney, both as a reviewer of my books and as a vital, faithful member of the community of Seekerville. Vince is a man of faith, well-read, intelligent, and generous with this time and yes, with his opinions. His views might sometimes differ from mine but his points always made me think. His reviews brought depth and meaning to romance books that rightly elevated our genre and encouraged us writers. When I was struggling with getting words on the page, I’d sometimes reread a couple of his reviews and receive a boost to keep on keeping on. When I was active in Seekerville, I appreciated his male point of view and could count on him to show up each day with fresh perspectives and occasionally controversy that made our exchanges interesting. I think of Vince as a true Renaissance man.


God bless you, Vince, on your journey home. My love goes with you.

Janet Dean 

From Mary Connealy:

I had the pleasure of meeting Vince once, and his wife Linda. 

I did a book signing in Tulsa Oklahoma with Ruth Logan Herne and Tina Radcliff, inspired by Tina having lived in Tulsa at one time and setting her book there. 

Vince came to our signing and made us feel welcome in everyway. We visited the Will Rogers Museum with him and shared a meal. I learned so much about Will Rogers from the museum and also from our trusty tour guide Vince. 

Now when I think of Will Rogers, which I do frequently because he’s such a great humorist and cowboy, and his trick roping is fascinating, I think of Vince and what a fan he was of Rogers and how he compared me and my romantic comedy with cowboys to Will Rogers. I consider that a great honor. Vince Yates, the hero of Stuck Together, book #3 of the Trouble in Texas series, is named for Vince.

Vince had been a faithful follower of Seekerville for years and with his marketing background, has always been full of advice that’s different that what we usually get from people more centered on writing. He’s a friend and an encourager and a man of faith. Thank you, Vince. 

Remembering Vince Mooney (June 14, 1944 - April 29, 2022) ... With Love.

From Sandra Leesmith:

Dear Vince, 

What a blessing you have been to all of us in Seekerville.  And you have always been a blessing to me as a writer.  You have an uncanny/godly gift of always saying the right thing at the right time. Your words to me were always right on time.  I always thank God for that my dear friend.  You probably have no idea how much your words touched my heart just when I needed them the most.  I always felt so honored that you enjoyed my books.  And I treasured your reviews.  Thank you dear friend.  Know you will always have a special place in my heart. Love and hugs, 


And so it is that as we pass through life we touch people's lives in so many ways. Their hopes, their dreams, their thoughts, their beginnings and sometimes their ends.

Vince, I hope you see this. I hope you know how much you are loved and respected by so many. And we all hope that when we reconnect in God's heavenly kingdom, we can raise a cup to your health, hope and happiness. All things you shared with us.

"May the Lord bless and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you peace."


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