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Ruthy here!

I am so excited to see this wonderful series hit the shelves of!

"Love's a Mystery" is a great new concept for Guideposts, a wonderful coupling of TWO novellas in one book... a historical romantic mystery and a contemporary romantic mystery, written by two separate authors.


Gabrielle Meyer did the historical on this one... I did the contemporary, and it was wonderful to spend a couple of days in Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown, renamed after a huge manufacturing shutdown by General Motors left the town reeling and virtually unemployed).

But the town hit the Reset button, changed its name to reflect Washington Irving's amazingly successful story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and now the town is a tourist mecca of history, great sites, wonderful foods, bakeries, kitchens, great churches, and black-and-orange street signs. :) 

And now the book is out... A wonderful romance that sizzles in the midst of an autumn mystery and no one in Sleepy Hollow has time to mess around in October! :) 

From Guideposts, Inc.: 

When a strange man claiming to be the brother of Ichabod Crane accuses Brom Van Brundt of murdering Ichabod, his daughter Hannie begins a desperate search for the truth. Was the local folklore true? Was Brom the headless horsemen who scared Ichabod out of Sleepy Hollow? Or did something more sinister happen? The handsome new schoolmaster, Gideon, offers to help Hannie, but how long can they hide their growing feelings for one another?

Then turn the page and travel 200 years to the present where Tess has returned to Sleepy Hollow to help run her Gran’s soup shop. But all is not well. Gran has been scammed out of thousands of dollars by a bogus animal charity. She hires Riley O’Toole, Tess’s high school crush, to help. As Riley and Tess investigate, sparks soon fly. Is Gran secretly playing matchmaker?




THEN...  in two months I am blessed to have a second novella in this series:

"Love's a Mystery in Cut and Shoot, Texas", a pair of Christmas stories set in an iconic Texas town named... you guessed it... Cut and Shoot!

Throughout all the crazies and over-reactions of the past two years, the Guideposts team has stayed at the top of their game with all of their work on inspirational writings, devotionals, self-help books and a deep-dive into more fiction and rebranded fiction. This new series goes along with the republishing of the Summerside Press books that hit the charts years ago, an original Love Finds You series including my "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas", an award winning novella "Red Kettle Christmas" which will be loved, loved, loved by fans of "Call the Midwife".


So they're republishing my historical "Red Kettle Christmas" in "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas", a wonderful step back into 1947 Manhattan and these two new novellas.

Yes, it's been a busy year!

Yes, I'm so blessed to be part of this.

And yes, I'm looking forward to more mysteries with Guideposts! 

So celebrate with me today... Leave a comment and one person will win a copy of "Love's a Mystery in Sleepy Hollow, NY"! 


Award-winning, bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of writing great stories, running a farm, being a nice person most of the time and taking care of really cute grandkids as needed! Author of over 70 novels and novellas, Ruthy loves giving voice to ordinary people with extraordinary results as they become the unforgettable characters readers love. Visit Ruthy's website email Ruthy at and friend her on Facebook where she shares love, life and her amazing faith in God. 

In Search of Katie Culhane: A "You Write It" Mystery Challenge

A Writing Exercise with the amazingly fun Ruth Logan Herne... :)

Today we're doing something different. We're doing a writing exercise.
I love these things. I absolutely love them.
I did well with these as a kid because my brain was full of the strangest things.... And I love working with people and writing exercises as an adult because we bring a whole lot more to the table:

1. Experience
2. Wisdom
3. Knowledge
4. Maturity
5. Leverage
6. Understanding
7. Faith
8. Lack of faith

Kids generally bring fantasy to the table. That's how their minds go. But as an adult, when presented with a mystery set up, what would you do? How would you handle it? How would you write it?

Here's the format we're using today: I'm going to give you a quick set-up... you then are going to write a paragraph either opening the story... or as part of the story anywhere in the book... or you're going to briefly say how you think the story should go, so basically adding to the plot line.

Here's the set-up:

Mike climbed into the car, frustrated, but it was his own fault. Again.
He was late. He was always late these days, driven to be the best cop, the best investigator, the best man on the job. And now he was holding Kate up and he was 100% certain she was not going to be happy about it for good reason. A man who treasures a woman wouldn't take her time for granted. He wouldn't assume she'd wait-- except Kate always waited. Was that why he was an insensitive jerk? Because she never held his feet to the fire?

He pulled into the small parking area of the coffee shop, the one she loved because the barista topped her macchiato with milk foam hearts. As if that was a thing.

He got out of the car, crossed the lot and swung open the door. Instantly his eyes went to Kate's table.

Their table. When he finally showed up.

The table was empty.

All the tables were empty.

In Search of Katie Culhane: A

There was no barista. No weird music. No noise at all. Not even the hum of the espresso machine broke the silence.

The place was empty. Absolutely empty, with not a hint of movement except a thin trail of steam rising from a coffee cup on the counter. A to-go cup.

"Kate?" He stepped inside hesitantly, like he was entering a crime scene. Or one of those b-grade horror films.  More likely. "Kate, where are you?"

No sound answered. No creaking door from the gender-neutral bathroom down the hall. No one emerged from the on-site cooler behind the coffee counter.


Except that steamy cup of coffee on the counter. A grande Americano, no sugar, a splash of cream, with a customer's name on the side.


His drink.

His name.

Sitting waiting, like Kate must have done.

Was she teaching him a lesson?

He pulled out his phone and texted quickly. "Kate, I'm here. At the cafe. Where are you?"



No reply. No noise. Not a sound or breath of air except from that silently sitting cup of coffee, labeled just for him.

In Search of Katie Culhane: A

He stared at the phone.

No answer.

No sound.

No one there during working hours.

He swallowed hard and hit 911 even as a cold snake of fear put every part of him on high alert.

"911 Center. State your emergency."

He was a moron. What could he say? Was he about to report an empty building? The guys would have a field day with that one, wouldn't they?

And yet...

He knew it. The minute he walked in the place, the different air overtook him and he knew it. Kate wasn't there. And she should have been. Which meant--

She was gone. And despite the fact that he was the biggest jerk on the planet, Kate wouldn't have just gotten up and left. Not because he deserved her faithfulness.

But because she was Kate.

He studied the walls around him as the operator made the request a second time. "911 Center. State your emergency."

The walls seemed to close in. Shortening the distance between him and whatever. He held the phone tight, dared the walls to come closer and kept his voice tight. "I'd like to report a missing person. And an empty building."

He didn't care that dispatch would call him crazy.

Maybe he was.

But Kate should be here. Right here. Right now. And the fact that she wasn't...

And his coffee was...

Meant something horrible had happened.

But what in the name of all that's good and holy could it be?


Have some fun, come up with plot ideas or thoughts or write a quick paragraph and if you want to tag onto someone else's paragraph, then go for it!

Sometimes the best way to kick writer's block to the curb is to write.

Come on in, my friends.

We've got this!

In Search of Katie Culhane: A
Multi-published, award-winning author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of writing sweet books and unforgettable characters that wind themselves around readers' hearts and make them long for one more chapter... one more book... With her 50th novel or novella about to release, Ruthy is having the time of her life and loves to chat with writers and readers and pretty much anyone who'll talk to her. Find her at her website, on facebook where she loves to talk about all kinds of things, and follow her on Twitter.... or just email her at And as for today...

Come on.

Be brave.

I know you can do this!
LOVE'S A MYSTERY IN SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY!!!!!!In Search of Katie Culhane: A "You Write It" Mystery Challenge

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