Oh, How Blessed!

I have never needed to make a big splash with my work.

It didn't matter if I was waiting tables, selling bridal gowns, running a Tupperware business or changing diapers and teaching ABCs to preschoolers, it was never about the splash.

It was always about content.

I take that same mindset into writing. 

I'm not jealous of bestsellers.

I've read some that suck....

And I've read some great ones.

It taught me that some things are subjective. 

And that I can only control so much.

I'm not envious of big buck contracts.

I'm not broke. I can pay my bills. I even started an IRA. To me.... that's rich. As rich as I care to be.

I don't lust after fancy cars.

I drive a 2017 Chevy Traverse, a big SUV that drinks a lot of gas. Remember what Obama said in his book? "Americans like big cars and cheap gas..."

In my book, that just makes us smart. But then I'm a conservative.

I drive that 2017 Traverse for our farm.... I drive it for grandkids. I drive it on research trips now that the world has come to its senses and reopened. I drive it because I spent over a decade driving tiny cars (Neons and a Chevy Cruze) and saving my money to drive an SUV.

I always wanted an SUV... I couldn't afford it. So I waited. Because it wasn't worth being broke for, right? It's a car.... But it's a big car and I can fit over a hundred pumpkins in the back of that bad boy.

I call her "The Tank".

And I love driving it. 

But that's not the same as envying others' successes.

I love seeing people succeed. It's a good thing! Most of the time, that is.

Sometimes they fall down. Sometimes they mess up. Mess up contracts, don't write the books, don't get it done for whatever reason.

There's something to be said for waiting your turn at the watering hole. For waiting in line at the playground. For studying the textbook before the exam. Preparation. Preparation is key. It's clutch. It matters.

Oh, How Blessed!

Ruthy's latest Love Inspired Book, her third "Kendrick Creek" story! 


If you skin your knee a few times, you hang on tighter to the bike. Or you take the curve slower. 

If you get bit up by skeeters ten ways to Sunday, you start putting "OFF" on earlier in the day.

If you've been passed over for contracts a few times you realize how important, special and amazing they are. 

I trust in God.

I trust in His timing.

But nowhere in the Good Book does it say that we should rest while waiting for good things to happen. And that whole Mary and Martha deal?

I'm a Martha and proud of it. Not because Martha was better than Mary or vice versa, but because they should both be celebrated.

So I work hard.

I laugh. I cry. I help others. I bake lots of good stuff, I write great stories and I grow a lot of pumpkins with a lot of help from others.

Yes... I am blessed. So blessed! And smart enough, old enough and wise enough to know it.

So bring on the contracts.... bring on the indies... bring on whatever opportunities God has in store for me because as long as I'm breathing, living, laughing.... I'll be writing.

Because there's nothing like having to wait to have your dreams come true to make those dreams even more special than you ever in your life thought they could be.

Oh.... How blessed! 

Oh, How Blessed!
Multi-published, bestselling inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne is blessed... we know that because she just told us so! With around 70 books and novellas published, Ruthy splits her time between their family pumpkin farm and writing sweet books while balancing a whole slew of kids, grandkids, friends and family.... Counting those blessings! Stop by her website http://ruthloganherne.com or friend her on Facebook.... or email Ruthy at loganherne@gmail.com. She loves to hear from readers!