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The Leavenworth Case

Seeking only a reading copy of Anna Katharine Green's The Leavenworth Case (1878), a trip to the university library produced this gem: a late nineteenth century paperback. The library dates it to 1884, a Ward Lock & Co. of London 'one shilling' paperback with period advertising on the back and inside pages ("Goodall's Egg Powder. The Only Substitute For Eggs Yet Discovered") and even some uncut pages at the back (the publisher's other offerings...). And it's a good read too.

After Reading a Book on Abnormal Psychology

by Ernest G. Moll (1900-1997)

Now all desires -- even unknown ones -- I had
Stand stript before me with their names writ under.
And will this make me really sane, I wonder,
Or only more intelligently mad?

Source: Howarth, R.G.; Slessor, K.; Thompson, J. (eds.) The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (1961), p.65

Things I Must See

Ever since I saw a poster of this vase about 15 years ago, I have had the Musée Guimet high on my list of Things I Must See. I am determined to get there next year. The web site says it is temporarily closed due to a "serious technical injury" (one hopes it is not the smashing of this vase; cf. the Fitzwilliam Museum debacle).

Mille Fleurs famille rose vase. China, c. 1736-1795 (H. 48cm). Image source: Musée Guimet, Paris (inv. no. G 3444). The web site is a nice one, and you can send yourself a postcard of various lovely things.
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