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Mock Food links

Here's the family's attempt at Mock Whiting:

Mock Food links
The recipe ("Fried Cucumber") is can be found here.
The recipe ends with the hope that, 
"Probably you will find you have fried whiting."

    Recipes I'm Wouldn't Mind Having a Go At.

    Recipes I'm Wouldn't Mind Having a Go At.
    Image: author (c) 2010

    Link Love

    Some food bits and pieces:

    Link Love

    • Yum... Lemon Layer Cake with Campari Frosting (from serious eats).
    • Sassoon at the Cambridge University Library (from war poetry)
    • The Old Foodie explores a scrumptious menu for the Royal Family during Ascot Week 1938. I can't decide whether Consommé Jeanne Garnier would have been divine or foul: a chicken consommé with pigeon added when the consommé is clarified, then champagne is added; then a final garnish with rice and prawns.

    I'll go back & look at these properly...

    1. Anthony Gottlieb on What do philosophers believe? And what do people ask them in mid-air? (from More Intelligent Life).

    2. The
    Journal of Ancient Fingerprints (via ancientworldonline).

    Emails From Crazy People (via georgie love).

    4. 'One Day I Will...' go to macaron classes at the Paris Ritz (via paris breakfasts).

    Ancient Industries' on Marianna Kennedy's resin and glass works.

    Elizabeth Berrier's wire sculptures (via modern cat -- below, the life-size wire portrait 'Fluffy and Mask'):

    7. And let's buy some
    foolish gadgets: Skunk Duster, USB surgeon drive and maybe a Benedictaphone.
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