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geriatric bypass:

1. The act of denying your actual age in order to give others the impression that you are younger. 
2. A medical procedure intended to provide persons of advanced years the appearance of being younger. 

For the last twenty years, Jack claimed to others that he's only 39 years of age, and for the last five, he's even used hair coloring. He acts as if he's had a geriatric bypass. 

I'll go back & look at these properly...

1. Anthony Gottlieb on What do philosophers believe? And what do people ask them in mid-air? (from More Intelligent Life).

2. The
Journal of Ancient Fingerprints (via ancientworldonline).

Emails From Crazy People (via georgie love).

4. 'One Day I Will...' go to macaron classes at the Paris Ritz (via paris breakfasts).

Ancient Industries' on Marianna Kennedy's resin and glass works.

Elizabeth Berrier's wire sculptures (via modern cat -- below, the life-size wire portrait 'Fluffy and Mask'):

7. And let's buy some
foolish gadgets: Skunk Duster, USB surgeon drive and maybe a Benedictaphone.
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