#tbt and lost/found!


#tbt and lost/found!

#tbt and lost/found!

#tbt and lost/found!
#tbt - me in October 1961 - two years old as my birthday is in October
I have been going through all the plastic bins of holiday decorations, which have been stored in the basement. Picking out what I want to decorate with this year. Making sure everything is in the correctly labeled bin "holiday lights" or "nutcrackers/stocking" or whatever. 

#tbt and lost/found!

I was able to fill two boxes of extra holiday decorations I'll never use and will donate to charity. In the meantime, I found a un-labeled bin tucked away among the holiday bins, and inside was a treasure-trove of things I have been looking for for years!!!! Most importantly, I was looking for some low fire glaze recipes, and glaze notebooks and sketchbooks, and found not only the majolica recipe I used thirty years ago, but also the clay recipe, too. I am so incredibly excited about this!

#tbt and lost/found!
I tried to do an artsy-fartsy video on my phone of me flipping through my notebook,
but it just didn't work.
This photo is a mistake as I hit 'photo" instead of "video" and didn't realize it until later.
Looking forward to mixing up that majolica recipe and trying it out again. I believe that all the ingredients are still available. I'll post about this process. 

6 Comments on the cow jumped over the moon: #tbt and lost/found!

  • Vix
    on December 16, 2016 | 03:33 Vixsaid :
    "What a cute baby you were, I love your hair!
    Those nutcracker ornaments are fabulous, I like them because they don't shout "Xmas" at me , a festival of which I'm no fan.
  • Carol S.
    on December 16, 2016 | 09:19 Carol S.said :
    "Awww thanks Vix!!
    I also really love nutcrackers for the same reason :) they are festive without being religious.
    I do love this holiday season though - as an observer of the Yule/Winter Solstice, I'm all about the days growing longer xox"
  • Darla
    on December 17, 2016 | 13:27 Darlasaid :
    "Such an adorable little tyke you were and you grew up to be an adorable you! You have a great collection of nutcrackers, makes a great display. "
  • Carol S.
    on December 17, 2016 | 15:11 Carol S.said :
    "*blush* thanks so very much, dear Darla!
    While going through more bins, I found another nutcracker! It was one my mom gave to Robert - a clockmaker nutcracker!!!
  • Vanessa
    on December 21, 2016 | 13:19 Vanessasaid :
    "What a happy discovery - look forward to seeing your future creations with that glaze!

    And echoing the earlier comments about you being as cute as a button when you were little - and still today!"
  • Carol S.
    on December 21, 2016 | 23:27 Carol S.said :
    "Hello Vanessa!!
    I'm looking forward to making and testing the glaze over the next few weeks. Will keep everyone posted!
    And thanks! "
#tbt and lost/found!

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