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the cow jumped over the moon

quick husband update

Hello all! A quick update to let everyone know that Robert is doing very well!  He had his open heart/aortic valve replacement surgery on Monday, and it's looking as if he'll be leaving the hospital on Friday!!

I'll write again once he's home and all settled in.

quick husband update
Photo taken the day before he went in to the hospital


Stupid me - I was wrapping up some of my pots to take home (I fire at the pottery classroom) and somehow I knocked this one over :(  Arghhhh!


Still working out what glazes to use. Below is a mosaic of a handful of recent pots/mugs glazed with Spectrum Shino glazes I have been playing around with - some I really like, others I'm having trouble with.  I really need to make my own glazes one of these day-zes.


I made some citrus marmalade/jam on Sunday (blood oranges, regular oranges, and key limes), and I just winged it. I simmered everything together for about a half hour, then scooped out a lot of the rind so that it wasn't too bitter, and then added the sugar. Turned out pretty good (that is, I didn't cook it too long and turn it into fruit leather!) Whoot!


Robert had a dental appointment yesterday outside of our town - two teeth were extracted. Ouch!!Hopefully now his heart surgery will be scheduled. In the waiting room, there were some annoying people talking about how President Obama has ruined our country.  I was reading Wodehouse's Leave it to Psmith, but I could hear them talking and I wanted to say something, but I'm not as clever as Wodehouse so I kept my mouth shut.

how to pass time while at the hospital

Robert had a heart catheterization (and a bunch of other tests) on Friday. To keep calm, I loaded up a bag full of stuff to do while I was waiting for him. I felt like I was 'mommy-ing' myself (remembering when I would pack up things to keep my son occupied when we were on a road trip or visiting). The bag included a book, my knitting (I'm knitting more caps for monks), and my old school Nintendo DS.

how to pass time while at the hospital

We arrived at 11:00 a.m. This is pretty much what I did while waiting and trying not to stress too much...
  • knitted - while he was in pre-op, I finished a cap but didn't cast on another because I wanted to...
  • play my DS, until I was called by the nurse to see Robert off to his heart cath and I went back to the waiting room and then I... 
  • started to read - until a smelly woman (I feel bad writing this out as I don't want to be mean or disrespectful) was sitting near me in the waiting room and I had to leave, so I...
  • walked the halls and tried to find a spot to get cell phone reception, and then I... 
  • walked the halls some more, and went into the bathroom, where I took out the scissors from my knitting bag and cut my bangs.
  • Going back to the waiting room, I was able to read and also play my DS for a bit more, but I was...
  • a little hungry so I went to the cafeteria and was surprised at how cheap everything was, so I purchased a brat with grilled onions and peppers, topped with mustard. They didn't have Coke Zero but they had the Pepsi (boo hiss) equivalent, so I had that instead, and while I was just finished eating...
  • the buzzer went off so I went to see how Robert was doing. Hospitals now give you those buzzers like they give you in chain restaurants, to tell you when your table is ready, or in this case when your loved one is out of surgery. 
He had a few more tests and we left the hospital around 4:30.  All the tests that had immediate results looked good. On Monday, we're going to see one of his doctors to hear about the other results, and on Tuesday he has a dental appointment for surgery clearance. Then they'll schedule his open heart/aortic value replacement surgery.

In other news, since I was able to extend both the bisque and glaze firings, this test bowl looks pretty good - only a few tiny tiny pinholes, and no blistering or pitting!

how to pass time while at the hospital

how to pass time while at the hospital

It's Super Bowl Sunday!! I'll probably be rooting for the Denver Broncos - mostly because I had a fondness for them back in the day. But honestly, we'll just enjoy watching the game and be happy with whichever team wins.

ughhh! mugs

Gosh I (thought I) dislike making mugs. My excuse has always been "but there are too many mugs in this world already!"  But I needed to practice since I'll be demonstrating for my class later this week. I have shown my students how to pull handles and attach them to their own work, but I haven't yet brought in a mug that I have made, and I figured it was about time for me to do that.

ughhh! mugs

But I have to sheepishly admit - I did have fun, especially with the sgraffito one (the one w/flowers - I put white engobe over the piece but you cannot really tell from the photo). Though the handle-making and handle-attaching is still too fiddly for you all well know, not only do I have little patience, I'm not really all that precise! It is good for me to practice this, I know I know! And like I said, it was fun. I'm such an obstinate goof sometimes.

Let's see how they turn out after the firings and glazing.

ughhh! mugs
With the one on the right, I was playing around with the Dirty Girls Foot Fetish rib on the bottom -
let's see how that turns out!

what's going on

what's going on
Ruffled cowls- I have been making a lot of these!
Guess what? We actually went to a party last weekend!! An annual gift exchange party (you know, where everyone brings a wrapped gift, and then we all pick a number, and you choose a gift and open it, then if someone else wants it they can take it from you and then you have to choose another gift - either a wrapped one or 'steal' from someone else ?) - we had been invited by Danyl and Louise for years and finally were able to attend, and we had such a good time!  Denise and her husband Jonnie, and Joan were there too!! EVERYONE wanted Brandon's Coveted Cast Iron Rabbit that he picked - I got it once and had to commemorate the moment as I knew it would be 'stolen' from me. We left early as our drive back home was an hour, and Denise later told me that it was 'stolen' by a few more people before it ended up with Devlin.
what's going on
Top Left: Devlin handing out numbers (Joan is in that photo - she's looking at Devlin's dad Danyl)
Top Right: Jonnie making that face on purpose and Denise
Bottom Left:  Brandon seeing if anything else is in the box that held the Coveted Cast Iron Rabbit
Bottom Right: Me and Robert with the Coveted Cast Iron Rabbit
Then Wednesday I met up with a very dear friend - Steve and I have known one another since our teens, and we have kept in touch since he moved to New Orleans thirty years or so and met his partner Warren, but we haven't seen one another in yikes, about 15 years? My only time visiting France was with him and other friends who were at college and I went along with them in the two weeks around NYE 1980.  How times flies, doesn't it? We had SUCH a blast - lunch lasted three hours! Robert and I have got to go to NOLA to visit one of these days soon.

what's going on
I'm wearing one of my ruffled cowls!

Pottery classes started this week. Oh I believe I figured out how to extend the firing times! WHOOT!!!  I'm off to load a kiln now.

Have a great weekend, folks!

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

Drat, a bunch of bottles of perfume have gone off.

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

The first Saturday in January, we went to my sister D's house to meet up with her and her family, and sister M and her family, for a holiday-type get-together. I decanted a bunch of perfume and brought some bottles to give away because there is no way in hell I'll ever be able to wear all of it, and given that so much went off and I had to throw away, I better share the wealth before more bites the dust. Plus it is difficult to mail perfume - the only ways you can do it is to lie or to mail it ground. And I don't want to do either. Last time I tried to ship something ground it was more expensive.

Bowie and Rickman are now off this mortal coil. I rarely get upset when celebrities die, but Bowie especially made me sad - wow did his early music affect me. And if you haven't seen Rickman in The Song of Lunch, check it out. And I need to see Die Hard - can you believe I haven't seen it yet?

Plus now I'm afraid of the age of 69. I used to be afraid of turning 43. I had my palm read when I was 20 or something like that, and the palm reader said something ominous about being 43. Well the thing that did happen at that age was that I got engaged to Robert, and that wasn't such a bad thing!

Today I threw some bowls and tested out some new ribs. And we're watching the NFL play-offs.

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

Oh and I did order those glasses!!

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

health insurance

As some of you know, Robert needs heart surgery. We have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what health insurance plan we can afford and what covers the doctors that he needs. We had signed up for a plan at the beginning of re-enrollment, but changed it today (re-enrollment was extended - whoot!) due to the fact that the surgeons his cardiologist wants him to use aren't on the previous plan.

Thank goodness for ACA (Affordable Care Act)/Obamacare, and thank you so much for the best customer service rep at our Ohio health care exchange.

This new plan is more expensive, and our finances will be VERY tight this year - even more so than last year, but not as bad as 2014. But Robert's health is most important.  He will be off work for probably two months.  Another thank you for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) - he won't lose his job for having this surgery.

Any guesses for which political party was instrumental in both FMLA and ACA? And today, President Obama vetoed a bill (voted on by nearly all Republicans and one Democrat) to REPEAL ACA!  Between this and his executive action regarding more background checks for guns, I am very thankful for our President!

Oh we finished the puzzle - he did most of it, but I halped! (Two pieces missing - we think Sephora ate them):

health insurance

games and puzzles

Last year, I received this puzzle for the holidays and we only opened it last night. Yikes! Since we haven't done a puzzle in a long long time, I'm not sure this is the one that we should have started on.

games and puzzles

Many families and friends in the US tend to play games over the holiday season (as well as throughout the year, but it seems that the holidays have more game-playing sessions than at other times) - or at least in my circle of family/friends they do. Maybe because, unlike in the U.K. where I understand that over Christmas there were and are Christmas Specials, slim pickings were on regular TV. Plus usually during the holidays there would be snow and cold in our neck of the woods (unlike this year as we haven't had real snow yet and currently it's raining again) and being inside and warm was a nice thing. Or maybe it was a good way to keep the peace! For whatever reason, I remember playing a lot of games during this season when indoors!  Also when I was a kid, we often received a new board game from Santa. I remember getting Masterpiece in 1970/71, for instance. Santa used to bring my son games often, too!

I have to admit that I got bored easily with some board games - after playing a few times, I was ready for the next one. But cards on the other hand I seemed to enjoy more. Rummy was a favorite of mine. And pre-packaged card games are fun, too - I heard that there is a new game called Cards Against Humanity - this coming weekend, I'm meeting up with my sisters and I think we'll be playing that one.  I also recommend Aquarius - it is a fun Dominoes-type game.

Here is our current stash of games in our home (which means these are games that still interest me!).

games and puzzles
The two cases are - fancy poker set and backgammon.
There is also a checker/chess board in there somewhere,
but I don't have any checkers or chess pieces anymore for some reason.
Did your family and friends play games at this time of year? And do you have any game recommendations?

And once again I say:  There needs to be a word/term for this week between Christmas and the New Year!  EDIT 12/29/15 - I read that in Norway the week is called Romjul.

the elephant in the room

I just have to say that it's difficult for me to write about every day things when there is so much crap happening in the world and specifically in my country. I rarely write about politics and current events on my blog but I have been quite upset with racism and fear-mongering and shootings and and and that it is hard not to.

I try very hard not to have knee-jerk reactions to things. I have a long way to go, I know, as I still blurt out things when I should hold my tongue, calm down, and get all the pertinent information. But you would think that the 'media' and some bigwigs would try just as hard.

Okay - now onto trivial things:

I stopped in the library yesterday and picked up a few books. (Here's the link to get to my Goodreads profile if you're interested).  Even though I have been reading The Art of Eating and What the Dog Saw, I wanted something else. I like to read fiction and then a bit of non-fiction, kind of like palette cleansing. Sometimes I think I read too much too fast - and that I should savor more. Remember back when you would buy an album and play it over and over and over again, and really live with it? With the various ways of consuming music nowadays, does anyone really live with a piece of music anymore?

the elephant in the room

Gosh I am navel-gazing this morning. Maybe the fog has something to do with that.  And maybe I should stop reading murder mysteries.

the elephant in the room

I can smell Robert cooking our late breakfast!!! so I'll finish up this post. Plus a soccer game is on so I'm signing off for now. 
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