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2017 so far

Let's see - we saw Rogue One and enjoyed it. It's always nice going to our town's theater. Plus you cannot beat the $4 tickets.

I knitted mittens and a kind of matching headband. The pattern for the headband didn't have cables so I changed the pattern, adding some.

2017 so far
I was sick for a few days- better now, but now Robert is ill :(
We bought a cheap electric yogurt making machine. Man, why did we wait so long to buy one of these!?  It's wonderful!  And I am trying out herbal infusions. My first is nettle. It tastes like spinach water and actually isn't bad at all. All part of trying to see the small beautiful good things in life every day. And being healthier.

2017 so far

I'm going to the March on Washington. I have to shout out thanks to some of you blogging friends -  I'm able to take the bus from my town and back! Your help is awesome in every sense of that word! If you're on Facebook or Instagram, I hope to be posting while I'm at the March.  I won't be able to blog about it until I'm back, and have slept.

2017 so far

Why march?  Read the Mission statement here.  Pretty much sums up what I would say. This POS, and this government, this WORLD, have to see that we won't stand by when we and our fellow humans are treated as less than, who are bullied, ridiculed, demonized, and marginalized. That those officials who emboldened racism, hatred, xenophobia and prejudice in their followers will not be respected, but will be challenged.

The other night, a bunch of us got together for dinner. It was really wonderful. Being with friends these days is truly nourishing and important.

2017 so far

Oh and I would like to recommend again watching Deutchland 83 if you haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, enough for now.  How's your 2017 going!?

first week in march

We recently watched Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice, and all I have to say is - what? (apologies to anyone out there who is a huge fan), though there was something about them that I did enjoy. I'm reading an Inspector Gently book now - to see if I'm just 21st century jaded. I'm also getting annoyed with television shows recently - for instance, I cannot wait until we are done with the last episode of Downton Abbey (we DVRed it) - I think it jumped the shark years ago. EDIT:  We just watched the final episode - very well done! And The Walking Dead, which I normally enjoy, is bugging me too. In case you all think I'm a total curmudgeon (I'm only partly curmudgeon!), there are some television shows I find enjoyable. Like Life in Pieces and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Guess I need some light-hearted laughs.

And speaking of TV, we found out that we now get NBC Sports Network and oh dear - we watched soooo many soccer games this weekend. But that's really okay for now as you know I knit while I'm watching TV, and it is nice to sit and relax a bit with Robert. What else?  Oh, we went to the hospital again on Wednesday because Robert is having severe muscle/neck/head pains probably due to how he's holding himself since his surgery. The PA (physicians assistant) told me to stop following him around all the time - that there is really nothing I would be able to do if he fell, anyway. I'm in such fear of R falling down and splitting open his sternum, and I would trail along after him in the house.  He had a few tests done at the hospital, and I waited in a pretty waiting room at that hospital.  Another good thing about his check-up on Wednesday - now that he has been given the go-ahead to walk around freely, he can also cook a little.  Whoot!

first week in march
See, the hospital can do nice-looking waiting rooms.
The PA gave him the go-ahead to have massages, so we went on Friday (our pal Scott has his office in a building overlooking the square) and while R was getting his massage, I took this photo of the square, and then went to the post office. I don't think I have posted any photos of the so-called winter we have had this year. In fact, I think we had the most snow this winter on Friday, and by Sunday all of this snow was melted away. Hey, I'm not complaining.

first week in march
Friday: early March snow in the town square
I was asked to teach a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute once-a-week for six weeks pottery class to some high school students from Cleveland. Now to figure out what high school students like. I haven't taught that age group in a long time. This class starts in two weeks - better get researching.

Went back to work (at the non-profit) on Tuesday after some vacation time/being with the husband, so I took some photos in the bathroom there. Linked to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style blog for her Visible Monday post.
first week in march
Second-hand top (long-sleeved shirt and vest) and very very old scarf from somewhere, 
and matching brown specs.I had a good hair day and had to document it.

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

Drat, a bunch of bottles of perfume have gone off.

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

The first Saturday in January, we went to my sister D's house to meet up with her and her family, and sister M and her family, for a holiday-type get-together. I decanted a bunch of perfume and brought some bottles to give away because there is no way in hell I'll ever be able to wear all of it, and given that so much went off and I had to throw away, I better share the wealth before more bites the dust. Plus it is difficult to mail perfume - the only ways you can do it is to lie or to mail it ground. And I don't want to do either. Last time I tried to ship something ground it was more expensive.

Bowie and Rickman are now off this mortal coil. I rarely get upset when celebrities die, but Bowie especially made me sad - wow did his early music affect me. And if you haven't seen Rickman in The Song of Lunch, check it out. And I need to see Die Hard - can you believe I haven't seen it yet?

Plus now I'm afraid of the age of 69. I used to be afraid of turning 43. I had my palm read when I was 20 or something like that, and the palm reader said something ominous about being 43. Well the thing that did happen at that age was that I got engaged to Robert, and that wasn't such a bad thing!

Today I threw some bowls and tested out some new ribs. And we're watching the NFL play-offs.

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

Oh and I did order those glasses!!

gone off - scented sunday and some other things

tubes and chutes

tubes and chutes

I usually go inside the bank when I make a deposit, but yesterday I drove up to the ATM but it was not in service, so I used the drive-through/pneumatic tube (aka pneumatic capsule transportation). I am such a sucker for pneumatic tubes - nearly 180 years after William Murdoch came up with this idea, they're still in use, though you don't see them that often.

tubes and chutes
The pneumatic tube at the bank - looks like it needs
a little cleaning or it may just be the shadows
Am I the only one who automatically thinks of the film Brazil? And when doing a little research about these tubes, I stumbled upon a photo from the TV series Lost - I had forgotten about that.  It would be great to have these in your house - you could send notes back and forth - it would be better than texting someone in the next room, I think.

And this all reminds me of milk, coal and laundry chutes - we had all three in the house I grew up in. We had a milkman when I was a kid, and we would climb through the empty milk chute for fun or when we got locked out of the house, though when our parents had aluminum siding put on the house, they covered it up. We opened up the rusty coal chute from a dank dark room in the basement (which was and still is only used for storage) to the outside and climbed through that at least once.  And the laundry chute - it goes from the second floor bathroom to the basement; we dropped one of our younger siblings through it. Since a large laundry basket is under the chute, he wasn't in any danger - or so we figured. Boy did we catch hell for that!  I also always wanted a dumbwaiter, especially after reading Harriet the Spy.

Yep, just a bunch of random thoughts and memories today.


What to do when you have too many tiny yo-yos and you are waiting for the rain so there is a reason for not going out in the yard to weed?  You glue them on the $1.00 straw hat you just bought:

fabric yo-yos

Robert and I are actually going to the movies today!  The theater in town is showing Mad Max AND San Andreas.  We'll see Mad Max early this afternoon, and maybe the other tomorrow.  It's almost as if we are on vacation! Having a full weekend off is wonderful. 

hello hello

Today, I met Denise downtown Cleveland at Tower City to see a film at the Cleveland International Film Festival.  

We saw my niece Karina, too!

hello hello
Karina, me and Denise

This year we watched the Swedish film Hello Hello. Though of all the films we have seen together there, our hands down favorite was the documentary Women with Cows/Kokvinnora (also Swedish) that we saw in 2012.

In the parking lot on the way home, I just had to take a photo of the snow - it had been lightly snowing since the morning, but by that time the flakes were a bit heavier and very pretty.  This photo doesn't do it justice.

It was a delightful mini-vacation day!

hello hello

tuberculosis windows

I have always been fascinated by movies that feature apartments that have inside and transom windows. I recently watched The Immigrant  (not a great film in my opinion, but it was nice to see the costumes, and Marion Cottilard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner) and that nudged me to finally research the reason for these.

Well, from what I found out, these indoor windows were prescribed because of the lack of ventilation and light in New York City tenement apartments. Some rooms at that time had no window to the outside, so a law (the Tenement House Act of 1867) was put in place, and landlords installed windows in between rooms to help solve the problem (which didn't solve the problem, so the Tenement House Act of 1879 was enacted, and that didn't help either so the law of 1901 was put in place). I read a reference that these windows were nicknamed 'tuberculosis windows'.

tuberculosis windows

At my last full-time office job, I had a little inside office. I often needed to close the door to work on projects and reports, and for privacy when interviewing new clients or talking with staff.  Being in a closed room with no window was not pleasant.  Since the organization had a program to teach carpentry skills, the man in charge had asked me if I needed anything done with the office, and I jumped at the chance to ask for a window to be installed. Although I wished for a window that could open, they did build me a lovely window so I could get natural light in, and I was extremely grateful.

And here at home, we installed our windowed doorway between our living and dining room. In my basement 'studio', Robert put in a door that has glass panels.

tuberculosis windows
Bad photo of the glass panel doorway between our living and dining rooms that Robert
built a few years back from found window frames.
My friend Joan made that leaded glass piece for me back in  the early 1980s
when I lived in an apartment building with a transom window. 
I do realize that I have the freedom to install windows in the house for pleasure, and not for health reasons. I am not blind to the absolutely atrocious living conditions that people had to endure in those tenements.  But I do like the look.

spending time with friends

Yesterday, I spent the day with my dearest friend, Denise - we celebrated the 30th anniversary of her moving to the US, and her upcoming birthday by going to the Cleveland International Film Festival.

We saw two documentaries - Song from the Forest and Farmland, both turned out to be not what I expected and both challenged some thoughts I had.  Between films, we went to Noodlecat for food and conversation, discussing the film we watched (we hadn't seen Farmland yet) and found out that we had different viewpoints on it.  One thing we did agree on is that we both like whole milk in our lattes!  (And I find it funny that I actually had a latte.  I usually just have coffee, or tea, with a little cream and sugar.)

spending time with friends

We met a few years after she moved here from Surrey, England.  We hung around the same people, the clubs, the music scene.  We bonded even more after we had our sons.  We live a bit more than an hour apart (she drives faster than me, so she always says we live closer than that!) - basically the same distance from Cleveland proper going in opposite directions.  She's east, I'm west.  One of these years we hope to live next door to one another.

I am so glad she moved to the US - I don't know who I would be without her in my life.  And I mean this not as a sad/pathetic thing, but in the spirit that close friends help you become a better you.

Thursday evening, I went out with some pals here in town - we went out to have a drink and catch up as some of us haven't seen each other in awhile. I had a dirty wet vodka martini, and it was really good.

spending time with friends

Now it's Saturday. I keep thinking about the last two days, and my friends, and how sometimes I'm a big pain in the ass (I'm a bit of a recluse, and an introvert, and sometimes I blurt out obnoxious things, though I have tried to curb my extreme bluntness), but they understand that about me.  Thanks you all!

Not a lot planned for the weekend other than puttering around the house, trying to avoid housework while still looking busy. I must admit I'm getting pretty skilled at that.

cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town

When son and I moved here 16 years ago (almost to the day!), one of the first things we did once we were settled in was to adopt two kittens.  They were named Jack and Rose (as you can probably guess it was around the time of Titanic).  Jack was my son's buddy, and Jack also loved the college students who lived in the co-op in front of our house and he would trot off to be petted by them.  Rose on the other hand - she was always the Queen of all she surveyed and no one messed with her.
cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town
1998:  my son holding Rose and Jack
A year after we got Jack and Rose, we went to a nearby farm to pick up another kitten.  There was a litter of three - two more ginger kittens, and a tabby.  We truly were only going to get another kitten, or two, but because there were three in the litter, we decided to take them all home with us. 

One little kitten, the long-haired ginger, was a shy kitty.  It took what seemed hours to find him in the big pole barn.  I nearly gave up - but with insistence from my son, we kept at it until we caught him, so all three came home with us.

Because my son was also a big fan of the movie The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes he named the largest ginger cat, Riley.  (Are you sensing a theme with kitten names here? And would you be surprised to know that my son is now a coder?)
cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town
Riley, in front of a computer
Because I was a big fan of the movie Oscar and Lucinda, I named the female tabby Lucinda and the long-haired ginger (the very shy kitten) Oscar. 

Oscar was my favorite cat. I know I shouldn't have favorites, but I did. (Rose was a very close second). I loved that cat dearly.  He was incredibly shy, and so sweet, so when he actually came up to you to pet him, you knew that you were special. Or so I liked to think!
cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town
Jack (who got hit by a car sauntering across the street to visit with the college students, after husband and I got married and we moved into our current home), and Rose and Riley and Oscar have passed away. All but Oscar are buried in our little pet cemetery in the back of our yard.  I had Oscar cremated, and his little tin of ashes resides in our upstairs office/spare bedroom, which used to be the son's room when he lived here with us.

Lucinda is the last surviving of the bunch - she's nearly 15 years old now!
cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town
A recent photo of Lucinda looking grumpy
For a few years, I was helping a TNR (trap/neuter/release) group in town, and that's how we adopted both Charlemagne (named because I thought he looked like a French king), and Iris (I was reading a bunch of Iris Murdoch at the time). Word to the wise - when taking care of abandoned kittens, do NOT name them! Iris was my husband's favorite cat.  Poor Iris- she also got hit by a car.  After that, we never let any of our cats go outside again, which was hard for Rose because she loved going outside, and was a smart one who never went across the street, but we had to protect her.
cats who have lived with us since we moved to this town
So no more kittens for us. Charlemagne and Lucinda are the last two cats we will have.  Honestly, I do love cats (if you noticed, at one point we had seven living with us) but hate clawed up furniture.  Yet given that Charlemagne is only 7 years old, I'm afraid it will be years before I can reupholster the chairs. 

documentaries and blogs

As I have said many times before, I love watching television.  And when I say "television" I include movies and documentaries.  It is kind of like I use the word "spaghetti' to mean any pasta dish, and "burrito" to define anything the husband cooks that includes a tortilla. ( I like to preserve, and cook or bake a few things, but he's the main cook of the house.  I don't like cooking much in general, which is especially weird given that my father was a chef - you spend so much time and effort and then it's gone in a few minutes.  That's why I like to knit, garden, preserve, do pottery, etc. - there is something tangible you can hold onto a lot longer after your effort).

Anyway, sometimes I wonder why I blog here specifically, and sometimes I think I'm being too self-serving, and I get a little embarrassed and feel 'naked' being out there in the blog-o-sphere.   (I started blogging in LiveJournal over 10 years ago - and I still do but LJ it's my private venting very personal space. A bunch of ATC - artist trading cards -  swapping pals were there so I joined in the fray.)  

But I really do love reading blogs.   I so enjoy peeking into other people's worlds and interests, and seeing how folks that I don't even know, and are scattered about the world, live and think about their daily lives, and getting inspired esp. with all the art/craft blogs I follow. I figure if I really enjoy other people blogging, then I should enjoy that I'm blogging, too. And it's always a bonus to be able to connect with folks.

Blogs are kind of like documentaries - and the documentary is one of my favorite type of show to watch (thank goodness for PBS, Netflix streaming, and libraries!) One of my absolute favorite documentaries is the Swedish film Women with Cows/Kokvinnora.   My pal Denise and I saw it two years ago at the Cleveland International Film Festival, and I cannot stop thinking about it.   Has anyone seen it?

documentaries and blogs

Enough deep thoughts for today.  Time for laundry, and then heading out later to the pottery studio.  And hurrah for a sunny (though still extremely cold) Friday!
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