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the cow jumped over the moon

a year ago

A year ago, Robert had his heart valve replacement surgery.

Here he is, about a month ago, at the local record store (owned by our pal Aaron).

a year ago
A carefully placed album :)
Thank goodness all went well, and is well!  I don't know what I would do without him. Thank goodness for ACA/Obamacare - if we didn't have it, he wouldn't have gone for a regular check-up (he had no real symptoms; but we had insurance and a low co-pay), and when his valve would have failed, it would have been catastrophic! We'll see what the powers-that-be replace ACA with - but I'm not feeling very hopeful. Thanks to everyone for being supportive, esp Denise who was with me all day long that very very long emotional stressful day.

And look!  The crocuses are popping up in our front yard.  It's been oddly warm for the past week.

a year ago

And a pretty sunset last week at the old reservoir in town:

a year ago

health insurance

As some of you know, Robert needs heart surgery. We have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what health insurance plan we can afford and what covers the doctors that he needs. We had signed up for a plan at the beginning of re-enrollment, but changed it today (re-enrollment was extended - whoot!) due to the fact that the surgeons his cardiologist wants him to use aren't on the previous plan.

Thank goodness for ACA (Affordable Care Act)/Obamacare, and thank you so much for the best customer service rep at our Ohio health care exchange.

This new plan is more expensive, and our finances will be VERY tight this year - even more so than last year, but not as bad as 2014. But Robert's health is most important.  He will be off work for probably two months.  Another thank you for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) - he won't lose his job for having this surgery.

Any guesses for which political party was instrumental in both FMLA and ACA? And today, President Obama vetoed a bill (voted on by nearly all Republicans and one Democrat) to REPEAL ACA!  Between this and his executive action regarding more background checks for guns, I am very thankful for our President!

Oh we finished the puzzle - he did most of it, but I halped! (Two pieces missing - we think Sephora ate them):

health insurance

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

A bunch of string beans needed to be processed as soon as possible. I took the easy way out and on Thursday made some refrigerator dilly beans, using a Mrs. Wages packet of seasonings. Usually I like to follow a recipe out of a book or a website and add my own seasonings, but I had this packet (probably bought on sale at some point - it's the old packaging so I hope the seasonings hold up) so I gave it a whirl.

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

So today I cracked open a jar, and tasted them.  I have never made these before.  You know that three-bean salad you can buy at the deli counter, or in a can?  Yep, that's what they taste like.  They'll be great alone, or on top of a green salad.

Today I have already worked a few hours at the non-profit.  Then started my application for the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare (yeah I know, the deadline is in a few days).  Was going to go to the pottery room today but I cut my finger yesterday making more dehydrated sweet potato snacks for the dog and I don't want to re-open the cut. Now I have time to vacuum. Oh, hurrah. 
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