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the cow jumped over the moon

car and bowls

Wow, two posts in one week!

Here's the promised photo of me in our new-to-us car, with our cool peace sign seat covers that were part of the deal!

car and bowls

Today, a bunch of my former and current students (some of them made the bowls last Saturday) came to the studio in the morning to help glaze the Empty Bowls bowls. I loaded them into the kiln for the glaze firing; will unload on Monday and get them to the community services center for their Tuesday event.

car and bowls
Some of the bowls getting ready to be put in the kiln.
Afterwards, I came back home, and Robert made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and we have been watching soccer all day long.  I did do a load of laundry.  The MLS Cup starts in about 45 minutes - I'm not sure who to cheer for, so I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the game.

I really need to finish painting the woodwork around the windows.  Sheesh! Seriously, it's been five days just to paint this one window!  I'm hopeless.  My excuse is that I can only paint when it's light, because it's hard to see at night even with the lamp on.  (hahahaHAHAHAHAhahahaa) I only need to do touch-ups!  Okay maybe I'll finish tonight when I'm watching the game.

car and bowls
The top photo shows the light-green color of the woodwork;
we, or I should say I am painting it off-white instead.

saturday photos

It's a quiet Saturday.  Earlier, Robert and I went downtown to do some banking, and popped by the Farmers Market and picked up a few things, most importantly some pickling cukes.

We have a not-real Persian/Oriental rug (what is the politically correct term?) and we just scrubbed it outside and will see if it was worth our effort. It's super hot today - close to 90 degrees and extremely humid - so hopefully the rug will dry and not mold. It's an inexpensive rug, so we didn't want to send it out for cleaning. He's finishing up the painting of the front hallway - a project many years in the procrastinating, and an upcoming visit from some of his Danish friends spurred him on.

In the meantime, the A/C is on, I have some photos to post, and we're waiting to watch a soccer game (Men's US team v Cuba).

saturday photos
I love chewy candy and our grocery store has the best gummy bears.
saturday photos
Another demo pottery piece I made - featuring slip trailing and sgraffito

saturday photos
A sedum that didn't drown in all the rain we have been having....Stonecrop 'Lime Zinger'

this and that

This morning I had to make some blueberry jam FAST because the blueberries were thawing and dripped all over the fridge. I haven't cleaned the fridge yet.  I'll do that after I post this, I swear! I will!

Last night, Robert and I went to a talk by Rashad Becker entitled "Mastering Experimental Music". Robert had met Rashad in person when he was on tour in August (he had mastered a few of Robert's albums).  It was great to meet Rashad, see all the students in attendance and the talk was very informative.  Rashad is performing later on tonight - I'm going to stay home, Robert will be going to see him.

What else?  Oh yeah, I saw an article about Katwise on Facebook today, and one of the photos in the article was a photo I hadn't seen before - check out the seventh photo on this page.   I have one of those Eden pieces, too. Which of course made me take a photo of the one I have.  My two sisters also had their own, which are also featured in Kat's cabinet! Our Mom bought us each one to match our hair color. (My hair was red/auburn when I was younger). We had them displayed in our bedroom when we were kids.

this and that
Okay, off to clean the fridge!

what's happening in the kitchen

The title should read "What's happening in the kitchen, or what should be happening soon."

What happened: Yesterday, I used the dehydrator to dry six trays of apples. As I planned to watch the Cleveland Browns' game, I figured at least I would get something substantial done that day and not feel guilty. (Though I was knitting some boot cuffs, too.)

Oh, what a game!! The Browns' defense was absolutely horrible for the first half - they were losing 10-28!!! But the second half was heart-stopping, and they pulled it off and won 29-28!

what's happening in the kitchen
Lots of dried apples - Sephora likes them, too

What happened: This morning I started another batch of sauerkraut; and I added onions.
What better happen soon:  I have another head and a half of cabbage, so I'll do another quart or two, after I pick up some caraway seed at the store, and maybe add apples, too.  We have a lot of apples.

what's happening in the kitchen

What should be happening : And another project:  some pear and apple chutney. I picked up the pears at the Farmers Market on Saturday. Not sure which recipe I'm going to use.  I'm going to scour my many canning books to see what I can find.

what's happening in the kitchen
One of my favorite bowls - look, hollyhocks!
What should be happening (non-kitchen related):  More yard work and laundry.  Hahahaaa, yeah right!

EDIT:  So you all don't think I'm totally lazy, I did go out into the garden and picked everything that was ripe and then picked all the green tomatoes and tore up the plants.  I am thinking of planting some garlic.

I'm heading out to my son's house in an hour or so to help to continue helping them with their basement.

"can't i have anything nice in this house!?"

I'm making a little curtain for above the window air conditioner in the living room.  We have two sets of drapes (an inner lace and outer heavy panels), which work fine in the cold, and keep the heavy sun away, but when you put in the air conditioner, how do you drape the drapes so that they look nice AND keep the sun from shining in the house AND don't block the air conditioner?

Last night,I took a piece of fabric I had sitting around, and started making a little curtain to fit above the air conditioner in lieu of the lace curtain.

This morning, I was measuring and marking off the bottom of the curtain with a bright pink disappearing ink pen - you see I usually do things slap-dashed and don't measure and just cut and pin and sew without worrying too much about precision (like I did for the top hem) but I thought I would do it right this time.

All of a sudden, I'm thinking "what are all these pink spots?  Did the pen explode?"  And I wasn't too worried because, well, it's disappearing ink.

No, a pin had embedded itself in my finger, and I didn't feel it (I guess I have a high pain threshold) and those pink spots aren't ink at all but my blood that is spurting all over the fabric, the floor and the ruler.

I am often heard saying in a loud voice "can't I have anything nice in this house!??"  - usually this is in reference to what the animals do to the floor or our furniture.  And this morning I said it again, though no one heard me yelling because the husband is at work.

Of course, by the time I finished cleaning up the blood drips, the disappearing ink ... yep, you guessed it had disappeared!  Sigh!  See, if I stayed true to myself, none of this would have happened. 

just a normal day

just a normal day
Our flowering quince is flowering

This morning, when we went to make coffee, we had no water.  The water main project is still on-going, and on-going, and on-...well you get  my drift.  They were supposed to notify us, but they didn't.  We didn't have any bottled water in the house, so Robert went to pick some up so we could make coffee, brush our teeth and wash up (not necessarily in that order).

We really should have some jugs of water around, especially since we live in the midwest (tornadoes).  We need to be more prepared.

Around noon, off to work at the non-profit.  Then to a city committee meeting.  And because city hall is right next to the library, I stopped in there because I needed a break from Isak Dineson.  I am mid-way through her absolutely amazing Seven Gothic Tales, but her writing is quite dense, and I wanted something lighter to read as a little break, so I picked up Clive Barker's YA Abarat and Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn.

When I came home from work, two surprises awaited me.  First was a box of sweet potatoes - a friend dropped them off as a gift for Sephora-treats!  And Robert had totally scrubbed the stove.  He had scrubbed the kitchen floor, on his hands and knees, on Monday, and I nearly had a heart attack.  Whatever has gotten into him, I'm liking it.  And because I didn't want him to mess up his perfect stove (and as you all know, he's the main cook in our house), we had chinese take-out for dinner, my treat.

Let's see, what else?  Oh, I had to resign from Meal on Wheels because I'm working at the garden center/nursery every Tuesday.  I'm kind of sad about that - I really enjoyed that gig.  Maybe I can start up again in the fall.

And Poker Night (Sunday) was really fun.  Lots of good food, and conversation.  We are hoping to make it a regular event again.

That's about it - going to forego television tonight and dig into one of the library books.

a few things

Yesterday I attempted to tackle the weed bed.  I gave up after 15 minutes.  It's been taken over by ground ivy, so I decided that I'll gather some cardboard and/or landscaping fabric and smother the dang stuff, and then cover with mulch. I'm not sure what I despise more - ground ivy or buckthorn.

a few things

The husband spent many hours in the basement, cleaning up the floor. Because our basement tends to flood, and because we use clumping cat litter, the basement was absolutely disgusting.  So he methodically took care of that mess. The basement floor has never been so clean and sweet-smelling.

Since I was feeling guilty that I wasn't accomplishing much of anything, I pruned some rose bushes (late, I know) and then made a very simple upcycled tee-shirt, katwise-style.  I had three identical long sleeved tee-shirts (in three different colors - btw, I do that a lot.  If I find something that works, I buy a couple of them.  I like uniforms) and each of them had holes or stains but the fabric is so nice and soft I didn't want to put them in the rag drawer.

I cut away the areas where there had been stains or holes, and serged together.  I only used two of the tees to make this, and maybe I'll cut down the sleeves. I like the tunic length of this.

a few things
used our wisteria trellis on the front porch to hang the shirt on for lighting purposes
For dinner, I treated us to take-out at The Feve - he had the Buffalo Shishtawouk (with masochistic sauce) and I had The O.T. (a pulled pork w/cole slaw sandwich, named for Officer Tim).

Today I think I'll make another tee from pieces and parts.  Not sure yet. I didn't wake up until after 10:00 a.m. this morning and I'm still drinking my morning coffee.  

when the cat is away, the mouse watches her shows

The husband was out with his buddies last night, so I relaxed and knitted and started watching "Coal House." I have seen most of the House series - my favorite so far is  "The 1940s House".  I absolutely love the historical reality genre, especially "Tales from the Green Valley" and the rest of that series.

After I watch these shows, a few things happen.  One is that I feel I am really really lazy.  Another is that I am in awe of what our ancestors had to go through. And thankful that through their gumption I'm here in this world. Thirdly, why can't American television do a decent series?

I paused one of the episodes in the middle, wracked with guilt, and washed the dishes.

when the cat is away, the mouse watches her shows
a random photo of some of our clean dishes

home invaders!

home invaders!
a stink bug on our bathroom wall - brazen son of a gun
I heard that because of our extremely cold weather this Winter, many stink bugs died a horrible and painful death.  Well I didn't heard about their horrible and painful death, but I kind of hope they died that way.  This is the third year or so of their nonsense in our area - I'm really tired of them.

Stink bugs don't bite and are just a nuisance in the house, especially if you scare them or smash them and then they release the stink. But, there are reports of severe damage they inflict on certain fruit trees, and also tomatoes, soy beans, lima beans and sweet corn. According to Wikipedia, the brown marmolated stink bug was 'accidentally' introduced into the US in 1998.  Its natural predator, a parasitoidal wasp, is not present here.

They love to hide in the folds of curtains.  I thank my lucky stars that I had a burst of housekeeping energy over the Winter, and washed curtains in the living and dining rooms.  Gah, I found a LOT of those buggers, and they died a watery death, i.e., death by flushing them down the toilet.

They're spreading like a zombie apocalypse!

home invaders!

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

A bunch of string beans needed to be processed as soon as possible. I took the easy way out and on Thursday made some refrigerator dilly beans, using a Mrs. Wages packet of seasonings. Usually I like to follow a recipe out of a book or a website and add my own seasonings, but I had this packet (probably bought on sale at some point - it's the old packaging so I hope the seasonings hold up) so I gave it a whirl.

refrigerator dilly (dilled green) beans

So today I cracked open a jar, and tasted them.  I have never made these before.  You know that three-bean salad you can buy at the deli counter, or in a can?  Yep, that's what they taste like.  They'll be great alone, or on top of a green salad.

Today I have already worked a few hours at the non-profit.  Then started my application for the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare (yeah I know, the deadline is in a few days).  Was going to go to the pottery room today but I cut my finger yesterday making more dehydrated sweet potato snacks for the dog and I don't want to re-open the cut. Now I have time to vacuum. Oh, hurrah. 
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