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the cow jumped over the moon

it's still spring, isn't it?

Every time I start a post, something else happens and I drop that post, and start another.  And then something else happens ... gah!!

Since it's been nearly two months or so since I last posted -  check out the chickens:

it's still spring, isn't it?
Bettie isn't in the photo - Lettie, Nettie, Myrtle and Hettie
I went to the March for Science in Cleveland on April 22nd (Earth Day), with my friends Evelyn (we worked at the nursey/garden center together for a few years) and her husband Don.  Their signs were photographed so many times it was awesome! Oh and Viva La France!  And we still have work to do with this administration - esp the current joke of a health care bill.

it's still spring, isn't it?

Finished my quilt!! It only took three months.  I learned a hell of a lot about myself with this project. Doing anything with precision is very hard for me, but I stuck with it. There are a lot of mistakes in this, but I did have a lot of fun and a lot of yelling-at-the-sewing machine; but I'll do another in the fall.

it's still spring, isn't it?

it's still spring, isn't it?Robert and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on May Day, and then last weekend, we went away for a night. It was the first time we were able to get away in a L O N G time. That whole week it was raining nearly every day, so it was wonderful that on Saturday, the skies started to clear and we were able to see the sun.

We just went to the Lake Erie Islands - I have lived in Northern Ohio my whole life and I had never been to the islands before. It was really really sweet and necessary. We walked along the beach - I was looking for sea glass, but we found a lot of cool stones and shells;saw a lighthouse; and an egret; took the ferry to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island.  We didn't think we'd be staying overnight on the island because lodging is expensive, but we saw this adorable old-fashioned hotel (no TV in the rooms, the bathroom was like a boarding house, down the hall) but the price was right so we took it!  We hadn't brought our overnight clothes with us (they were in the car on the mainland) but what the heck.  We were only going to be there one night.  It was fantastic. I won't bore you with all the photos, but you can see many more of them on Instagram.

it's still spring, isn't it?
The ferry Sunday morning
Busy with work at the non-profit - the community garden is getting ready for the season, and we had a Spring community clean-up recently where we helped folks rake old leaves, clear brush, and clean gutters. We also had a ribbon cutting for the rehabbed home we did for a family.

This month I'm not teaching pottery so I hope to get a lot of my own work done. Plus all the spring gardening stuff - weeding and prepping beds, transplanting seedlings.  I'm planning a special herb garden this year.

Oh speaking of herbs, I am still doing a lot of herbal infusions, and just started a tincture of cleavers. Along with studying herbalism, I'm still learning the tarot, and I'm still enjoying it! Fascinating.

it's still spring, isn't it?
Cleavers tincture
And a final photo - our house covered with wisteria! Last year, it didn't bloom so here it is, going insane!

it's still spring, isn't it?

good things

Hello everyone:  I had to take a little break from some social media. And I'm back, with a few good things as of late:

Denise and I went to see Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks at the Cleveland Museum of Art two Sundays ago.  It was absolutely fantastic. I never got to see his work in person back in the '80s.  Gosh he was (we were) so young then!

I stopped by the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse on the way - what a serene and sweet place:

A few years ago, I promised myself that I would either use up a bunch of fabric I have sitting around, or donate it. So I started my first scrap quilt.  I am going to make a few minor changes to the layout, and I am a bit nervous about sewing it - I am not at all precise so we'll see how it turns out. I also promised myself that I wouldn't buy any new fabric, and I did keep that promise.  All I bought was spray basting and batting.  Once it's done, I'll post the finished quilt.  It's quite small - only 9 - 5" blocks by 10 - 5" blocks - it (will hopefully) fit on a piece of fabric I have had for years that I'm using as backing:

Another thing I have wanted to learn for a long time was fair isle/color work/stranded knitting. So I am knitting this hat - the pattern is here and yarn by Candice at The Farmers Daughter Fibers who I happen to follow on Instagram. It's quite fun and I'm happy how it's turning out!  Since it's my first time, I am really twisting my yarn a lot so I'm knitting very slow. Between the quilt and the knitting, I am checking the news less often, which is good for my mental health. (I'm still making phone calls, writing letter, etc, though)

And last but not least!! Happy Valentine's Day (early) to us!! A darling new flock of chicks!!!  It's so good to have chicks again - been too long (I think it's been over two years since we have had chickens   Robert reminded me that it has been three and a half years since we have had chickens! Wow).  We named them (and this is not in the order of the photo) Bettie, Hettie, Lettie, Nettie -  and Myrtle!  (I cannot stop laughing when I say "...and Myrtle!").  Beware that I'll be boring the pants off of you all by posting lots of photos of them in upcoming blog entries :)

EDIT:  If you have never seen a baby chick fall over falling asleep - well, you have to!! When we first had chickens, and saw that happening, I thought the chick had died.  Now I am laughing all the time when I see them do it.  Ahhh good things :)

mid-december: a quick post

It's the holiday season and I'm sure lots of us are busy with preparations and projects. Here's a few things I have been doing:

This morning, December 15th - I just finished signing up for health care - yep, I waited until the last minute.

My arm/hand warmers did not pass their test - so I am re-doing them, with more skill (ha!) and knowledge (ha ha!).  The basic problem is that I did not know how to make sure that the seams didn't unravel.  Then I read about burning the threads (if they're polyester and my thread is polyester) with a lighter.

At the local community arts center, they have advertised four pottery classes of mine for January and February. Hope they fill up!

Let's see what else - oh yes, we finally put up the holiday tree last night. A fake tree with home-made ornaments.

mid-december: a quick post

That's about it for now - hope everyone is doing well and is able to relax here and there during this time of year.

words are cool, and confusing

I was going to talk about when I feel the most carefree.  I was going to talk about feeling carefree when I take a bubble bath or a nap in the middle of the day.

Then I was thinking, why is the word "take" used in these phrases?

For instance - take a vacation day, take a shower, take a walk.

I looked the word up in various dictionaries; and the first few definitions go something like this "to get into one's hands or into one's possession, power, or control".

It seems, subconsciously, that we (Americans, mostly?) don't feel that certain things are ours in the first place, or perhaps we feel guilty?  Why don't we say that we're having a shower or a vacation day or a walk?  Why do we feel the need to grab it?

Yep, my mind works in weird ways.

Oh, here's the air conditioner window curtain photo:

words are cool, and confusing

"can't i have anything nice in this house!?"

I'm making a little curtain for above the window air conditioner in the living room.  We have two sets of drapes (an inner lace and outer heavy panels), which work fine in the cold, and keep the heavy sun away, but when you put in the air conditioner, how do you drape the drapes so that they look nice AND keep the sun from shining in the house AND don't block the air conditioner?

Last night,I took a piece of fabric I had sitting around, and started making a little curtain to fit above the air conditioner in lieu of the lace curtain.

This morning, I was measuring and marking off the bottom of the curtain with a bright pink disappearing ink pen - you see I usually do things slap-dashed and don't measure and just cut and pin and sew without worrying too much about precision (like I did for the top hem) but I thought I would do it right this time.

All of a sudden, I'm thinking "what are all these pink spots?  Did the pen explode?"  And I wasn't too worried because, well, it's disappearing ink.

No, a pin had embedded itself in my finger, and I didn't feel it (I guess I have a high pain threshold) and those pink spots aren't ink at all but my blood that is spurting all over the fabric, the floor and the ruler.

I am often heard saying in a loud voice "can't I have anything nice in this house!??"  - usually this is in reference to what the animals do to the floor or our furniture.  And this morning I said it again, though no one heard me yelling because the husband is at work.

Of course, by the time I finished cleaning up the blood drips, the disappearing ink ... yep, you guessed it had disappeared!  Sigh!  See, if I stayed true to myself, none of this would have happened. 

a few things

Yesterday I attempted to tackle the weed bed.  I gave up after 15 minutes.  It's been taken over by ground ivy, so I decided that I'll gather some cardboard and/or landscaping fabric and smother the dang stuff, and then cover with mulch. I'm not sure what I despise more - ground ivy or buckthorn.

a few things

The husband spent many hours in the basement, cleaning up the floor. Because our basement tends to flood, and because we use clumping cat litter, the basement was absolutely disgusting.  So he methodically took care of that mess. The basement floor has never been so clean and sweet-smelling.

Since I was feeling guilty that I wasn't accomplishing much of anything, I pruned some rose bushes (late, I know) and then made a very simple upcycled tee-shirt, katwise-style.  I had three identical long sleeved tee-shirts (in three different colors - btw, I do that a lot.  If I find something that works, I buy a couple of them.  I like uniforms) and each of them had holes or stains but the fabric is so nice and soft I didn't want to put them in the rag drawer.

I cut away the areas where there had been stains or holes, and serged together.  I only used two of the tees to make this, and maybe I'll cut down the sleeves. I like the tunic length of this.

a few things
used our wisteria trellis on the front porch to hang the shirt on for lighting purposes
For dinner, I treated us to take-out at The Feve - he had the Buffalo Shishtawouk (with masochistic sauce) and I had The O.T. (a pulled pork w/cole slaw sandwich, named for Officer Tim).

Today I think I'll make another tee from pieces and parts.  Not sure yet. I didn't wake up until after 10:00 a.m. this morning and I'm still drinking my morning coffee.  

scented sunday and a bit of nostalgia

Admittedly, I'm growing very very weary of the bitter cold.  The snow doesn't bother me too much, although our truck got stuck in our driveway on Friday and thankfully a good samaritan stopped and helped us so the husband was able to get to work on time on his first day back after three months.

scented sunday and a bit of nostalgia

In order to bring about thoughts of spring and roses, I wore Le Labo Rose 31 yesterday, and today, inspired by Blacknall Allen's latest blog post about growing roses, I drenched myself in my beloved Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie. Early this week (or was it last week?) I put on some Malle Portrait of a Lady. (Perfume-related links in this paragraph are directed back to my now-archived perfume blog, bloody frida)

I'm a big fan of rose in perfumes, mostly due to wonderful memories of my much adored British great grandmother, who if you remember also taught me how to crochet.  She wore rose water, and gave me some when I was young, and thus began my love of scent.  I once sewed a blouse for her when I was 12 or so, out of  blue and white floral patterned cotton fabric, as she was very fond of blue.

Here's a photo of Great Gramma in 1989- she was 99 years old and meeting my son for the first time. And as you can see, we are all wearing blue!

scented sunday and a bit of nostalgia
Great Gramma, me and Joseph 1989
It's a fascinating story of how my Great Gramma, originally from Cheshire, England, came to the States and how I ended up in the world (truthfully, most if not all immigrant stories are fascinating to me as I love to read/hear/watch documentaries and biographies, and especially since I am a product of at least four countries -  Ireland, England, Poland, and Greece).   One of the days, I may blog about it.  In the meantime, I need to do some chores, but I'm happy to report my mood has lifted!

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

I decided to add a few embellishments to the upcycled denim dress with scarf.

I took the denim fabric (leftover from when I cut the bottom off the original dress/jumper) and ripped strips from it.

Then, I hand-stitched in the middle of the strips, in a simple design, along the line where I machine sewed the scarf to the dress. EDIT:  I used three strands of DMC floss for the hand-stitching.

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

I then added plain ripped denim strips to the top of the pockets and the neckline.  The little extra embellishments really add to it.  There is no full shot of the dress because the light is so bad in my home today.

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

upcycled denim dress with scarf

I found this denim overall type dress at a second hand store.  I think I only wore it once, because it was way too long for denim, and given that denim doesn't flow very well, I was uncomfortable in it.

upcycled denim dress with scarf

So I cut it off, making it shorter.  I serged the bottom hem:

upcycled denim dress with scarf

I actually wore the short version, with a long sleeved shirt, and a long skirt under, and I thought that maybe I should just leave it like that, but I had a vision of using this scarf as an under-slip sort of thing:

upcycled denim dress with scarf

So I sewed the scarf a few inches up from the bottom hem of the denim on the inside, keeping the tassle-y things showing, so it would move a bit freer.

I may add more fancy stuff to it, but for now I'm just going to wear it and see how it feels.

upcycled denim dress with scarf

bulletin board and pennant string

Two photos today.

One of my bulletin board and the top of my desk (inspired by Joanne at Cup on the Bus).  This is an apt description of my interests - friends, family, snail mail, perfume, lipstick, canning, gardening, local food, art galleries, chickens, printmaking, ceramics... - and I didn't stage this shot.)

bulletin board and pennant string

And a pennant string I finished today:

bulletin board and pennant string

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