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the cow jumped over the moon

a year ago

A year ago, Robert had his heart valve replacement surgery.

Here he is, about a month ago, at the local record store (owned by our pal Aaron).

a year ago
A carefully placed album :)
Thank goodness all went well, and is well!  I don't know what I would do without him. Thank goodness for ACA/Obamacare - if we didn't have it, he wouldn't have gone for a regular check-up (he had no real symptoms; but we had insurance and a low co-pay), and when his valve would have failed, it would have been catastrophic! We'll see what the powers-that-be replace ACA with - but I'm not feeling very hopeful. Thanks to everyone for being supportive, esp Denise who was with me all day long that very very long emotional stressful day.

And look!  The crocuses are popping up in our front yard.  It's been oddly warm for the past week.

a year ago

And a pretty sunset last week at the old reservoir in town:

a year ago

the elephant in the room

I just have to say that it's difficult for me to write about every day things when there is so much crap happening in the world and specifically in my country. I rarely write about politics and current events on my blog but I have been quite upset with racism and fear-mongering and shootings and and and that it is hard not to.

I try very hard not to have knee-jerk reactions to things. I have a long way to go, I know, as I still blurt out things when I should hold my tongue, calm down, and get all the pertinent information. But you would think that the 'media' and some bigwigs would try just as hard.

Okay - now onto trivial things:

I stopped in the library yesterday and picked up a few books. (Here's the link to get to my Goodreads profile if you're interested).  Even though I have been reading The Art of Eating and What the Dog Saw, I wanted something else. I like to read fiction and then a bit of non-fiction, kind of like palette cleansing. Sometimes I think I read too much too fast - and that I should savor more. Remember back when you would buy an album and play it over and over and over again, and really live with it? With the various ways of consuming music nowadays, does anyone really live with a piece of music anymore?

the elephant in the room

Gosh I am navel-gazing this morning. Maybe the fog has something to do with that.  And maybe I should stop reading murder mysteries.

the elephant in the room

I can smell Robert cooking our late breakfast!!! so I'll finish up this post. Plus a soccer game is on so I'm signing off for now. 

(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...

...and the sky is gray/grey.*  It is quite windy this morning and leaves are blowing everywhere! Actually it's not that cloudy out right now - the wind blew the clouds away for a bit.

A few weeks ago, Robert's Danish friends Thomas and Julie and their children came to town to visit. They are staying in Minnesota for a few months because of J's schooling. It was wonderful meeting them and spending some time together! T booked two gigs for Robert and Aaron in Minneapolis so they left this morning for the weekend.

Busy with pottery and pottery classes; here are a few things that recently came out of the kiln. These are basically the two styles of pottery I'm concentrating on - bowls with matte glaze outside and in, and the slip/sgraffito/celadon series.

(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...
Not perfect, but boy do I like this bowl!
(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...
Celadon glaze over the slip/sgraffito - I will need to put on at least one more layer of glaze in the future.

Here's one of my students, Erika, with her "first and only mug," awaiting bisque. She's not too fond of making handles, but I think she did a great job!

(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...

I took a photo of some of my students during Wednesday morning's class.  Mary takes my evening hand-building class but was in in the morning as she wouldn't be able to make it to class later on.
(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...
Ana, Mary, Linda and Erika
Awhile back, I came to the realization that I do not like dark colored insides-of-bowls. I also realize that I prefer round bowls to V-shaped bowls to use, though throwing V-shaped bowls are fun. It is interesting to see who likes what type of shaped bowl. What type do you prefer? Or does it depend on what is IN the bowl?

(nearly) all the leaves have dropped...
A V-ish shaped bowl - maybe good for dips?
So this weekend's plans:  trim pots, throw pots, glaze pots, and finish cleaning up the yard.  Hahaa, let's see if that last item gets done - want to bet on it!?

*When I was in first or second grade, I spelled gray "grey" and got reprimanded for it. In my hazy memory, my dad went to my school and complained to the teacher that both spellings are appropriate. I have no idea why I spelled it with an 'e' other than maybe my Great Grandma (from England) influenced me somehow? Now I am never sure which way to spell that darned word as being American, spelling it with an 'e' can come off as being pretentious!

thoughts and stuff

I have been busy clearing and cleaning out the basement art space - a 6' x 8' room that Robert built for me a few years back - to house my pottery wheel and clay tools. I used that room quite often a few years ago, but then it just became cluttered, especially since I stopped doing mail art and swaps.

I was able to toss two huge garbage bags full of junk, filled two grocery bags of paper recyclables and a bunch of plastic to recycle, and have a large bin/tub to go through for donation to a charity or for re-sale.  I still have some other art supplies to sell or donate - things like beads and beading supplies because I'm really crap at making jewelry. I cannot wrap wire properly to save my life.

Back when I had full-time employment, some of the jobs I had were quite stressful. I would spend money to make myself happy, and one of the things I spent money on too freely was art/craft supplies. Not that I had much time to use them either. I had accumulated way too much stuff. It was overwhelming and head-shaking. Coincidentally,  Tilda was just talking about hoarding in this post.

And it made me think about Farmville.

Yes, Farmville. Some years back, when Facebook had launched that game, I loved it- plant some seeds, take care of farm animals - nice and slow (like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, two other old time video games I liked).  I played it for quite some time.  Not sure why I stopped - probably because the computer I have now is quite slow.Or maybe because I was actually gardening and raising chickens in real life. Now that Robert is gone (he is on tour in Denmark and Germany for two week) I'm using his computer which is faster, and because I'm a little bored or actually I'm a lot procrastinating, I clicked on Farmville again. It's like watching a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video! Sensory overload!  More and more stuff, have to have more stuff!!!! After a day and a half, I had to delete that app. It was making me nervous and slightly melancholy.

thoughts and stuff

Not sure what this post is about other than I have been thinking a lot about stuff... I could continue to talk about this, and one of the reasons I hadn't done pottery in a long time is because I think 'how many pieces of pottery does the world need?'  But I really enjoy clay. I don't know - sigh - I think I need to think about something else. And take out the recycling.

And in other news, today was the first day I actually saw the ground in the yard, between melting piles of snow!

"i go to bakeries all day long..."

When I was growing up, there were two bakeries in the neighborhood.  I can still picture them, inside and out, which then reminded me that I have a recurring bakery dream. I rush to this bakery before they close and hope that there is something left to buy. This dream bakery stumps me - have I been to one like this before? And if so, where? Even in my waking life, I can picture this dream bakery perfectly.

We didn't often get sweets growing up, so once in a while on a Sunday, coming home from Mass, our dad would stop by one of the bakeries as a special treat for us.

Yes, baked goods are a current obsession. The Great British Baking Show is somewhat to blame, but also the weather, and Fat Tuesday.  Paczkis are all the rage here at this time of year, and we picked up some the other day; though honestly I don't remember them when I was younger, which is weird because my mom is of Polish heritage. But she wasn't a big baker - other than making us cakes for our birthday, that was about it - plus we didn't live in a Polish neighborhood.  I really wanted apricot filled ones but they didn't have them so I chose lemon. Robert has baked us brownies and apple cobbler recently. I cannot get enough.

My favorite baked good is this (though the ones we had were rectangles not squares):

We just called them coconut bars, but I read that in Australia they're called Lamingtons.  But why would an Australian baked good be so famous in the Cleveland area? Hmmm.

Tonight we may break the all-time cold weather record. Yeehaw.

*The title of the blog post is a reference to The Modern Lovers "Hospital" *

music monday: "anyone who knows what love is (will understand)"

Robert and I recently binge-watched Black Mirror (highly recommended and available on Netflix - though for some folks this show may not be their cup of tea).  This song was sung by Jessica Brown-Findlay (Sybil from Downton Abbey) in the second episode.

Here's the original version, sung by Irma Thomas (I believe this record was released in 1964).  Enjoy!