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the cow jumped over the moon


Had difficulty sleeping last night- so ended up with a whopping four hours under my belt. Whoo.  Hoo.

Up at 6:00 a.m.   P came by with his truck at 7:00 a.m., along with his dog and his bicycle, so I could borrow the truck for this morning.  He gave me the keys, and the truck, and pedaled off with the dog happily running next to him.  (Our truck is broken beyond repair which is heartbreaking to me.  No accident was involved - the frame is rusted and will collapse at any moment. So it is biking for us until we can figure out another vehicle.  BTW, public transportation in our county is pretty much non-existent - for instance, the line out of our town is only two days a week.)

I was kind of dressed up for me.  I'm a new board member of a non-profit located in a city north of us.  I know this non-profit because I worked with them directly at my last full-time non-profit management job; part of my duties there was to help coordinate mental health clients and their housing with all the agencies and social workers involved.

I left the house before Robert left for work.  His work is 1.2 miles away and he rode his bike.  I got to the meeting in good time; I was actually a little bit early.  The meeting was only an hour long. It's good for me to keep connected with this agency and the work they do.

On the way home, since I had a vehicle, I stopped into a store to get some cat litter, because cat litter is heavy and hard to bring home on a bike.

Back home, changed clothes because I had to get to my garden center/nursery job by noon. Ate a little snack. Packed a small lunch to eat at 3:00 p.m. or whenever during my shift I had time to eat.

Took the vehicle back to P and M's, with my bike in the back.  When I got to P and M's, P was working in his garden, so he took a break and drove me to the garden center/nursery. M was walking their dog, and we waved as we drove by.

Worked six hours, and then road my bike (about 2.5 miles) home.  Missed all the rain, thankfully.

Robert made pork chops and radish salad and mac n cheese.  While he was cooking, I was checking emails as I have an early morning conference tomorrow with the local non-profit I'm currently working with. And I need a ride there.  Oddly, this conference is across the street from where I was this morning.

Dinner was great - and we watched a taped episode of Jeopardy.

I had been dreading today, dreading riding my bike after work as I was afraid I am too out of shape to do it. Yeah I know it's only a few miles, but it did freak me out. Will sleep very well tonight. I better, or I'll be really angry as I am most happy with eight to nine hours of sleep.

Ta da!

This is my bike - it no longer has the pennant string as it got faded by the sun..
This photo is a few years old and my bike is a lot rustier now.

bulletin board and pennant string

Two photos today.

One of my bulletin board and the top of my desk (inspired by Joanne at Cup on the Bus).  This is an apt description of my interests - friends, family, snail mail, perfume, lipstick, canning, gardening, local food, art galleries, chickens, printmaking, ceramics... - and I didn't stage this shot.)

bulletin board and pennant string

And a pennant string I finished today:

bulletin board and pennant string

a very warm Friday

I needed to get some of our cucumbers into vinegar, so although it is nearly 95 degrees today, I made three pints of April's wonderful Sweet and Hot Curry Refrigerator pickles.

a very warm Friday

We do have a window a/c unit in our living room, and our house is quite tiny, so the kitchen didn't get too warm.  We have a bunch of Hungarian yellow peppers that need canning. I think I have found a good recipe! I'll post the photos and recipe once they are done.

I'm also working on more pennant strings:

a very warm Friday

I'm hoping everyone stays cool today!

working on some more pennant strings, and finding Michele

I'm working a few more pennant strings - these are the 9 inch ones, made mostly from Goodwill fabric (linens, etc).

working on some more pennant strings, and finding Michele
I was thinking about the TV show B Original yesterday as I really enjoyed that show, and I was wondering if Michele Beschen was out there, creating and showing what she is currently involved with.  And yes!  She is!  Check out her blog here .  Ahh that makes me happy!

our chicken coop

We have had laying hens for three years now.  Our original flock consisted of Hyacinth (an Easter Egger), Daisy (Buff Orpington), Rose (Speckled Sussex), Violet (Blue Cochin) and Bucket (Buckeye).

Poor Daisy died early on - I was a newbie hen owner and didn't take care of mites as I should have, and she succumbed to them.  She's buried in our little pet cemetery in the way back of our yard.  Rose we had to trade this year because she was SOOO loud that she was waking up our neighbor in the morning. (We traded her for a Coronation Sussex but that bird is so addle-brained - doesn't know how to roost and hasn't layed an egg yet and we have had her for two months - she's going back to the family that traded her to us.)

A little over a year ago, we got two bantam hens - Guinevere (Old English Game) and Morgana (Sebright).

We built (or should I say my husband) built our coop and run from scratch, and with nearly all free materials.  The only cost was the chicken wire.  As you can see in the photo below, I'm a big fan of cribs.  I collect cribs from the tree lawns all the time - they're great for fencing purposes too!  (The main door to the chicken coop/run area is the headboard of a crib)

We have since built another tiny coop in the back run area for new chicks, which isn't there in this photograph.

our chicken coop
(The fence was all hand-made, too - we bought a bunch of wood - various lengths and widths - and cut them all down to size.  Since my husband wanted to make sure that the fence lined up on the top, every single picket had to be cut to length as our yard is not totally level.  It was a HUGE project.  But we're so glad to have it so we can let the chickens, and our dog, in the yard without worry that they'll escape into the neighborhood.  The inside fence still isn't totally painted yet.  Sigh!)

After the above photo was taken, I made a little pennant string for the coop and took this picture:
our chicken coop

You can spy Patsy and Eddie (the ducks) in this photo - we had them for a couple of months, then were told by our hen-trading friend that they are both boys.  Sigh!  They now live with a family down the road who have a very large pond.  BTW, I will never own ducks again as we do not have a pond in our yard and they are very very very messy.  But darned adorable.

Garden veg and pennant string

Here's some of the harvest from yesterday - our allotment/community garden plot also gave us some English cukes. I'll be making spicy Bread and Butter pickles SOON. I also will be making some zucchini pickles but I need to find another zucchini (I'm sure someone around here will want to unload some! ;)

Garden veg and pennant string

Here's another pennant string - now I made this awhile back but am giving it to my friend P who helped me re-home a naughty kitten.

Garden veg and pennant string

Better get off the computer - our spare room/office has no A/C and I'm a bit warm! Plus I have too much to do!

Pennant string (garland) completed

My serger is wonky - I'm sure if I spend some time really trying to figure it out, I would get it.  See, some of the stitches are loose.  Usually instead of pinking the edges, I serge them.  But in this set, I used pinking shears for the edges and then just serged the string on.

Pennant string (garland) completed

Pennant string (garland) completed

These are traveling to the UK - my friend's sister's birthday is coming up.  Hope she likes them.  
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