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what to wear, what to wear

Yesterday's post about the boot cuffs, and the photo I took of myself wearing them, was my first step into the fashion/personal style blogging world.  I'm sneaky, aren't I?

For years, the only fashion-type blog I ever followed was Advanced Style.  I have followed art bloggers who make their own clothes and/or upcycle.  Most notably Rice of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe and it was through her and her blog that I have done a few upcycled and hand-stitched articles of clothing. - my crappy ratty gauze skirt (click here to see the finished product) and an upcycled denim jumper/dress with some embellishments.

And of course, Katwise.  I have washed and set aside the sweaters to attempt to make a pull-over Katwise-style.  But I have a feeling I won't get to that project until the fall.

But only very recently have I been obsessed with the fashion/personal style blogs that mostly deal with vintage and 'gently-used' clothing.  Plus some of these folks make their own clothes, too! And I have Jayne from Thrifty, Crafty Things to thank for that!! I need to think a little bit more about what I wear; I have become much too dull lately.

Here are a few links to some more personal style blogs I started following recently:

Helga Von Trollop!

Vintage Vixen

Pull Your Socks Up

Fashion and Pho

what to wear, what to wear
For your entertainment: 1982 art school film - I wish I still had that outfit, especially that headpiece!

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

I decided to add a few embellishments to the upcycled denim dress with scarf.

I took the denim fabric (leftover from when I cut the bottom off the original dress/jumper) and ripped strips from it.

Then, I hand-stitched in the middle of the strips, in a simple design, along the line where I machine sewed the scarf to the dress. EDIT:  I used three strands of DMC floss for the hand-stitching.

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

I then added plain ripped denim strips to the top of the pockets and the neckline.  The little extra embellishments really add to it.  There is no full shot of the dress because the light is so bad in my home today.

upcycled denim dress - with embellishments

Gauze skirt - still working on it

I am now working on reverse applique, which means I have to sew a strip of the greenish fabric on the back panel of the skirt (i.e. wrong side)  I will then stitch on the right side, and cut out shapes, revealing large portions of the green fabric.

VERY tedious work - still fun - but challenging esp since this is gauze and stretches.

Gauze skirt - still working on it
I also have knitted four or five pairs of socks.  No photos though.

That's all folks!

Gauze skirt - day 22 (I think!)

I have completed two panels!   I'm still not 100% sure how to do the third/middle one other than I really want to try true reverse applique.  I have some other gauze fabric - an off-white and a pink - and am also unsure if I should add another color into this.

Gauze skirt - day 22 (I think!)

Crappy ratty gauze skirt applique, day 13

I started another panel.  I again ironed on light fusable interfacing to the brown gauze.  But this time, because the pieces are bigger, I'm cutting out inside.  Also I'll be using some of the insides to add that color to the bottom panel.  I forgot that I wanted to SKIP this panel (there are five in this skirt..or six?). Oops!

The thing with this is that I can keep putting more and more, and layering more and more, that I'll have posts labeled "Crappy ratty gauze skirt applique, day 400" and still not think I'm done!

Crappy ratty gauze skirt applique, day 13
But oh how fun it is!!
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