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the cow jumped over the moon

#tbt and lost/found!

#tbt and lost/found!
#tbt - me in October 1961 - two years old as my birthday is in October
I have been going through all the plastic bins of holiday decorations, which have been stored in the basement. Picking out what I want to decorate with this year. Making sure everything is in the correctly labeled bin "holiday lights" or "nutcrackers/stocking" or whatever. 

#tbt and lost/found!

I was able to fill two boxes of extra holiday decorations I'll never use and will donate to charity. In the meantime, I found a un-labeled bin tucked away among the holiday bins, and inside was a treasure-trove of things I have been looking for for years!!!! Most importantly, I was looking for some low fire glaze recipes, and glaze notebooks and sketchbooks, and found not only the majolica recipe I used thirty years ago, but also the clay recipe, too. I am so incredibly excited about this!

#tbt and lost/found!
I tried to do an artsy-fartsy video on my phone of me flipping through my notebook,
but it just didn't work.
This photo is a mistake as I hit 'photo" instead of "video" and didn't realize it until later.
Looking forward to mixing up that majolica recipe and trying it out again. I believe that all the ingredients are still available. I'll post about this process. 

blah and #tbt

Not feeling it this week - been sick, stressed, disgusted and grouchy. So I'll blab a bit. Tired of violence and hatred, tired of blow-hards, tired of financial stress and being ill. Just plain tired.

My husband is healing well - and that's a positive.

I really enjoy Sally Wainwright's shows. Recently realized that she did The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard. We just binge-watched season 2 of Happy Valley.

blah and #tbt

Still thinking about being 24 in '83. Which is probably not helping my mood much. Here's a few other pictures. "Youth is wasted on the wrong people" says an older man in It's A Wonderful Life.

blah and #tbt
#TBT - At the time, I blew this photo up and replaced
my (horrible) high school graduation photo with this photo
at my parents house.
blah and #tbt
'83 or '84  at college - I must have had a rough night

I'm semi-lurking in a Facebook group #100mugsin100days. I thought it would be good for inspiration and motivation - mostly it just makes me anxious. Carpal tunnel and arthritis make throwing difficult some days.

I need a nap, and cake. Robert just baked a coffee cake so away I go. My crabbiness is annoying me.

#TBT - summer activities

The other day, while eating ice cream at Dairy Twist, I asked my husband what activities in his youth were specific to summer.  Which was actually a silly question because he grew up in California. Summer didn't mean quite the same for him as it did for me; we had the school's-out-for-summer in common but that was about it.  Here in the Midwest, summer was special - we only had a few months of warm weather.

There are activities which I don't have photos to illustrate - like how I used to sit on the front porch of our house, with a glass of lemonade and some saltines, reading books in the shade.  Playing kick-the-can with the the kids in the neighborhood, and sometimes with our parents which was quite fun!  Riding my bike for hours in the streets or in the parks alone or with friends. Swim lessons and then swimming every year at the local pool (there is a great photo of me in a swim show but it's at my Mom's house -I'll have to find it and scan that one). Eating soft-serve ice cream! Oh, and I just remembered -  annual church picnics out in the country by a lake most every summer.  And our street would have a block party once in awhile.

We would go on vacation - either a few days to visit relatives in Pittsburgh, or a day trip to an amusement park:

#TBT - summer activities
1964 at Cedar Point, and I absolutely loved my cowgirl hat!
And I still love carousels.
We visited friends in Erie, PA and this is where my dislike for beaches started - I got sand in my swimsuit and we drove all the way home at night, and I was so uncomfortable. So very uncomfortable.

#TBT - summer activities
Also 1964 and the last time you'll see a photo of me smiling at the beach. 
With my sister D and brother C

#TBT - summer activities
1966 with  three siblings (C, D and brotherM) and five cousins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - I'm the one with the ponytails.
As teenagers, we were allowed to drive an hour or so away to go to a man-made lake/water park called Holiday Sand, and most of the time I would take my younger siblings with me.  We teens also went to amusement parks (Cedar Point or Geauga Lake), festivals, and outdoor concerts (usually at Blossom Music Center) often times without adult supervision. It was a much freer time to be young back then. We always had money in our pockets because we always had some sort of job or another. For instance, I helped with the family newspaper route, babysat (which I hated), worked at the farmers market and a golf course.

Young adulthood - well that is a whole 'nother story. Maybe for another post. But for now - I have had my soft-serve ice cream this summer and have ridden my bike (maybe not for miles and miles, though). I have yet to go to a festival or an outdoor concert (even though every Friday here in town they have concerts in the square) or a county fair. I didn't start going to county fairs until after my son was born - it wasn't something we did growing up as we lived in a suburb very close to the city - but it has become a must-do summer activity. Which reminds me - we once stayed at a farm in Pennsylvania for our vacation and I absolutely loved it and named a newborn calf Elizabeth -  have to find that photo, too.

The county fair is coming up soon, and I'll definitely be going with Robert. But I won't be going to the beach.

#TBT - summer activities
1990 - bored to death and still worried about sand in my swimsuit.
But the suit was vintage!
 And I was inspired to post this photo by THIS post of Melanie's .

number 33 (a throw back thursday post)

The number 33 has been my favorite number for seemingly forever. I explain to people the reason is that I was the 33rd student (alphabetically by last name) in my first grade class. Many folks look at me with strangely.  Are they looking at me weird because I am explaining my favorite number?  Or because they cannot believe a classroom had that many kids?( This was Catholic school in the mid-60s)  Was I really #33?  Or #35 or some other number. I cannot remember precisely because that was a long long time ago, and I don't remember everyone's last name anymore so I cannot re-count. So I'm sticking with 33.

number 33 (a throw back thursday post)
Third from the right on the bottom row; we're not in alphabetical order here
Looking at this photo this morning, I notice that I am the only kid wearing the school uniform for the photos. Wonder why that happened?  (EDIT:  My sister D pointed on on FB that there is one other girl also wearing her uniform.)

(and yes I kept thinking of "I am not a number, I am a free man!" while writing this)

throw back thursday

I had a bit of a health scare recently; but all is good.  Those scares really make you think about what's important, you know?  Riding home from work today, I took it slow and just enjoyed the ride. Although the weather was teasing, it never stormed, so I didn't have to dodge any rain drops tonight.

throw back thursday
See, I'm smiling this morning !
When I was younger, I never thought much about my health.  But then again, how many young ones do?

throw back thursday
During my college/art years (I went to college late - so I'm either 25 or 26 here,
depending on the month);
in my then boyfriend's studio space at Cleveland Institute of Art 1985

#tbt and lost/found!blah and #tbt#TBT - summer activities number 33 (a throw back thursday post)throw back thursday

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