Wargame News and Terrain


Wargame News and Terrain

Latest Wargame Miniature Soldier and Tabletop Gaming Terrain News

Victrix: Plastic Late Roman/ Romano British Miniatures Preview

Victrix: Here we have the first renders of the first Late Roman / Romano British figure. We have two helmet types so far on this figure but with more options to follow. Plus there will be bare heads, heads with facial hair and some Goth type heads to really extend the use of this set from Late Roman/ Romano British to Goth, Early Byzantine, Early Franks etc…The shield is not sculpted yet and we

Wargames Atlantic: Plastic Late Romans Preview and More

Wargames Atlantic: Matthew Leahy anticipated Greg Thompson with a spider attack! Somewhere in Dacia most likely. Possibly in Wales. As these prepare for release we are working on another Late Roman Army Builder set to help you bulk out your army while using up to 12 standards and command elements from the core box. Skirmish players will get all they need from the main box while those wanting to

Perry Miniatures: French Light Infantry 1804-14 Miniatures!

Perry Miniatures: At last we hear you scream! It's been a long gestation period, but now they're here! These are all in the classic dress; breeches and full dress headgear, it just had to be done. These are all available on the website.28mm metal figures - Designed by Alan Perry - French Napoleonic Army 1804-15FN 241 Light Infantry Command running 1804-07FN 242 Light Infantry Chasseurs running

Wayland Games: Bolt Action Island Assault Starter Pre-Order!

Wayland Games: The battles of #WorldWarTwo ravaged the entire world. The new #boltaction starter set focuses on the island-hopping campaigns enacted by the US to reclaim Japanese advances. Pre-order the Island Assault Starter Set now. Check the pre-order here

Sally 4th: New Fantasy Wars of Ozz, Wave 2 Kickstarter!

Sally 4th: Wars of Ozz is a fantasy miniatures game inspired by the marvellous world of Oz first chronicled by L. Frank Baum's books in 1900. This inspiration led to the creation of the totally unique mass battle tabletop experience that is Wars of Ozz. Check the Kickstarter hereRuss Dunaway has taken Baum's world as an inspirational starting point for creating our own 'Ozz', a post-apocalyptic

Element Games: Discounted Necromunda: Hive War Starter Set Pre-Order!

Element Games: A brand new starter set for Necromunda hits the shelves next Saturday. Pitting the elusive and mysterious Delaque against the tough and ferocious Escher. The set includes wall terrain and a playing mat to make the tight corridors of the Underhive come to life. Check this new starter set here

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