Wargame News and Terrain


Wargame News and Terrain

Latest Wargame Miniature Soldier and Tabletop Gaming Terrain News

AW Miniatures: 28mm French & Indian War - Frontiersmen Kickstarter

AW Miniatures: This project will enable me to design produce and then manufacture a pack of French & Indian War British Colonial Frontiersmen. This set of mean looking tough men will be a very popular addition to our current French & Indian War range. The Stretch Goals will include: First stretch goal - British Commanders- Mounted Major General Braddock , James Wolfe & George Washington. Second

Skull & Crown: Killer Rabbits 2: Who letteth the hounds out Kickstarter Ending Soon

Skull & Crown: When we launched the first Killer Rabbits Kickstarter, our goal was to introduce those magical medieval marginalia in miniature form - so we could all depict their mischievous adventures on the tabletop - and you backers responded overwhelmingly to that idea. Try as we might, we could not detail the “whole story” captured in the cool designs those fantastic (and probably tipsy)

Rotten Factory: Rotten Miniatures MMXX - New Kickstarter Campaign Full of Dark Fantasy

Rotten Factory: Rotten Miniatures MMXX - New Kickstarter campaign full of dark fantasy. My name is Pawel, and I'm crazy about miniatures. I've been collecting them for the last 10 years! Somewhere in the middle, I decided to sculpt my own creatures. I liked it so much that I couldn't imagine doing anything else in my life. This love brought Rotten Factory. The place where I can use my passion for

Renedra: New Plastic Middle Eastern Building Range Preview

Renedra: As promised - Afghan/Middle Eastern style buildings range. Each of the buildings will contain a frame that not only has the roof/internal floor and 2 main doors but also a sofa, pots, 2 trap doors and 2 ladders – the internal floors have also been detailed with a Persian style carpet We are doing something slightly different with this range – we will be offering the new range as follows

Deep-Cut Studio: Two New Aerial Gaming Mats!

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mats release! Two new aerial game mats have just become available for your dogfights. Bring you action over sandy desert or a lightly populated countryside and leave your opponent scattered on the ground. Check these two new releases along with other available battlefields at – home of game mats.

Breaking! Wargames Atlantic: Plastic Lizardmen with VSF, Fantasy and SciFi Options!

Wargames Atlantic: Officially part of our Classic Fantasy range, the Lizardmen are going to include parts to allow them to be used for fantasy (spear and sword), VSF: Victorian Science Fiction (homegrown muskets and British ones), and straight sci-fi (a stub-nosed banana-clip auto-rifle)Sculpting for this set has completed and they are currently with the tool room. They are the fifth set in line

Alternative Armies: Grey Alien Disc Riders New HOF 15mm Packs Released

Alternative Armies: Zoom into the fight! Two new packs of Grey Alien Disc Riders in 15mm scale in the HOF Range. Adding to the thirty poses of Grey infantry. Click through and 'probe' for more pictures and details. Our last release and news for September 2020. Thanks! GBS

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