Calculating the History of LED Calculator Watches


Calculating the History of LED Calculator Watches

Calculating the History of LED Calculator Watches

1975 Calcron Calculator Watch

Playboy magazine, June 1975...A gift-giving advertisement with ideas for dads & grads included this guy hidden in the back. The Calcron LED Wrist Calculator. Likely the first public offering of it's kind.

Pulsar Calculator Watch
Once thought to be the first calculator watch, the Hamilton Pulsar Company introduced their own version in late 1975.

1976 Uranus Calculator Watch

Obscure company Uranus creates a very unusual calculator watch with revolutionary "touch-friendly" buttons. (Most up to this point required a stylus pen for calculations) Sadly, very few exist today and even less in working condition. Both rarity and eccentricity make this the most valuable calculator watch to collect.

1977 Hewlett Packard HP-01 (prototype shown)

Hewlett Packard's appropriate contribution to the appendage calculation device. Article mentions "about 50,000 HP-01s had been made, of which about a half had been purchased by a Saudi prince. Half the rest were sold through shops, then the remainder was sold to HP employees at a clearance price." 

1977 Sinclair Kit LED Calculator Watch

Sinclair's "home assembled" offering (without time function) and ultimate failure due to ill-fitting parts. Article mentions "more than 10,000 Wrist Calculators were sold to masochistic hobbyists from all parts of the world." 

1976-78 Hughes Aircraft Calculator Watch

Hughes Aircraft Company (as in Howard Hughes) created this super-block calculator watch between 1976 and 78. One of the most outlandish due to it's massive metal casing. Worn by Lorne Greene and other cast mates on the 70's show Battlestar Gallactica.

Assorted 1980's LCD Calculator Watches - Link to NerdWatchMuseum

And along come the 80's...LCD technology is in full swing and every imaginable company produces LCD calculator watches as sampled above.

4 Comments on Watchismo Times: Calculating the History of LED Calculator Watches

  • Jonathan Leech
    on October 30, 2006 | 11:49 Jonathan Leechsaid :
    "I had a Casio calculator watch for a while in the 80s which had a touchscreen LCD for the buttons..."
  • Spudart
    on October 30, 2006 | 23:39 Spudartsaid :
    "snap dude. you are so right on with calculator watches being cool. Several years ago I was waxing delight over the idea of getting my hands on some calculator watch style, and everyone laughed at me. Now I'm the one laughing at them!"
  • Legacy User
    on November 02, 2006 | 15:08 Legacy Usersaid :
    "Memories come alive with this post!

    When I was doing my basic levels in the late 70's and early 80's, calculator watches where the ultimate in spy test-cheating equipment on the market. (at least that how the Atari generation looked at them)

    I completely forgot about them until I saw this post. Fab! Thanks for bringing back these fond childhood memories!

    I'll be back!"
  • CruiserCG24
    on November 03, 2006 | 04:44 CruiserCG24said :
    "I still have my Seiko. Got it in Singapore during a WestPac cruise. They cost 120.00$ in the States, I think I paid 90 for mine. Still works great. Great post brought back a lot of fun memories."

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