Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock


Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube ClockNixie Tubes were state of the art in electronic numeric displays in early digital voltmeters, multimeters, frequency counters and many other types of technical equipment. They also appeared in costly digital time displays used in research and military establishments, and in many early electronic desktop calculators, including the first: the vacuum tube-based Sumlock-Comptometer Anita Mk VII of 1961. Later alphanumeric versions in fourteen segment display format found use in airport arrival/departure signs and stock ticker displays. Some elevators and pinball machines also used nixies for displays.

By the 1970’s they were almost completely supplanted by the cheap, long lived, low power-consuming seven segment LED’s. The nixie is a neon tube, typically with 10 stacked cathodes, one for each arabic digit.

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock
Many folks are building their own clocks and wristwatches with vintage old stock tubes (watch examples #1, #2, #3), mostly uninspired designs but a few select people are creating interesting one-offs (Finkbuilt) and limited edition do-it-yourself kits (Klok).

Clock above was built by Longines, another amazing find Pieter Doensen showed me and wouldn't sell...

Totally Tubular!

Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

4 Comments on Watchismo Times: Clockwise 02 - Longines Nixie Tube Clock

  • Anonymous
    on October 11, 2006 | 22:32 Anonymoussaid :
    "it's so easy to say a watch design is uninspired....if you're not the one designing it! :)"
  • watchismo
    on October 11, 2006 | 23:13 watchismosaid :
    "How very true! Who am I to say what inspires someone. Technically, they were likely very inspired, enviably so. But the Nixie Tube wristwatches I've seen are just that...Technical solutions without aesthetic attention."
  • joeyjoseph
    on October 31, 2006 | 09:37 joeyjosephsaid :
    "OMFG I've been looking for this clock for over a year! I saw it in a shop at the Paris flea market in August of 2005, and have been dying to find out anything more for over a year! Thank you thank you thank you. It was in a shop window, with a little card at its foot that said not for sale :( Does anyone know where to get one of these?!"
  • watchismo
    on October 31, 2006 | 11:25 watchismosaid :

    I saw the same window at the Clignancourt Flea Market. Near Rene Bruyeron's amazing watch store WatchDeco. First time was at famed Watch book writer Pieter Doensen's house in Utrect, The Netherlands. Sadly, it's so rare, nobody is willing to sell one."

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