Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-Side


Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-Side

Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-Side

Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-SideThe 2008 "B-Side", new from
Swiss watchmaker Antoine Preziuso

Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-SideB-Side Dial

"A desire to "do different" is perfectly symbolized by the B-Side, a tourbillon watch designed to be worn in reverse. "More often than not we forget about, even hide, the reverse side of a watch when aesthetically speaking it’s certainly the most beautiful, akin to a sculpture. This inspired me to make this side the focus of attention while giving the B-Side a mechanism to pivot the case and read the time. Having said that, the days are gone when the watch was seen purely and simply as an object for telling the time, as time is now given everywhere. In fact I’m thinking of making the B-Side the sole theme of my next presentation at Basel. In a similar vein, we’ve launched a collection of "mechanical jewelry." These are pieces of jewelry that incorporate an aspect of a watch mechanism. Their purpose is not to give the time but to pulsate with a moon phase, rotor or tourbillon."

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Horologymnastics - Antoine Preziuso's B-Side

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