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THE WATCHISMO TIMES WATCH BLOG A reliquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as the cutting-edge watch designs of today.

UFO of the Sea - 1953 "Deep Sea Special" Diver

Side-view of Deep Sea Special

Created to test new endurances of a diver watch, The Deep Sea Special was fixed to the outside of Auguste Piccard's deep sea diving submarine, the bathyscaph "Trieste." It proved itself at a record depth of 10,335 feet (3150 meters) in 1953. Waterproof up to seven miles and capable of withstanding pressure at seven tons per square inch.

Obviously, the appeal to my tastes occurs with the domed bubble crystal and enormous 57mm length. Purely prototypical, approximately less than seven exist with a potential of 35 additional replicas.


NSFW! Debbie Does Switzerland - Erotic Automaton (Antique Porn) Watches

Warning, this post features Victorian porn!



Before the Internet, before porn videos, before XXX theatres on 42nd st, before you could imagine a time there was porn...there was porn. There has always been porn.

NSFW! Debbie Does Switzerland - Erotic Automaton (Antique Porn) Watches

Brequet et Fils "Calvacade" 1820

Very austere & traditional timepieces with concealed secret compartments depicting graphic mechanically animated and intricately painted sex acts. Some featuring such taboo match-ups as three-ways and multi-ethnic couples. Generally, the animation consisted of the "thrust" with others much more complex. All produced by integrated or separate automaton movements.

Henry Moser & Cie "Local Hospitality" 1910
(click to enlarge - ha, if it were only that easy)

"Theatre of Love" 1820
Non-animated scene with concealing cover

(click to engorge)

It's a rich & dirty tradition that continues today with some of the most respected watch companies (Ulysse Nardin, Blancpain, Chopard, Hublot and Gerald Genta) selling their own modern haute-porn. Rarely advertised by any of them and some with price tags well over $100,000 US.

Links to modern Erotics
Links to more antique Erotics (you degenerate!)

Alternate titles for this post;
"Dirty Little Horology"
"Gear On Gear Action"

Memento Mori Death Watch - 1810 Skull Pocket Watch

click to enlarge

All clocks and watches are basically timing our ultimate demise when you think about it. And some watchmaker in 1810 really took that literally with this über goth "Memento Mori" (Latin=Rembember you are mortal, remember you will die, remember your death). 18K gold, enamel, diamond verge and fusee skull watch. 43 mm high x 27 wide x 32 deep. Sold for $16,000.

Likely the timekeeping choice of Nosferatu.

Jumpin Jack Flash, it's a 1970's Sheffield Jump Hour

Jumpin Jack Flash, it's a 1970's Sheffield Jump Hour
A style of many names, Jump Hour, Direct Read, Mechanical Digital. Either way, watches like this tremendously bizarre automatic Sheffield have always been my favorite kind to collect.

Born from competition with the new LED/LCD digital technologies, Swiss companies had to do something. The idea had been done before, many decades prior. But it was re-imagined during the early seventies for a marketplace that wanted to see numbers instead of hands. Ultimately doomed because most people were just tired of winding their watches. The Quartz revolution was born.

But the fact was, so many of these rarities were jam-packed with originality and space-age styling.

Many many more to come...

I've got a Woody - 1960's Swank Wood Watch

I've got a Woody - 1960's Swank Wood WatchSwanky, huh? Should be, it's by a long defunct German company named Swank. Solid wood watch case & dial, basically a miniature George Nelson clock for your wrist. Mechanical winding 17 jewel movement. Swank had some kooky designs like this all plastic mechanical Hamilton Ventura imitator - Link

Link to additional photos

Repro and original George Nelson clocks

I've got a Woody - 1960's Swank Wood WatchI've got a Woody - 1960's Swank Wood Watch

I've got a Woody - 1960's Swank Wood Watch

Early Ikepod? No, that's the baby daddy - The Jurgentron!

Early Ikepod?  No, that's the baby daddy - The Jurgentron!Like this watch? Hope not, you'll never find another. Unless you can pry one of the only models existing from Heirloom Gallery's private collection. He bought if from me some time ago and I sure do miss it. I once searched high and low for this baby and somehow convinced the president of Jules Jurgenson himself to sell me one from his personal safe.

This 1960's Jules Jurgenson triple date moonphase chronograph with complicated Valjoux 88 movement appears to have fathered Mark Newson's Ikepod watches. DNA tests will determine, stay tuned!

It's a boy!
Marc Newson's Ikepod Hemipode and Megapode.

Early Ikepod?  No, that's the baby daddy - The Jurgentron!Early Ikepod?  No, that's the baby daddy - The Jurgentron!

Streamline Moderne 1940's Breitling Chronograph

Streamline Moderne 1940's Breitling Chronograph

Not the typical flying instrument Breitling is known for. Complex aviation intruments like their classic Navitimer or the modern microtransmitting Emergency. This deco streamline moderne beauty is more likely to fly itself than help you navigate or be rescued.

Found online for $3900. Email me ( if you want to contact the dealer of the winged chrono.

Streamline Moderne 1940's Breitling ChronographA more traditional Breitling Navitimer chronograph

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