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1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic Clock

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic Clock

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic ClockSimple looking clock, right?

Now look inside and see the thermo-pneumatic tube movement!

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic Clock

"At the lower left, shielded by a translucent housing, is a carbon rod resistance that heats the colored alcohol in the glass vessel just above it. This causes some of the alcohol to vaporize, the pressure pushing the liquid up the connecting pipe to the vessel at top right. As the latter gets heavier the wheel bearing the four vessels experiences a torque that rewinds a remontoire spring driving a conventional gear train and escapement. This clock has a pendulum-controlled escapement, but models with balance wheel escapements also existed."

The firm of Jauch and Schmid was registered in 1930.

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic ClockThe back of a Puja clock from German firm of Jauch and Schmid.

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic ClockOriginal advertisement for a 1940 Puja Clock


And thanks to Greg Blonder of Genuine Ideas and his similarly conceived thermoscopic solar motor inventions-->LINK

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Cartier World Time Clock

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Cartier World Time ClockAn onyx clock given to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Pierre Cartier will be auctioned and is expected to fetch up to $1 million (€710,000).

The clock, containing time zones for locations important to Allied forces in World War II, is being offered for sale on Dec. 4 at Sotheby's Manhattan auction house.

Cartier sent Roosevelt the gift on December 20th, 1943 with a letter in which the French jeweler wrote, “My countrymen are particularly grateful for what you are doing for them, and we realize that it will be thanks to your efforts and marvelous leadership that France will again live.” Cartier continues, “I have thought that a clock marking the time in the different parts of the earth where the glorious American armies are fighting – a clock which therefore will mark the hour of victory – might be a useful addition to your desk.”

President Roosevelt, in his letter from the White House thanking Pierre Cartier, replies, “And, too, I am intrigued by the differing times of world capitals. Soon, very soon, I hope that Paris will resume her place among the free capitals of the world. All of us are doing our best toward that end.”

The letters are not part of the auction and are housed in the FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Herald Tribune via Luxist

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1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic ClockFranklin Delano Roosevelt's Cartier World Time Clock

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