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More Accurate Than God! Two vintage 60s Bulova Accutron Commercials

1960s Clocktower Video-->Link

Fantastic vintage 1960s television commercials for the Bulova Accutron. The humming transistorized electromagnetic coil tuning fork watches invented by Max Hetzel in the fifties.

Original 60s Accutron Commercial-->Link

Thanks to devout Accutron enthusiasts Horst Knebel and Hummin Georgie Stalzer for digging these out of the dusty vaults.

Max Hetzel - ACCUracy through ElecTRONics

"When the Accutron was introduced in 1960 it was described as the first electronic watch but it also had another revolutionary feature, the time keeping was controlled by a tuning fork. The tuning fork vibrated 360 times per second and the vibrations were maintained at a constant amplitude by means of a transistor, dispensing with the mechanical contact which had been a source of trouble with earlier electric watches. The tuning fork was made of Elinvar, for temperature stability, and Bulova was able to guarantee that it would not gain or loose more than a minute a month thoughout its life. It was designed by a Swiss engineer, Max Hetzel, and manufactured in the USA. It remained in production until 1976, by which time five million watches had been sold." --via Science Museum

"Bulova Accutrons were also subjects of the other famous space era rivalry with Omega Watches for being the first watch on the moon. Ultimately, the Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph wristwatch (known as the "Moon watch") was designated by NASA for use by the astronauts in all manned space missions, becoming the first watch on the moon on the wrist of Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin.

However, all instrument panel clocks and time-keeping mechanisms in the spacecraft on those missions were Bulova Accutrons with tuning fork movements, because at the time, NASA did not know how well a mechanical movement would work in zero gravity conditions. The Bulova company currently manufactures a limited edition "Astronaut" model under its Accutron line of watches." -via Wikipedia

Other vintage watch commercials-->Link

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Accutron Spaceview
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Vintage Watching - The Bulova Accutron

Vintage Watching - The Bulova Accutron1962 Advertisement

A few vintage Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork watches (60's & 70's) I've come across this week;

Vintage Watching - The Bulova AccutronWith original box!

Vintage Watching - The Bulova AccutronBacksetting time - No crown

More about the revolutionary humming Bulova Accutrons;
Accutron History
Accutron 214 (Timezone)
Tuning Fork Enthusiasts

Find new Bulova Accutron Watches

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D-DAY - The Letter D Over Time

The Watchismo Times version of Sesame Street by celebrating the letter 'D'.

1940s LeCoultre

1970 Lucerne Jump Hour Digital-->Link

1970s Orion

1971 Pierre Cardin-->-->Link & Link

1980s & 2000s Jean d'Eve Sectora I & II

1973 Bulova Accutron

1970s Roger Tallon "Mach 2000" LIP Chronographs
(yes, I know, a backwards D or even a C, so what?)

1970s Roger Tallon LIP digital LED & Ladies Mystery Dial

1972 Christian Dior by Bulova-->Link

Speaking of Sesame Street,
This creeped me the hell out as a kid...

Stay tuned for the letters B, Q, V, and the number 8.

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First Swiss Electro-Mechanical Watch, the 1960 Landeron 4750

Before quartz battery powered watches nearly destroyed mechanical innovation in the seventies, there existed a brief period of transition, an electro-mechanical era. The first battery-powered watches were, of course, the famed Hamilton Electric series of the late fifties and early sixties. There were other technological hybrids including the first electronic diode watch by the French company Lip and the transistorized Bulova Accutron with their tuning fork mechanisms.

This is the 1960 Landeron 4750, the first Swiss-electric movement. As you can see by the component diagram below, these were not simple watches like the inanimate battery powered Quartz of today. I'm featuring one of the more unique versions of this watch, the 'Montre à Couilles', as detailed in Pieter Doensen's book, built as a demonstration model with two externally cased battery compartments.

Landeron 4750 movement diagram (via

1975 Bulova Accutron 'Spaceview'

1974 Lip Electric

Vintage Bullhead Chronographs Like It On Top

Bullhead Chronographs, as they're called, feature the crown and pushers on top of the case instead of the side. Due to the rarity of the configuration, more liberties are taken in regards to the overall design, many dials are angled up for a drivers style and feature unusual dials. A long way of saying they are some of the coolest damn watches made in the sixties and seventies.

1970 Bulova Bullhead (above) with the famous Chronomatic Calibre 11, the first automatic watch with a micro-rotor. Also used in the 1969 Heuer Monaco.
Additional photos here-->Link

1969 Omega Bullhead also featuring the Chronomatic movement. A case that is much wider at the top. Very rare. Link to additional photos-->Link

1970's Seiko Speedtimer sporting a perfect seventies burnt umber fade. A more commonly found vintage Bullhead.

Enormous 70's manual wind Orator Bullhead with massive steel case and gray gradation dial. A very obscure brand and an even more rare model.

1974 Breitling Pupitre is another asymmetrical Bullhead chrono with two-tone brown dial, manual winding Valjoux 7740 movement (also came in auto Caliber 11)

The bully of the Bullheads, the 1972 60mm wide Desotos Chronograph, first featured here-->Link

Another obscure 1970's Bullhead by Fleurier, a giant chunk of metal disguised as a chronograph.

1975 Victor Chronograph, manual winding, angled case, two-tone orange/gray dial.

Two vintage 70s Sorna Chronographs with one common goal...Make you look tough as hell. Above, is the volcano cased model (similar to the Omega Speedmaster Mark III) with multi-color black, orange, green, gray dial.

Below is the even larger triangular Sorna Bullhead with world time.

More Accurate Than God! Two vintage 60s Bulova Accutron CommercialsVintage Watching - The Bulova AccutronD-DAY - The Letter D Over TimeFirst Swiss Electro-Mechanical Watch, the 1960 Landeron 4750Vintage Bullhead Chronographs Like It On Top

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