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DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 Wristwatch

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 Wristwatch
Before John DeLorean's death in 2005, he tried to create a watch brand named 'DeLorean Time'. It was less about a timepiece and more about raising funds for his final unrealized sportscar, the DMC2. As the order form details above, a purchase of the $3495 wristwatch was an informal contract/certificate that would entitle you to the first DMC2 cars produced. Sadly, the watch design was pretty uninspired but appropriately made of metal injected/molded stainless steel just like his original iconic 1981 DeLorean DMC12. It was to be manufactured by Tech Time Ltd., a division of Seiko Epson. The watch was to be a fully automatic motion-activated quartz movement not requiring batteries. Powered by a
titanium lithium capacitor - not to be confused with the 'Flux Capacitor' that made time travel possible in a DeLorean in the Back To The Future films. No watches appear to have been produced or delivered to customers.

Too bad he couldn't develop a wristwatch based on his claim to fame Pontiac GTO's. Especially the 1968 GTO with hood mounted tachometer-->Link

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchDeLorean talking about the watch concept-->Link

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchSideview of DMC2 wristwatch design

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchFront view with hidden dial
Anyone with a photo of the dial? Email me!

DeLorean described the DMC2 concept as a GTO inspired high performance sportscar that young people could afford. A lightweight gull-wing car made of structural composites with no metal frame, a 250-275 horsepower engine and priced under $30,000.

Short videos of DeLorean Talking about his last project;
about the car concept-->Link
the car quality-->Link
the car industry-->Link
the Dell computer of the car business-->Link
the people involved-->Link
the watch-->Link

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchThe original DMC12 and commercial-->Link

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchA very funny vintage commercial from Volkswagen
making fun of the DeLorean (and a fun watch prop)

DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 Wristwatch
DeLorean History Media
Jack Freedman's TimeZone Article
New York Times Obituary
Tamir DeLorean Site
DeLorean Pontiac GTO History
DeLorean Pontiac Firebird

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DELOREAN TIME - The DMC2 WristwatchAin't nothin like your first Time - Vintage Kids WatchesLicking and Ticking - More Vintage Timex Commercials

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