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New Releases - Linde Werdelin SpidoLite

New Releases - Linde Werdelin SpidoLite
New Releases - Linde Werdelin SpidoLiteGadget and horological aficionados trying to balance durability with weight have a stylish new option. The SpidoLite, from Danish watchmaker Linde Werdelin, employs a titanium casing that drastically reduces the overall weight. Reportedly made at the request of mountaineer Morten Linde before he climbed Mount Everest, the casing is drilled into an "exoskeleton" form that further lightens the load while giving it a striking, incomplete appearance.

Particularly exciting for vintage watch fans, the SpidoLite uses a 1970s automatic movement that was personally modified by founding member of the ACHI, Svend Anderson.

The SpidoLite is produced in a single batch of only 44 and will officially hit the market at BaselWorld 2009. It's expected to retail for €9,000 and will be available in April.

New Releases - Linde Werdelin SpidoLiteBlack DLC SpidoLite with detachable "instrument" and yellow Sapphire crystal

via Coolhunting & KronosBlog

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The Aqua Airking and the Aquatic Arm

The Aqua Airking and the Aquatic ArmSometimes you can match your watch to suit your suit, tie in with your tie, or in this case, look cool with your tattoo.

Josh Rubin, founder of one of the best blogs in the world, Cool Hunting pairs his vintage Rolex Airking with customized aqua dial with his fresh sleeve of water themed tattoos. Realizing how fantastic they looked together, I immediately requested he share a photo after having dinner with the Cool Hunting crew - A great group of people I don't see often enough but always show me a good time. I was originally interviewed for their video series (which by the way inspired the creation of this blog!) and have been subsequently contributing watch stories to their site.

Josh also let me know that his other arm will soon have a theme of fire -- so I'm already thinking of some watches he should buy. Perhaps any from my recent Clockwork Orange photo-post would work...

The Aqua Airking and the Aquatic ArmJosh Rubin (Pre-inking)

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New Releases - Linde Werdelin SpidoLiteThe Aqua Airking and the Aquatic Arm

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