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The  Van Cleef & Arpels 'Midnight Planetarium Poetic Complication' by watchmaker Christiaan van der Klaauw, is a hypnotic astronomical timepiece bearing a miniature solar system that you can wear on your wrist. Ok, maybe the title of this post is a tad crass but the fact is the watches below have the balls to use spheres of [...]
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the coolest wood watches EVER MADE

There is no denying mid-century design was particularly special for art, cars & furniture but also true for a variety of watch designs. It was a period of experimentation with minimalism, asymmetry and new materials which opened the door for the use of wood in timepieces. Introduced in the late fifties and [...]

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This week, we're revisiting an old friend, Japanese Steampunk watchmaker, Sueyoshi Haruo (also referred to as Haruo Suekichi), featured nearly a decade ago on The Watchismo Times blog. Having created thousands of custom built Steampunk watches, all nearly one of a kind and with completely hilarious mechanical functions like flapping leather dragon wings to celebratory noisemakers and [...]
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Far ahead of its time, the 1958 Patek Philippe Cobra concept watch was doomed.  Destined to torment space-age vintage watch collectors like myself, this watch exists only as a one-off prototype designed by renowned avant garde watchmaker Louis Cottier eight years before his death in 1966.  Unique for its linear time display and [...]
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Prototype Patek Philippe Cobra Movement
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Andrew Grima was a famous British mid-century modern jewelry designer, commissioned to create unusual one-of-a-kind watches for Omega and Pulsar in the 60's & early 70's. He was commissioned by Omega to create a highly aesthetic avant-garde collection called 'About Time'.  Grima was given a free hand and chose to stick to one principle: he would [...]
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If you ask us, we wholeheartedly believe there has been a new genre of art forming over the past twenty years within the very exclusive world of independent horology.  That said, it's more about motion and machines as the medium but nevertheless, there are some important collaborations that have occurred with watch brands and [...]

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We've been watching  SEVENFRIDAY's growth in their fast & furious few years since inception...and we're hooked, especially the new collections & limited editions available in very small quantities. In pole position sits the  P3B/01 RACER, the newest from the original P Series. Undeniably forward thinking design up & down, inside and out. Hot on its heels is the [...]

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22 Design Studio's elegant '4th Dimension' Watches feature a staircase of high tension concrete for the dial. From its sculptural time display to the custom shaped brass hands and perfectly styled leather straps, every detail of this wristwatch has been designed to show the beauty of the raw materials. This unique timepiece's tanned leather and [...]

New 4th Dimension Concrete Dial Watch by 22 Design Studio, the Harbour Edition


New 4th Dimension Watch: Harbour Edition

The Harbour Model combines a dark gray concrete watch surface with a brushed stainless steel bezel, silver and blue hands, a polished stainless-steel crown, and a canglan leather band. This color combination exudes a subtle sophistication and elegantly complements formal wear.
Materials: 316L Stainless Steel Case, High-density Concrete, Sapphire Glass Lens, MIYOTA movement, Leather Strap Case Measurement: Ø 42mm D 14mm
horbour men 01 1024x1024
12072528 966586853401669 6060019670199608075 n
High Tension Concrete Dial
12193320 973491282711226 7540312217428303501 n
Custom Brass Watch Hands
12208757 976247839102237 6742927667178652588 n
Time divides and measures the progress of existence. A timepiece displays that time in three dimensions. With “4th Dimension Timepieces” , we bring these dimensions together with an original design. The timepieces’ concrete construction strongly proclaims its physicality while its design, in the shape of a spiral staircase, helps you envision the concept of time by its constantly evolving patterns of light and shade. These timepieces clearly tell the time while quietly engaging the viewer in the concepts of a 4th dimension.
13886876 1134796629914023 4950720667443877862 n

Maximilian Büsser & Friends - The Smelling Salts of the Watch World...Wake Up and Smell The Space Pirate!

We all know there are cool watches, classic watches and collectible watches -- but then you get to the world of Horological Machines -- in a class of their own.  If that doesn't make sense to you, MB&F watches are quite honestly the Umami, that savory taste you can't quite put your finger on but you know you gotta have it. Without naming names, you very well know what watches are sweet, sour, bitter and most definitely salty!  But what you don't know, that UMAMI is the taste that doesn't get old, it only gets better with each bite!

Maximilian Büsser & Friends - The Smelling Salts of the Watch World...Wake Up and Smell The Space Pirate!

Horological Machine No.6 - now in limited "SV" editions, in sapphire crystal combined with streamlined red gold or platinum. The sapphire crystal alone requires 350 hours of careful machining and polishing, just for a single case - the equivalent of 2 months' worth of working days...

Learn more about this performance art piece . . .

The New Limited Edition Mr. Jones King & Queen Mechanical Automatic Jump Hour Mystery Watches - Only 100 Made - Made In London


It's In The Cards

The King & Queen Jump Hour Automatic

This watch is based on the classic playing card characters of the King and Queen of Hearts. The watches feature hands of cards to depict the minutes while the hours literally jump into position in the Royal Breast.
The use of the playing cards symbolizes the transitory nature of fortune - lucky streaks, while always welcome, are only as short lived as those runs of bad luck. The watch is a gentle reminder to keep your cards close to your chest, but to be bold and go all-in when fate has dealt you a winning hand!

Check Out The King

Check Out The Queen

Mr. Jones Limited Edition King Jump Hour Automatic - Made In London
Mr. Jones Limited Edition Queen Jump Hour Automatic - Made In London
The minutes are depicted as hand of cards, for the sake of clarity only 10 minute intervals are marked:
There is a grey card-footprint on the dial to allow you to judge the minutes between the markers. You can see how far the leading or trailing edge of the cards is from the footprint shape to read the minutes:
Mechanical Movement
This watch is powered by an automatic mechanical movement. The watch is wound either by turning the winding crown on the left hand side of the case, or (more simply) by the everyday motion of your wrist. A weight on the mechanism rotates in response to normal movement and transfers this energy to winding up the mainpspring (if you hold the watch in your hand and gently rock it back and forth you can feel this weight moving).

M&Co. Watch Collection by the late & great designer Tibor Kalman


Waste Not A Moment

New M&Co. Watches by Tibor Kalman

The late Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co. began his legendary relationship with time in 1983. In the spirit of the motto imprinted on the backside of the watches – “Waste Not a Moment.”
Now available at Watchismo, just $135 each.
See all M&Co. Watches
MAndCo Piefront
Who doesn’t need to carve out a piece of time? M&Co PIE Watch is the epitome of pure watch design. Originally designed in 1984 by M&Co Labs, the classic brass version of the Bodoni watch made for the PIE or Quarter watch. Creator Tibor Kalman’s witty take on time still cajoles a smile.
MAndCo Askewthumb
Your eyes do not deceive you with this now classic.
There are timepieces with no numbers at all, so why not a watch with a free spirit? The irreverent Askew Watch from M&Co was created with the notion that as long as the familiar twelve was at the top it was immaterial where the rest of the numbers lie.
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! This watch is characteristic of Tibor Kalman, and his iconoclastic design firm. Clean graphics and dry humor merge in a high-quality product that beckons a second look!
MAndCo bodonibrassfront
The Bodoni has long been recognized as an icon of simplistic and pure watch design. Originally designed in 1984, the classic all black version gave way to the brushed stainless steel version.
MAndCo bodonibrassside
MAndCo Onomatopoeiafull
The term used to describe words whose pronunciations suggest their meaning (eg, meow, buzz).
Here symbols suggest the sound of the numbers:
3 = tree (three)
5 = hand (5 fingers)
9 = cat (9 lives)
12 = Eggs (dozen/12)
This Onomatopoeia watch M&Co is characteristic of Tibor Kalman, and his iconoclastic design firm. Clean graphics and dry humor merge in a high-quality product that beckons a second look

The HALOGRAPH Automatic by XERIC is Live on Kickstarter


KICKSTART This Mechanical Heart

The HALOGRAPH is not an electronic gadget: it's a mechanical heirloom

The Kickstarter Campaign Starts Now!
We need your support to make this cool & affordable limited edition mechanical watch a reality and if you're quick, take advantage of the Early Bird rewards.
The HALOGRAPH is super easy to read. As the Halo hands float over the dimensional, hemicycle time display arcs, they encircle the hour and minute of the current time. The inner arcs display the hours, the outer arcs displays the minutes.
Like the chambers of a beating mechanical heart, the twin balance wheels pump life into this complex time machine. Seeing the action of a living machine on your wrist gives a thrill no electronic gadget can.
We created the HALOGRAPH to be more elliptical than other mechanical watches, with a 5mm high double-curved domed-crystal and rounded forms throughout the design. This reflects our obsession with the infinite nature of time.


XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Rosegold HLG-3018
Why choose a mechanical watch over a smartwatch today?
A smartwatch starts to die as soon as its circuitry is activated, and its functional obsolescence starts as soon as it's off the assembly line. A mechanical watch will never be obsolete. It will always connect you in a meaningful way with this moment in time. With the HALOGRAPH Automatic, we think we've designed a v1.0 that 'nailed it' the first time, and will be as exceptional in form and function in hundreds of years as it is now.
XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Gunmetal HLG-3017
XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Black HLG-3014
XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Gold HLG-3020
XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Tan HLG-3015
XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic Silver HLG-3016

The Xeriscope² Squared Limited Edition Collection - Now Available


The Xeriscope² Squared Has Arrived!

This is your last chance to get early bird pricing of $150 off one of the first 100 limited edition individually numbered Xeriscope² Squared Orbiting Automatic watches.
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23014-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3014 Steel & Black
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23019-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3019 All Black
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23020-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3020 Gunmetal/Brown
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23016-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3016 Rose Gold
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23015-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3015 All Steel
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23021-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3021 All Gold
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23017-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3017 Black & Tan
Xeric XeriscopeSquared XS23018-front
Xeric Xeriscope² Squared XS2-3018 Silver/Brown
Xeric XeriscopeSquared-BlackSilver-caseback
Green Tinted Crystal Caseback / Numbered Limited Edition Engraving
Xeric XS23017-caseback
Blue Tinted Crystal Caseback / Numbered Limited Edition Engraving
Xeric XS23021-caseback
Yellow Tinted Crystal Caseback / Numbered Limited Edition Engraving

Meet The XERISCOPE Watch from XERIC Watches on Kickstarter

XERISCOPE: The Orbiting Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC

XERIC Watches: Stop strangers in their tracks with an unusual mechanical time machine beating on your wrist. Meet the XERISCOPE.

Xeriscope Campaign on Kickstarter

Xeriscope at Xeric Watches Website

Xeric Watches at Watchismo

For years, my brother and I combed the globe to bring the world’s most interesting watches to our customers at  Our work identified a glaring gap in the watch market – the need for a very cool & affordable mechanical watch – at a time when we were eager to act on our longstanding dream to create something that had not been done by anyone else. Together with our team, we designed the first collection of
XERIC timepieces.

Take a look and you’ll see why XERISCOPE watches by XERIC will stop strangers in their tracks for a glance at your wrist:

The Fully-exposed, mechanical movement that is the display: Enjoy viewing the machine on BOTH sides of the watch and reading the time via the movement itself.

Unique double-sided minute hand lives nearby, alongside a second timezone display and a power reserve meter that lets you know it’s time to keep moving.

Five colorways in a timeless-yet-modern design to suit any style and proudly pass along to the next generation.

A limited edition of 100 individually numbered watches per style for the early backers of our Kickstarter campaign.

Automatically recharges itself with the motion of your daily life: No batteries needed. Ever.

How did we finally make Mechanical an affordable reality?  We are a slim company, and don’t have a lot of red tape and added costs. Yet we do have a great deal of experience with watches that informed the design of a piece that would look as exceptional today as it will in a hundred years. Finally, we found a way to produce our creation at an artisanal scale… and we hope to keep it that way because our customers care to have the most unusual watch in the room.

We value Kickstarter as a way to reach those who share our dream of making Mechanical affordable now to the visionary and stylish people who care about them.

Know anyone who plans to leave their smart watch to their kids? Neither do we. Let’s not plan for obsolescence. Let’s be a part of something that was perfect to begin with, and only gets better with time. Join us by making XERISCOPE watches a timeless reality.

ABOUT WATCHISMO is carefully curated watch collection by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt, modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines since 1999, Watchismo is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world.

Mitch and Andrew founded XERIC Watches to bring complex, mechanical timepieces like the XERISCOPE collection to a broad cross-section of watch enthusiasts who dream of an affordable Mechanical. Together, the brothers have carefully curated the exceptional collection at Watchismo, which since 1999 has been a singular source for unique modern watches from around the world. XERIC Watches represents a natural progression of the business: from Curators to Creators of designs that reflect their experience, knowledge and passion for the truly unusual.


2009: While living in Switzerland four years ago, Mitch began doodling rough concepts for very unusual watch designs and discussing an action plan with Andrew. The brothers agreed that the watch market was riddled with extravagant watches but held a gaping hole that they could attempt to fill, if only there were a way to make an excellent mechanical watch for an accessible price.

2010: They began connecting with watchmakers in Switzerland while attending the annual Baselworld watch expo. Mitch moved home to Brooklyn, NY, and then to the San Francisco Bay area, so that the brothers at last could work side by side.

2011-2012: With feedback from their discussions with manufacturers, Mitch and Andy refined their designs and decided to name their creations after Xeric Court, the street they grew up on. Their field research continued to highlight the enthusiasm for mechanical watches among a stylish, tech-appreciative crowd that was priced out of the typical high-end Mechanicals.  All they needed to complete the XERIC team was a visionary, in-house watch designer with extensive experience in every aspect of the production gauntlet.

2013: The brothers hired Danny to help finalize the XERISCOPE design and navigate the production process, knowing he’s succeeded with similar projects for other watchmakers. The team knew they had the right movement for the XERSISCOPE and a design that would celebrate every detail of mechanical timekeeping: the watch case would need to be open on both sides and the hour hand would be a direct extension of the mechanism. Andrew, Mitch and Danny developed five distinct colorways, packaging elements and a fulfillment timeline, applying their years of experience as watch authorities, designers, distributors and retailers.

The team identified a manufacturing partner with 30 years in the watch industry, with whom they created and tweaked several waves of prototypes before finalizing the fully-viable XERISCOPE prototype.  Upon full funding, production will immediately begin for 100 first-edition pieces in each of the five colorways.

All they needed to bring the XERSISCOPE to life was involvement from fellow enthusiasts for timeless thinking, in order to attract those with the same appetite for an affordable Mechanical. The team then cultivated a plan to connect with relevant audiences via Kickstarter, where original thinking is directly rewarded by those who share a dream.

XERIC Watches embody the art of timekeeping by fusing mechanical function with timeless form in a singular machine. Designed in California, XERIC watches are produced on an artisanal scale, making high-end mechanical features accessible to a broad cross-section of horological enthusiasts.


For a company that has had worldwide retail fulfillment experience since 1999, meeting customer needs for a new product was no mind-blowing task; however, the XERISCOPE product line represents a new realm for an established business already catering to the desires of a global customer base.

Both internal and external factors are balanced by having a manufacturer with 30+ years of watch-specific manufacturing experience and a brand presence by an established authority in vintage and contemporary milestones in the world of watchmaking.

All next steps in production depend on expressed interest by consumers in the presence of an affordable Mechanical timepiece. The same manufacturers who meticulously developed the prototype through the finalization process stand ready to produce this series within two months, given notice to activate production procedures once funding goals are met.

Each Limited Edition XERISCOPE watch takes its place in individually numbered series featuring a surgical grade stainless steel case; a fully-exposed, orbiting 12-hour mechanical movement with dual timezone display; retrograde power reserve meter; and case-back window for observing the oscillating rotor. No batteries required -- ever -- as XERIC watches generate power by the daily action of your wrist.

Mitch Greenblatt’s career path as a visual artist spans the film, television, music and advertising industries. After receiving his first watch (ever!) in 1998, Mitch began collecting and selling unusual vintage watches via, with special attention to mid-century modern design. Just a few years later, he established himself as an influential watch blogger and authority on the subject of modern horology, and to this day maintains friendships spanning the horological universe. Mitch brings his deep knowledge of historical watches and innate sense of style to XERIC Watches, where he guides overall creative direction.

Andrew Greenblatt is a born entrepreneur, with a lifelong track record of success growing seedling businesses to bountiful fruition. His experience launching a profitable personal computing company at the dawn of the PC industry is a testament to his instinct for finding a viable niche and for taking the right risks at the right time. In 2008, Andrew merged retail forces with his brother Mitch to focus on truly special contemporary watches, following his heart to drive insanely deep beyond avocation into a full-fledged vocation. Andrew is in touch with the customer base and keeps a creative and critical eye on retail market objectives for XERIC.  A passionate watch collector himself, Andrew knows how to translate an abstract concept to a concrete reality.

Daniel Hunsaker joined the XERIC team earlier this year to help make the XERISCOPE dream a reality. Danny is a watch world “insider” whose career has focused squarely on designing watches and managing product development from concept-to-market. Far from “square” though, Danny applies his sharp eye for detail and boundless creativity to create unique XERISCOPE designs and usher them through the production process. Danny brings an acute awareness of design implications for other aspects of the development trajectory.

VENTURA SPARC MGS - World's First True Mechanical Automatic Digital Watch at Watchismo

After years of research and development, the world's first mechanical automatic digital watch is a reality!


No batteries included, no batteries required

Ventura invented the Automatic Digital Watch in 2000. The movements of the wrist activate a rotary mass which relays the momentum to a micro-generator; the electric energy gained in the process continuously feeds an optoelectronic time-module. The Micro-Generator-System of the new SPARC MGS was developed to achieve maximum performance. Placing the MGS side-by-side next to the time-device enabled a larger and heavier oscillating mass. This array also permits the viewing of the mechanism from the top, giving the SPARC MGS its characteristic appearance. The miniature power-station sustains a state-of-the-art micro-processor and a 250-segments 12-digit liquid-crystal display. The latest operating system EasySkroll v.2.0 allows later upgrades, another first in wristwatches. The multiple functions of the SPARC MGS are intuitively operated by a single scroller.

Click here to view all Ventura Sparc MGS Mechanical Automatic Digital Watches at Watchismo

Listen to inventor/designer/creator/founder Pierre Nobs explain the SPARC MGS history and new collection, just click the YouTube image above.

Listen to inventor/designer/creator/founder Pierre Nobs explain the SPARC MGS history and new collection, just click the YouTube image above.

Watch is supplied in "V-Winder" automatic winding wood box


Pat. pending.
dimensions: 60.00 mm x w 38.00 mm
Powered by MGS®-11 (Micro Generator
System), no battery.
Heavy duty Tungsten oscillating mass
Digital Model
Mvt. VEN_10 with EasySkroll®
operating system v2.0.
Energy management with sleep mode
and movement detector.
LED back light.
T1/date, T2/date, alarm for T1+T2
100 Year perpetual calendar,
chronograph, count down,
user-selectable 12 or 24h time
3 date formats,
Durinox® (tempered steel) black case
2 sapphire crystals
water resistant 3 bar (30m/100ft)

1. MGS®-11 - The owner’s wrist movements cause an oscillating mass to turn approximately 4’000 times per day on average.
2. Gear Train - The oscillating force is transferred to a precision gear with an attached Barillet
3. Barillet - The Gear Train tensions the spring of a Barillet about 17’000 times per day; each time the spring is fully tensioned, it releases its force to a micro-generator
4. Micro-Generator - The Micro-Generator transforms mechanical momentum into electric energy and sends a spark (SPARC®) to an accumulator
5. Accumulator - The accumulator stores the electric energy and powers the Cal. VEN_10 movement
6. Cal. VEN_10 - Ventura’s exclusive caliber with its EasySkroll® operating and scrolling system is entirely operated by the wrist-movements of its owner

Automatic Digital Wristwatch, case and bracelet, two sapphire crystals, water resistant 3 bar, with exclusive deluxe wooden gift casket in piano-lacquer finish. with v-winder included 

2nd gen Micro-Generating-System (MGS), EasySkroll® v.2.0 OS, VEN_10 digital module, LC display backlight by LED
Time1 + date1, time2 + date2, alarm, chronograph, countdown,
100 years perpetual calendar with day (5 languages), date, month, year, 12/24h format, 3 date-formats
MGS® power management, manual power off, automatic sleep mode (LC display "off", functions "on"), motion-sensor to monitor watch movements, automatic backlight control to prevent over-use
Power reserve: ~ 45 days , > 5 years (manual switch-off mode)
H (6 ~ 12h) 56.30 mm x W (9 ~ 3h) 38.00 mm x T 8.90 / 12.20 mm
Weight: ca. 200 gr.

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Sneak Peek to Baselworld 2012 - HYT H1 - the first timepiece ever to combine mechanical and liquid engineering.

What are we getting excited to see at the 2012 Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland?  Topping our growing list is the HYT H1 Hydro-Mechanical watch from Vincent Perriard & co. (former CEO of Concord - and his obvious product predecessor, the C1). Prices are rumored to begin at $45,000 (for Titanium casing) which is considerably more attainable than other concept watches of this ilk.

Pistons in the movement move the bellows.  As one expands the other one compresses which moves the green Fluorescein liquid.  Fluorescein even has applications in forensics to detect latent blood stains but this is likely a first and only use in horology!

We'll be showcasing live shots in early March 2012, stay tuned to The Watchismo Times!

Technical specs from HYT:

  • Movement: Mechanical hand-wound, exclusive HYT calibre, 28,800 vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels, bridges hand-chamfered and adorned with Côtes de Genève, rhodiumed bellows, 65-hour power reserve
  • Functions: Retrograde fluid hours, minutes, seconds
  • Case: Titanium; diameter: 48.8 mm, thickness: 17.9 mm brushed, bead-blasted and satin-brushed finish, rubber-clad screw-lock crown, titanium crown guard, screw-locked added lugs, metal dome at 06:00
  • Crystal: Cambered sapphire crystal with glareproofed interior, screw-down sapphire back 
  • Dial: Unstructured, silver-toned opaline, fluid hours, luminescent hands and hour-markers regulator at 12:00, small seconds wheel at 09:30, power-reserve indicator at 02:30 
  • Strap: Hand-sewn leather-lined canvas, pin buckle
  • Other versions: Black DLC-coated titanium case, 5N 18K red gold case

Black DLC-coated titanium case

18k red gold case

Titanium case

The caseback view of the movement

 Video/animation of the H1

For more information, visit HYT Watches
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