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Satellite Telephone Wristwatches of 1979

Satellite Telephone Wristwatches of 1979
A cell phone vision from the 1979 book "Future Cities - Homes & Living into the 21st Century". Page 12 foreshadows a telephone wristwatch (they even speculate the nickname "The Risto") connected by satellites and capable of electronic mail and most surprisingly, electronic voting. All activated by pressing the aerial pop-out button!

Satellite Telephone Wristwatches of 1979Cover of the book

Satellite Telephone Wristwatches of 1979
via Paleo-Future

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1970s Panasonic See-thru Clock Radio

The first of a few features about transparent mystery dial timepieces, both wristwatch and clock oriented. I recently bought this oddball vintage Panasonic (model #RC-6500C) clock-radio on Ebay and was just blown away with it's design -- Appearing to be floating in space, the hour, minutes, seconds and alarm are split into four layered clear disks spinning in a porthole for both clock and radio. Each disk is a gear in itself with the contacts of the outer teeth & notches hidden by the case. The concept has also been miniaturized for some spectacular watches, stay tuned...

See my short video below showing off the clock's transparency. Once I find someone to repair the lamp feature, the displays will again glow blue for night viewing.

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Vintage Transistor Wrist Radios - Dick Tracy Wannabes

After my recent post on vintage watches for kids and another about the Sinclair FM Radio Watch, I had to feature a visual history of transistor radio watches. The invention of transistor radios in the fifties allowed radios to be much smaller than ever before, using much less power and eventually finding there way inside every imaginable portable product through the seventies. So needless to say, I'm showcasing the absurd world of novelty wrist-radios and radio-watches...

As much as people wanted two-way technology or walkie-talkie style of the famous Dick Tracy gadget, most got big bulky AM receiving behemoths like these.

1970s Aitron LED watch & transistor radio
The only transistor radio with LED watch. Display fit into center of speaker.
via --> Link

Ga-ga-grooovy 70's wrist-radios!

Many brands like Wristo & Aitron

Radio Watch from Ultra-Terrestrial's collection -->Link
Sinclair's Accordion Prototype - The first FM radio-watch
Originally featured here --> Link
1964 Sinclair Micro-6 Transrista - Worlds smallest wrist-radio --> Link
Vintage ads from the 50's & 60's for homemade wrist-radios

The man

Sir Clive Sinclair's Doomed FM Radio Watch

Sir Clive Sinclair's Doomed FM Radio Watch
Sir Clive Sinclair's Doomed FM Radio WatchThe man, the myth, the miniaturization of everything he could think of.

Sir Clive Sinclair - Inventor of the first pocket calculator (1972 Sinclair Executive), the first pocket television (1966 Microvision), the homemade LED watch (1975 Black Watch) and this 1984 FM radio watch prototype by Dagfinn Aksnes. Only few exist after the plug was pulled on production within days of it's introduction at an electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

Three separate body casings for the LCD watch, FM radio/tuner and center speaker are connected by bottom hinges, "flexicircuits" and protected by expandable accordion style "concertina" covers allowing the watch to curve to the wrist. The antenna for reception was a copper band concealed inside the strap and powered by two batteries, one in clock case, one in buckle.

I owned one for a time, loved it's prototypical Mars Rover qualities, soon discovered that the watch had many functional (not design) flaws and understand it's premature demise. Apparently there is a rich tradition of advanced products failing at Sinclair. A sign of a true trailblazer.

Dagfinn Aksnes Article
Planet Sinclair Article & Photos Article & Photos

Sir Clive Sinclair's Doomed FM Radio Watch
Satellite Telephone Wristwatches of 19791970s Panasonic See-thru Clock RadioVintage Transistor Wrist Radios - Dick Tracy Wannabes

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